Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Mama Hears...

...from Lenny Longisland that beleaguered media billionaire Rupert Murdoch has finally, at long last sold Rosehearty, his historic estate in the über-swank Long Island (NY) community of Oyster Bay.

The News. Corp. fat cat and his whip smart and super-feisty misssus Wendi Deng first purchased the prime piece of waterfront property in 2003 and first heaved it back on the open market way back in June 2007 with an asking price of $14,800,000. Over the last four and some years the price tag of the bucolic 4.6 estate has been taken off and put back on the market several times while the price tag tumbled to $9,995,000.

Our informant Lenny Longisland snitched to Your Mama that word on the Oyster Bay real estate street is that the fully fenced and electronically gated estate sold for $9,100,000.

The stately and blue-shuttered 1900s Colonial main mansion–with day-core done by Oval Office decorator Michael Smith–measures around 10,000 square feet and includes 11 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms plus a 950-square foot guest house.

Rosehearty's grounds spread out over 4.6 acres of rolling lawns dotted with mature shade trees, a 50-foot swimming pool with pool house, waterside lit tennis court, several outbuildings, garaging for 8 automobiles, and an achingly charming beach cabana for stashing kayaks, water weenies and chaise lounges.

Property records do not yet reflect a transfer, kiddos, so for now this is just rumor and gossip.

Mister and Missus Murdoch still own and maintain a behemoth Fifth Avenue triplex bought in 2005 for a mind-numbing $44,000,000 as well as a secluded estate in the mountains above Beverly Hills (CA) that includes a stunning 8,651 square foot Wallace Neff-designed mansion with 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

listing photos: Daniel Gale / Sotheby's International Realty


angie said...

Beautiful old Long Island estate. Glad he finally sold it.

When I Bing Mapped his Wallace Neff-designed mansion above Beverly Hills, I was surprised to discover it's shape is semi-circular. Very unusual and interesting!

Anonymous said...

Good for the Mrs! Stand by your man Wendi (or between pie throwers)!! Please show us photos of the Fifth Ave apt or the inside of the Neff property Mama??

DMD said...

Neff mansion a stones throw from the former Sharon Tate mansion on Cielo. Gives me the chills. Not that this has anything to do with anything.

Grrrowler said...

Seems like a lovely home for a less than lovely individual. Incidentally, Rosehearty is also the name of Rupert's yacht.

Anonymous said...

The history of the house:

Anonymous said...

If your facing the water, the house to the left is Sean hannity's! Stalkerish!

tovangar2 said...

Hey Mama, When Murdoch's living in a cell where he belongs, I hope you'll feature it, complete with floorplan. He's got a lot more than a pie coming to him for corrupting our governments and media. And now he's after America's schools. That leach will attach himself to anything he thinks will bleed money.

Too bad for the new owners, they'll never get the smell out of this pretty old house.

Bitter? Un-huh.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how happy we are that he is no longer Australian.

The Aussie

FonHom said...

@tovangar Murdoch is 80. I'd wager his legion of lawyers will see that he's never held to account for his behavior, at least in this dimension. :(

Bright side: watching Wendy the Widow make up for lost time. :)

Anonymous said...

If you live next to your employees, you are obviously paying them too much.

I hope the new owners resurface the tennis court. It makes me cringe as a good court in the USA is an endangered species IMHO.

And the Pottery Barn candle chandy in the DL? Ugh.

Still, lovely property and worth the $$ compared to SS's BH pile.

Anonymous said...

Hannity doesnt live next door to Murdoch. He lives about a quarter mile south on the same side of Centre Island. House is here:

The sister of the late Shah of Iran owned the house across from Murdoch.

Further down the road on the South East point of the island is Billy Joel's house. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rented a house the two summers ago. Composer John Barry lived here for years until his death - he was good friends with another resident Alan Jay Lerner.

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