Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Mish Mash Catch Up: Lady Gaga

All the celebrity real estate gossips were abuzz and atwitter last week over the rather bizarre rumor that international superstar Lady Gaga was house shopping in the sleepy, suburban and very unlikely locale of Lititz, PA.

So the rumor went, Miss Gaga went on a house hunt in the same neck of the Amish Country from where her new(ish) man friend Taylor Kinney hails. Mister Kinny is, of course, the beau hunky actor who works his six-pack abs on the Vampire Diaries program. Gee-awd, aren't the teens and tweens d.o.n.e. with vampire stories yet? We sure are.

Anyhoodles poodles, the house all the gossips reported Miss Gaga toured is a very traditional 6,138 square foot stone-built mansion in the upscale Bent Creek Country Club listed at $1,699,000. Listing information for the faux English Manor-style manse shows the two-story home was built in 2007 with4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces and a 3 car attached garage.

Thing is, puppies, not only did Miss Gaga not buy the house Lititz, PA, she never even stepped a 47-inch high hoof-heeled shoe in the house. Yes, she had previously been spotted in the area–Mister Kinney's family lives nearby it seems–but turns out listing agent Anne Lusk, who like Miss Gaga has long blond hair, is a bit of a sartorial daredevil–not unlike Miss Gaga–and was spotted at the house wearing a leopard coat and funky shoes and someone, for some reason, jumped the gun and reported to someone else that Miss Gaga was house hunting.

As far as we know Miss Gaga lives in hotels–or perhaps has a high-priced rental in lower Manhattan–but has not actually bought any real estate anywhere with her new-found extreme wealthh. There are scads of rumors and (unsubstantiated) reports–including on this here blog–she's building a house on a secluded waterfront property on Martha's Vineyard but we can't prove it.

listing photo: Prudential Lancaster Real Estate


Anonymous said...

Isn't Lady Gaga's dad well off? Just asking. She's waiting for the right NYC property to open up.

Anonymous said...

Gaga said herself in Vanity Fair that basically she is not going to buy real estate at her age and in this market.

Anonymous said...

More on Petra por favor

Anonymous said...

Gaga has said when interviewed on The Howard Stern Show that she lives in Brooklyn.
She must have one of those new money stainless steel boxes that young professionals love live rent out until they can afford their penthouses and townhouses on the Upper East Side. Or perhaps a high-rise loft in the Village would be more her style.
And as for what the other commenters said about Lady Gaga not wanting to buy property at her age and in this market......well, someone needs to tell Mother Monster that anything she could afford ALWAYS sells regardless of the market firstly, and also...I would purchase a cute 2-bedroom high rise condo in Manhattan in one of those new buildings that are springing up all over the city. Let that be your crashpad, just a place to hangout and put all your stuff....it'll be cheaper that living in hotels. And when you are ready to purchase your first "home". Sell that cute condo for double the price.
Imma juz sayin'
Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Realty Girl.

shell said...

It was reported in Vanity Faire that gaga sleeps on a blow up air mattress in her parent's digs.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice looking house, but I really just want to see if my new blogger thingy works.

Mr Tibbs said...

with all of that fame and success she is broke

record sales / profits are off by 90% and she is living proof of it,

Anonymous said...

I think she'd grab something more unique than this. It looks like a side-by-side duplex.

Anonymous said...

Somebody give this airhead some financial advice. Her tour made tons of money and at the age of 25 I do not think she is too young to buy a primary residence. One has to live somewhere. I don't think she has much talent hence the elaborate staging and the ridiculous outfits, hair, egg, etc.
I fear she will be like many lottery winners who live the high life for a while then blow it all and end up back in the poor house.

Anonymous said...

She has said in several interviews she is on the road so much she doesn't want to buy a house she will never be home to enjoy, so she still lives with her parents in the same room she had always had. She had enough money to buy what ever she wants when she feels the time is right for her.