Friday, January 6, 2012

The Fed Snatches Up Bare Land Above Lake Zurich

While all the global property gossips went ape shit over the recent news that Elin Nordegrin knocked down a twelve million dollar manse in North Palm Beach (FL), word out of Zurich's Tages-Anzeiger newspaper—that's in Switzerland, pansies—is that tennis titan Roger Federer dumped a substantial load of dough on a vacant parcel of land in the hoity-toity municipality of Herrliberg.

Local reports thoughtfully forwarded to Your Mama by I.M.N. Shtawd state that just before the Christian Christmas holidays Mister Federer acquired a 5,800 square meter hillside plot of vacant residential property with an unobstructed view of Lake Zurich (shown above). That's a sizable but hardly magnanimous 1.43 acres for all us folks not on the metric system of measurements and mathematics.

The Tagi article goes on to report the value of the land in question is roughly 23,000,000 Swiss Francs which amounts to a hefty hefty hefty $24,781,800 at today's rates according to Your Mama's rusty but trusty currency conversion contraption. It's not known what Mister Federer actually paid for the property and it's also not known if the tennis king plans to develop the property for personal and private use.

Iffin Your Mama is honest—and we always are—we'd confess we don't know exactly where Mister Federer and his wife Mirka and their twin tykes live when he's not circling the globe, staying in customized suites at 5-star hotels, and earning tens of millions per year (even in the sunset of his stratospheric career). There are various reports that float around the interweb that Mister and Missus Federer own and/or maintain (or maintained) several homes in Switzerland that include an apartment in Oberwil outside of Basel, a penthouse pad in the tax-friendly lakeside village of Wollerau (shown above), and a ski chalet in the Swiss resort town of Valbella. The couple are also widely believed to have a luxury residence in Dubai.

photo (Herrliberg): Benjamin Soland for Blick
photo (Wollerau):


Anonymous said...

Is 5800 sqaure Meters enough for a tennis-field? At least, it would be one of the most expensive... I know Herrliberg - no one will sell you such a large plot in its best microlocation so cheap (23million). He probably paid way over 30m Francs.

angie said...

Since Roger is Swiss, it makes sense that he'd choose to do the bulk of his investing there. A home overlooking Lake Zurich sounds fantastic, if pricey.

Amanda B. Rekendwith said...

Interesting....the picture of his suite at the Carlyle includes the exact same bed that was in Paris Hilton's sloppy seconds article from yesterday.

Bethany said...

Just another modest home...