Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Tidbit Two: Donald Trump

SELLER: Donald Trump and Melania Knauss
LOCATION: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
PRICE: $7,150,000
SIZE: 11,000 square feet (approximately), 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We may be a little late to grab the celebrity real estate brass ring on this one but how can Your Mama resist the opportunity to briefly discussion the opulent (but arguably banal) Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (mc)mansion that brassy and sassy billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump and his former supermodel wife Melania Knauss recently unloaded for $7,150,000.
While seven and some million is a high price to pay for a house by any standard, Mister Trump first listed the squat mock-Med manse back in June 2010 with an asking price of $12,000,000. A few flicks of the well worn beads on Your Mama's bejeweled abacus shows the buyer–an as yet unnamed owner of an obviously successful shipping concern–negotiated a rather stunning 40% discount from the original asking price.

The recently completed residence, situated in a small enclave of home sites adjacent to the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, was custom built by Mister Trump on a short cul-de-sac where there does not currently appear to be any other homes built. That means, natch, the new owners of ex-Casa Trump will be inundated with construction noise and dust once the economy picks up enough enough that the sorts of people with the desire and dough to live in a Donald Trump-designed enclave in Rancho Palos Verdes start spending big to buy vacant lots on which to build ocean view (mc)mansions filled to the gills with wine cellars, panic rooms, private pilates studios, and studio apartment-sized walk-in closets and dressing rooms.

Listing information for the former Trump property shows the Italianate-ish mansion was built in 2010, measures around 11,000 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. A walled and gated courtyard entry leads to a columned portico where the front door opens into a marble-floored entry.

The marble floors–sandy beige with mud brown marble inset border–continues into the step-down formal living and dining areas separated by a quartet of stone Tuscan-style columns. Both spaces open through large sliding doors to the courtyard around which the rear of the house wraps. A library/office space has built-in bookshelves, narrow arched windows, raised corner fireplace with marble chimney breast and a black lacquer and gold kidney-bean shaped desk and a swiveling office chair upholstered in gold tufted leather.

The capacious kitchen has marble floors, an hippo-sized octagonal center island with vegetable sink, dark raised panel cabinetry (that may or may not be mahogany), and a spectacular copper exhaust hood over the commercial sized and styled range. An angled snack counter separates the kitchen from a breakfast area with ocean view and a family room with dark wood floors, fireplace, and multiple French doors plus a bank of sliding glass doors that join the room to a pergola-shaded dining terrace that overlooks the swimming pool, back yard and Pacific Ocean.

The mansion's lower level–"flooded w/ natural light" as per listing information–offers garage parking for up to four cars, a game room with wood floors, fireplace and saloon-sized booze bar, a glassed-in temperature-controlled wine cellar, and shower rooms for rinsing off the chlorine, sand and salt.

The wide stone terraces that extend off the back of the house tumble down to a golf-course green expanse of grass that stretches out towards the bluff that tumbles precariously and dramatically down to the roiling surf. There does not appear to be direct access to the beach from the property short of a person just flinging themselves over and down the cliff-like bluff.

More listing photographs, if any of y'all dare and can bear them, can be seen over on Curbed.

Although Trump National Golf Course is next door, a fact that makes the location of this mansion convenient, he reportedly maintains a residence up the coast in Beverly Hills, CA where he will shack up when on the west coast. Iffin Your Mama is being honest–and we always are–we'd freely confess we know zip, zilch and nada about said residence in Bev Hills.

What we do know based on intel provided by Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills is that in July 2008 Mister Trump paid $10,350,000 for a 10,442 square foot center hall Colonial across the street and around the corner from the Beverly Hills Hotel. A year to the day later–as per Redfin–the property popped up on to the open market with an asking price of $12,000,000. Twenty seven days later–again as per Redfin–the 6 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom mansion was sold to a corporate entity for $9,500,000.

listing photos: Keller Williams Realty


Anonymous said...

Ugly on the outside; ugly on the inside. Pretentious lot of fakery, just like the owner.

MrTalent said...

Exactly. Donald Trump is the bridge troll of crass design.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with this country.

He should be first to face the guillotine.

Odistele said...

Yoma has to dig up who bought that ugly Palais des Anges!

Anonymous said...

What 6:31 said.
Really not worth my time to type anything else about that horrid man.

Anonymous said...

Your fired.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mama,

It is with much regret, if not
quite sadness, to inform you that the times they are a-changing, and that the anger of the above comments must certainly impress upon you in some capacity that "blings" ain't what they used to be, and that your website is day-by-day quickly becoming an increasingly insensitive anachronism. The only occcupants that matter now are the ones holding signs in the street, not counting dollar signs in the front parlor.

Anonymous said...

OH Darling Mamma loves the postings no matter the post! Bling and More Bling bring on the Petra news please!

This house is flagrant and awful..... That architect needs to be FIRED that interior designer needs to be FIRED!

Hopefully something more that is a treat to the senses will arrive soon.


Anonymous said...

So Mamma tell us what tales are happening with Mohammed Hadid? I was recently at a Children's Cancer Charity at the House on Nimes that was reported here and everywhere was sold! Apparently Mohammed has some kind of "deal" or renting back or something! Sounds interesting and you always find the deets!

lil' gay boy said...

As Audrey fforbes-Hamilton would say, " very vulgar."

Nice view, though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has seen pictures of his Trump Tower apartment or is familiar with Mar-a-lago would have a hard time believing that this is anything but the spec house with staged interiors that it appears to be. Melania has probably never stepped foot in the place, and it's doubtful that he ever spent the night.
This isn't even vulgar, it's just banal mcmansion style. They save really vulgar for the places they actually live.
That it was marketed as being owned by Donald and Melania when surely it's owned by some corporate entity controlled by Trump comes down to someone thinking it would be more attractive to a certain type of buyer. . .
Whether or not any money was made depends on the land/development costs, but absolutely no doubt it will come up on his balance sheet as a loss.

Housewife Betty said...

This looks like every other hideous mock Med in suburbia. Ugly. Just shows that money can't buy class.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, where's the landscaping? BOOOOOO-RING!

Anonymous said...

ok mumsie, wtf is going on with the photos on this blog ? one minute their noraml, then they flop to a scrolling screen on black background, then back again !

someone should be thinks it's at

Steve Mawson said...


who's going to buy that mamaracha of an eyesore ?

squeezed onto a block of land no bigger than a postage stamp.

one can only hope there's an earthquake that shakes it off the cliff and into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Ah, is that the worst house ever to appear here?
I can't think of anything more hideous right now.
Votes anyone?

The Aussie

Anonymous said...

You have my vote Aussie! Ass ugly if you ask me. Same for ole Donald too!
And Mama, you just ignore those nay-sayers! We JaDore' this stuff so keep if comin'!! MUCH love

Rosco Mare said...

Spectacular coastal landslides have occured in Palos Verdes. This house may end up in the water like the Royal Palms Hotel that once existed not too far away. Driving on PV Drive near Portuguese Bend is like riding a roller coaster because of the buckled pavement resulting from the shifting topography.

Anonymous said...

Yes Aussie, ugliest arse house I have witnessed on dear Mamma's fierce site!