Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Matthew Perry Rides the Real Estate Roller Coaster...Again

SELLER: Matthew Perry
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $5,695,000
SIZE: 4,100 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: After he listed his condo crib at the celebrity stacked Sierra Tower's complex in West Hollywood, dropped a hefty $8,650,000 on a supah-sleek and newly rehabbed residence high above the Sunset Strip, and then listed his very contemporary crib in Malibu with a $13,500,000 price tag Your Mama knew it was only a matter of time before sitcom star Matthew Perry (Friends, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Mr. Sunshine) heaved his primary residence–a boxy modern in the star-studded Outpost Estates neighborhood of Los Angeles–on the open market. Today, buttons, is the day.

Thanks to a kindly tipster we'll call Henry Headsup we've learned that Mister Perry has put his crisply modern ridge-top residence in the Outpost Estates on the market with an asking price of $5,695,000.

Property records show Mister Perry purchased the glassy pad back in March 2008, right about the time the bottom officially fell out of real estate markets around the country, for $4,475,000.

Current listing information reveals the gated two-story residence, located on a .34 acre parcel near the tail end of a quiet cul-de-sac, contains 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in about 4,100 square feet of airy and very contemporary interior space. Listing information indicates the house was originally built in 1955 and our research indicates it was remodeled sometime in the mid-Noughts by Los Angeles-based architect Scott Carty.

At the front there's a quite tight gated motor court and two-car garage with frosted glass-paneled door. The open plan interior spaces include a glass-walled living room with fireplace, city view and a lot of beige upholstered sofas and a dining area with round table that tightly seats six. the dining area spills right into a smallish sitting/family room area with wall-mounted flat screen tee-vee and built-in cabinetry that in turn opens into the sleek, sky-lit center-island kitchen complete with both dark wood and ecru-colored laminated cabinetry and snow white counter tops that Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter know from personal experience are a pain in the backside for our house gurl Svetlana to keep looking sanitary.

Like all big-living television and movie stars, Mister Perry's soon to be former residence in the Hollywood Hills includes a media room with wide-screen tee-vee, hidden audio-visual equipment and a quartet of black leather seats with built-in drink holders.

Mister Perry's sexy second floor bachelor-babe boo-dwar has two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide open to a partially covered city view terrace, and a sybaritic wood-accented bathroom with double sinks, soaking tub, separate shower space and a terlit cubby hidden behind a frosted glass panel door.

The backyard wraps around the rear of the residence and includes dining and entertainment terraces, a plunge-sized swimming pool, raised spa, outdoor fireplace, wee patch of very green grass, oblique city views and unobstructed views across Runyon Canyon where hikers and dog walkers–we also know from personal experience–can themselves peer across the wide canyon into Mister Perry's backyard.

listing photos: The Partners Trust / Beverly Hills


angie said...

Matthew clearly loves WHITE - exterior color, garage door color, all interior walls, ceilings, floors, counter tops.. you name it. I don't think I've ever seen white used so exclusively before. And into that environment he introduced mostly beige or a variation thereof. Must be a guy thing? Love the views.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm a huge fan of Matt Perry, I am not a fan of his taste in homes or decor. His places are all so cold and stark looking, not warm or inviting at all. I am hoping to see his acticg skills soon in the movies or on another TV show. I also hope he has been able to fight the demons inside that have been trying to destroy this talented funny guy. IMO, he could use some stable, no-people in his circle of friends and associates. (sorry, this guy has always bought out the mama in in this grandma).

Desert Donna said...

Why would this be worth more than what he paid at the crest of market? Because Chandler Bing (insert whatever) here? I dont get it. I do like his new place (better than this), but Vera Wang got the better contemporary buy at 9.2M vs the 8.6M he paid for his.

Anonymous said...

I was in this house literally the month before Matthew purchased it.. It was done up in a far better decor than this awful look. He has apparently made the dining room (right in side the entry to the left) into a Media room. Odd to look at when you enter the residence.... He used the larger combined eat in kitchen/family room to stage his dining and has the large living room in the back of the house that looks directly into Runyon. This decor is simply awful. I hope he does a better job of the interiors on his amazing new pile in the Birds.

This price is crazy.. I believe he paid around 3.9 or something previous and it is worth a cool 3.5 max now. The views of the city are iffy as you have to look at an angle to see them. If the neighbor builds a 2nd addition to their house the 2nd floor master looses all the views too. The (2) car garage is really only made for (1) car too... Fun fact... Ryan Reynolds pile is just across the street and is on the market as well..

Dayum.. decent house.... bland/awful decor and worth mid 3 Million. Next.. any updates on Tamyra or Petra.. oh la la

Anonymous said...

I adore that gorgeous view of LA smog in one the illustrations. I would pay zillions any day to be able to feast my eyes on buildings shrouded in smog.

Anonymous said...

I really liked, and still do like this house when I first saw it prior to Matthew's purchase.

I do care for his decor, nor is it priced in reality. He paid well over a million dollars less for the house... and the market is down since then. It's a joke.

The only renovation he did was the so called screening room. Which isn't a theater at all, its just the largest sized plasma you can pick up at BestBuy mounted above some cabinetry and built out niche to look like more than it is. I'd turn the room back into the dining room.

Right now the dining room is suppose to be a formal living / sitting area. and that makeshift tiny family room with wall mounted plasma should be a breakfast area. Do not like his re-workings of the floorplan.

I would definately buy this house as it could be furnished and done up great... however the price should be around the $4-4.5m range.

He took a loss on his Sierra Towers condo and I say should prolly expect to on ths one as well. But in LA, always list high. Look how many homes are way overpriced... no place else lists so many homes with such pie in the sky asking prices as La La land.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought the really dark almost industrial-looking (and much larger) modern house he used to own (also in Trousdale) that (I believe) he eventually sold to one of the "Saw" producers (who I also believe has since either sold or tried to sell it again) was the best of all the residences he has owned so far, and far better than this place...also, is he gay? I know they say he's a swinging Hollywood bachelor, but I wonder...

hippie canyon said...

I cannot imagine finding a buyer to pay double what any other house on that street would go for, in similar condition and with the view as well. And that's if you could find one on that street; several are in serious fixer mode.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:05 - I have no idea if he's gay, but whenever the PR is swinging bachelor, I think it's a clue that the lady doth protest too much.

I like the window in the shower, but those tiles look like something from an Inland Empire flip from the bubble years.

Lady J

Anonymous said...

I swear a 12 year old could literally build and design this house. No imagination or detail work at all.
I am assuming that the land is worth $5,300,000 because the house itself is worth $400,000 or less.

I must say I do love those gorgeous views of the smog though.

midTN said...


Look at all the money he has saved on decorating...and basic furnishings.

Might help make up some of his financial losses this one is going to create.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Billy Idol is happy that his neighbor is finally moving on to friendlier pastors?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful home!!!

Dressed Design Co. said...

Great contemporary house in a fab Hollywood neighborhood, Outpost Estates,(Scarlett Johannsen just left the hood and Kat Von D just move in) and generally known for original Mediterrenean homes. It was furnished in a more luxurious and interesting way, when it was staged for the sale...more warmth, drama and it had great artwork.

Pudenda Shenanigans said...

Tangent to the topic, did y'all see Mister Perry on Capitol Hill this week? Somebody's looking a bit disheveled. http://bit.ly/tA1H1G