Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Four Tidbits for Tuesday

Your Mama and The Doctor Cooter are on a wee vacay and rather than spend the day toiling on our trusty lap top computer and typing our fat fingers to the nubbins we're going to take it easy and spend the day sunning our buns by the swimming pool. Rather than leave the children completely high and dry, however, we thought we'd offer up a quartet of links to some celebrity real estate-related tidbits and morsels previously hashed and discussed elsewhere.

Although Fort Knox like secrecy surrounds the details of the three recently listed New York City apartments owned by the late and eccentrically reclusive copper mining heiress Huguette Clark, slim scraps of descriptions have started to dribble out in achingly frustrating and tiny dribs and drabs. The lucky chosen few who have toured the sprawling Fifth Avenue aeries tell vague but juicy tales of lavish but tired day-core, severely outdated kitchens, and brightly colored 1960s era tile work in the bathrooms. (via The New York Times)

The wildly opulent faux-French chateau in Los Angeles' hoity-toity Holmby Hills 'hood where the late moon walking superstar Michael Jackson met his maker in the form of a high paid doctor and a Propofol delivery device has returned to the market with an asking price of $23,900,000. The Richard Landry-designed, 17,171 square foot white elephant sits on on 1.26 gated and landscaped acres and has been on and off the market for nearly four years with asking prices as sky high as $38,000,000 and as low as $23,500,000. (via Curbed)

Thanks to an informant we'll call Whispering Willy, we've recently come to learn that last December, the owners Roxanne and Hubert Guez—he's the CEO of the haute-trashy fashion brand Ed Hardy—auctioned the contents of the house that included, according to the auction results posted online, a "rooster chalkboard with note from the Jackson children" (lot 434, sale price: $5,000) and a burl wood Victorian Revival style armoire with beveled mirror inscribed with a black felt pen by Mister Jackson that reads, "Train, perfection March April Full out May." (lot 162, sale price: $18,750).

Your Mama wouldn't know a little Lil Wayne ditty if it slapped up upside the head with a rubber mallet but the lil rapper was reportedly—and somewhat ironically—cited for "high grass and weeds" around the 10,000-ish square foot mansion in the gated Place Pontchartrain subdivision in Kenner, LA, a suburb of  New Orleans.

The report goes on to reveal that this ain't the first time Mister Wayne—née Dwayne Carter—has been cited for not keeping up with the landscaping around the 5 bedroom mansion he picked up in 2006 for $1,750,000 and currently has on the market for $1,700,000. (Nola.com via Zillow)

Perky, athletic and conservative chat show co-hostess Elizabeth Hasselbeck (The View) and her former professional football player hubby Tim Hasselbeck have hoisted their 3-4 bedroom and 3 bathroom Manhattan apartment on the market with an asking price of $3,300,000. Unless a rather unlikely bidding war erupts and drives the sale price up, it looks like the Hasselbecks—who have three small children—will take a loss on the approximately 2,300 square foot, 16th floor condo crib they scooped up in April 2008 for $3,250,000.

The interiors of Mister and Missus Hasselbecks' bi-winged residence are not-surprisingly traditional with mahogany-colored hardwood floors (that may or may not be mahogany), cornflower blue painted walls in most of the public areas, a matching set of masculine riveted leather sofas in the living room, blue and white gingham wallpaper in the expensively equipped galley-style kitchen, Chippendale-style chairs in the dining area, and loads of white built-in cabinetry. (via Zillow)


Anonymous said...

Thats hysterical if the sellers really did sue the star map woman for scaring buyers away, as Curbed stated. 1) As if people need a map to find this home 2) Any attention is good attention for a place like this. Liberace and MJ are dead, so its doubtful anyone else would want this pile. And doesnt it back to a freeway or major road Mama?? Perhaps Guez should sue LA as well for scaring potential buyers away?

Anonymous said...

The sad/funny thing is that all of the furniture they auctioned off didn't even belong to him. He leased the house furnished so basically buying something from that house and calling it MJ's is like going into a hotel he once stayed in and taking a pillow. So stupid.

Anonymous said...

MJ's House is on the corner of Carolwood and Sunset in the Heart of Holmby Hills and on a major "Curve" in Sunset Blvd just west of Beverly Hills. This has to be quite noisy. All of these streets in that area have Star Maps Peeps including across the street a few blocks at the Playboy Mansion (Charing Cross). This was even pre-MJ. Bottom Line: Large Mansion on a busy street surrounded by Star Tours. Also the entire side of he house and portions of the rear of the house are visible from the Side Street which leaves less than optimal privacy. However, I am sure some fame loving person with 20 million to spend on a "status estate" will come along soon enough.

nursedeb said...

thanks mama for thinking of us children! even on the vacation!

Tammyagnt said...

Enjoy your vacay darlin you've earned it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama Debbie Gibson will be on a tv show this week about celebrity house hunting. I thought she was recently foreclosed on. Go figure. Either show is set up or celebs have people wanting to give them loans.