Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Robin Williams To Shed Napa Valley Vineyard

SELLER: Robin Williams
PRICE: $35,000,000
SIZE: 20,000(-ish) square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 full and 6 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: This one comes courtesy of Mister Sassy Pants (aka Phillip Themholes) who kindly let Your Mama know that comedian/actor Robin Williams has hoisted Villa Sorriso, his 653-acre spread tucked semi-remotely into the Mayacama Mountains near Napa, CA on the (open) market with an asking price of $35,000,000.

The 60-year old Mister Williams, recently married in nearby St. Helena for the third time to a younger Sausalito-based artist/graphic designer named Susan Schneider,

Property records are not entirely clear on when Mister Williams acquired the secluded vineyard estate, about 80 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, but it appears that he's owned at least a portion of it since April 1994.

Listing information shows the monumental, stucco and limestone Italianate villa measures more than 20,000 square foot over three floors with a total of five bedrooms and six full and six half bathrooms.

Opulent but casual interior spaces include an impress the guests type foyer and stair hall with bronze railings, formal living and dining rooms, oak-paneled library, colossal eat-in kitchen, 12-seat state-of-the-art movie theater with tiered seating for 12 (or more), temperature-controlled vaults for wine and art storage, and a bridge gallery that connects to a viewing tower with wrap around views of the surrounding mountains, vineyards and valleys.

The back of the house spills out to an antique stone tiled terrace with 65-foot long infinity-edged swimming pool and party-sized spa. The grounds around the house include flat lawns, a multi-level sculpture garden, equestrian facilities, and detached garage for auto storage.

The 600-plus acres include vineyards, rolling mountains, a solar farm, a natural lake and hiking and horse riding paths that connect to thousands of acres of adjoining and protected open space.

Your Mama spent a few minutes perusing property records and by hook and crook figured out that in addition to the vast Napa Valley estate Mister Williams's property portfolio includes (but may not be limited to) a 6,517 square foot water front residence in Tiburon, CA purchased in the last days of December 2008 for $4,050,000 as well as a comparatively modest 2 bedroom and 1.5 bathroom residence in the Bronson Canyon area of Los Angeles purchased in February 2009 for $857,500 from Stephanie Savage, executive producer and/or co-creator of boob-toob fare that includes Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and The O.C.

In August 2007 Mister Williams purchased a small, one bedroom and 2 bathroom condo-crib with private roof terrace in the hipster haven of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for $1,028,000 that in November 2011 was transferred into the name of his oldest son who, as it turns out, sold it in May of this year (2012) for $1,100,000.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty


Your Mama said...

Dear Phillip,

Your Mama is exceedingly grateful for your tip on Robin Williams Napa property.

However in the future, for matters of expediency and etc. we kindly request you email us directly at YourMama@yahoo.com with any tips or information.

That way we can let you know exactly what we plan to do with the information and you won't feel your tip has gone neglected.

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Anonymous said...

Very much needs the proverbial "good gay decorator". I would love to know what Mr. Williams paid back in the 90's for this and when he accumulated the parcel.

Anonymous said...

Who in the world would blow 35mm on a house in Napa? Um, ew.

Carla In California said...

Wow, Robin Williams is rich. This home is amazing. 653 acres? Who knew this man loved wine or grapes that much?

The interior is indeed opulent, like Mama stated but considering its size and overall grandeur of the property, I expected more than just a few rooms of this decor. But I guess Robin wanted to keep things uncomplicated.

Maintenance on this estate would not be cheap. However, if one is looking for tranquility and enjoys views of the hillside, then this is the place.

Anonymous said...

I am perplexed by an architect who would put a tiny turret (sort of like the Monitor of Civil War fame) on the top of a house like this. Surely he could have done something else to top it off.

Anonymous said...

Robin Williams made enough money to own a $35 million home? Wow.

Immobilier de prestige said...

What an incredible house! Love the open living room!

Anonymous said...

Robin Williams was born into a very wealthy family on the east coast and he was an only child.

Anonymous said...

Robin's family were not East Coasters but were at one time in the Midwest, then moved to California. His father was a regional top executive at Ford Motor Company. They may have been rich, but not wealthy.

Robin had two half brothers. One died.

GiltEdgeGirl said...

Love it, Mama.
But can't believe anyone got sassy with you!

Unknown said...

He's owned this "ranch" for quite a while. I remember an article in Rolling Stone accompanied by photos taken of him and his first wife Valerie Velardi on the property.

Also, I worked at Robert Mondavi Winery when it was still family owned. RMW is located down Wall Road/Oakville Grade from the property. In 1983, before I started there, stories circulated of Williams and Christopher Reeve hanging out at the Corner Bar in Rutherford. In later years, I remember Williams coming to a summer concert at RMW, being escorted in "the back way" so as to not draw attention to his family - like that would work.

No mention of the San Francisco Sea Cliff property. I assume Marcia got that in the divorce...?

Unknown said...

Also, this includes vineyard property. That doesn't come cheap in the Napa Valley. Even if it's not all plantable to vines, it may be worth more than the house. I'm sure he didn't pay a lot back in the '80s. There is a gorgeous morning shot on Trulia that shows the hot air balloons in the morning mist. Beautiful!

Robert Mondavi's home sold not that long ago for about half its
initial $25M asking price (to one of the Gallo kids). 2 acres of land suitable for vineyard planting was included. When several of us ex-employees saw that for sale, we all reminisced about the shenanigans that used to take place in the indoor pool, sure that it had been properly disinfected since those years.

Sam said...

It has its own webpage: http://www.villasorrisonapa.com/index.html

Unknown said...

What an out of this world house! Love the open living room! find it irresistible, Mama. But cannot believe anyone got saucy with you!

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