Thursday, September 29, 2011

UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez

Last week rumors and reports began to circulate that soon-to-be-divorced entertainment industry heavyweight Jennifer Lopez was about to buy a behemoth house in the Hamptons.

The real estate gossip gals at Newsday first reported that thrice married Miz Lopez Noa Judd Anthony had an accepted offer and was about to go to go into contract for an all but brand-new 15,000-plus square foot shingled "cottage" with views over and deeded access to Mecox Bay in the supah-swank Water Mill enclave.

Two days ago Newsday elaborated that the posh pad in Water Mill for which Miz Lopez "made an offer" sits just across a narrow lane from a planned (but not yet approved) sailing club that would like to operate out of a small 18-x-10-foot shack on the pond's shore. This may or may not influence her decision to move ahead or shut down the (alleged) purchase of the Mecox Bay manse.

Today word comes down the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine via Jennifer Gould Keil at the NY Post that the Mecox Bay property may not be quite as sold as the many reports on the matter have indicated. Miz Gould Keil revealed that the Mecox Bay house is "still open to other potential buyers for walk-throughs." However, it is Your Mama's experience that in that neck of the real estate woods, since many accepted offers fail to go into contract, it is quite customary for a house to remain on the open market until the contracts are signed by both the seller and the buyer.

Miz Gould Keil went on to reveal that in addition to the Mecox Bay pile she may or may not be close to signing contracts for Miz Lopez has also peeped at least one other high-priced property in the area, a more privately situated 3.5+ acre estate in the Georgica Estate area of East Hampton (shown above) listed with an asking price of $16,900,000.

Listing information shows the intricately articulated and roughly 11,600 square foot shingled sprawler includes 8 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. It was designed by noted Hamptons architect Peter Cook whose name tabloid readers will recognize as Christie Brinkley's philandering former hubby.

The rambling mansion's main living spaces include a double height foyer, formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, paneled library/family room with fireplace and built-in book cases, and a center island kitchen with sky-lit vaulted ceiling and breakfast room wrapped in windows and French doors.

A long hallway extends off the foyer and leads to two guest/family bedrooms each with private bathroom and a titanic master suite comprised of entry vestibule, octagonal study, large bedroom, vintage-style bathroom and large custom-fitted walk-in closet/dressing room. A staircase in the entry vestibule of the master suite leads up to a second octagonal room suitable for use as a fitness room, yoga studio, hair and make-up facility, or–for those so-inclined–a doobie-smoking retreat. The master bedroom opens to a private covered porch with long view over the thickly planted back yard.

Upstairs there are three guest/family bedrooms, one with private balcony and all with private bathrooms. The extensive service wing spreads out over two floors and includes and quarter-round butler's pantry/staff sitting room, bedroom-sized laundry room, back entrance from the rear motor court and garage, and a two bedroom/2 bathroom staff apartment accessible by a private staircase.

The house sits privately down a long gated driveway at the head of a circular drive that loops around to a rear motor court. Numerous decks, terraces, patios, screened and covered porches surround the house. Broad lawns dotted with massive and mature shade trees stretch out in every direction. Just off the semi-circular covered porch that extends off the rear of the house there's a vast stone terrace ringed by a picket fence that keeps kiddies from accidentally falling into the heated swimming pool. Shade seekers will appreciate the adjacent pool house vine-draped pergola.

Now listen chick-a-doodles, Your Mama has absolutely zero inside intelligence on Miz Lopez's (alleged) real estate activities in the Hamptons so we really haven't any idea what house she may or may not be interested in buying. We're just passing along the rumor and gossip and thought the children might enjoy a little late-afternoon Hamptons real estate hoity-toitiness.

listing photos: Corcoran


Desert Donna said...

I saw the photos and I thought it was the Water Mill property, I said to myself "wow these are much better photos". But alas its a new property. Buy this one honey!! Its beautiful and you dont want some sail club across the street Darlin. Imagine the gawkers?? And another thing, a shrewd biz woman like you Jen has surely the best representation, so I am SURE they have culled all of the pocket listings, right?? In your $$$ range you have your pick of the litter, even if it has not birthed yet.

Anonymous said...

This house is divine and far more private than the other lair. But alas no view of the ocean.

I do love the new manse on the waterfront... JLo can swag her large bootie for the sailing club

hippie canyon said...

It looks like a string of old barns. The only thing missing are the various store shingles... "Lucille's Beads & Such" "Carson Art & Collectibles" "Village Florist" etc. Boring, unimaginative, oversized,etc.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, I just loves me a little cottage in the Hamptons.

A weekender only, y'all understand?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Desert Donna, thought this was the other property featured earlier. I like this one much better.

lil' gay boy said...

Sad but true, Hippie; Peter Cook has never been able to unify the evocation of a specific room in a certain place in time with his inability to encompass it in a cohesive skin.

The result is a bunch of pretty picture rooms, a sort of architectural mise en place ––– lovely scenes that simply tell an incomprehensible story.

Anonymous said...

If you think I want to buy your house....I don't.

LA Ad Guy said...

Agreed, this is a much better house! BTW, does Mama or any of the chillrun know anything about the fab house on the new ABC show Revenge? Thats a major house too!

Steve Mawson said...

Hippie and lil' gay boy could not have said it better !

Dreadful outside. Struggles to be something inside.

Jenny block girl is a learnin' evidently, at least when it comes to chataeu's, if not so with beau's.

Clarissa said...

What is this particular style called? We have Beaux-Arts, Georgian, Renessaince Revival, Spanish Colonial etc., but this one — does it have a name in architectural terminology?

Anonymous said...

MUCH better! I wonder if reader's taste break down by east coast v west coast. It's shingle style, made to look comfy and hampton's cottage-y albeit with a lawyer foyer and a lot of cash thrown at it. A more relaxed piece of property. Sick of these kitchens tho -- they all look alike.

Anonymous said...

Let's put aside the fact that the purchase of a 16m house that has little to no chance of appreciation in the short term five to ten years by someone who will probably use it a grand total of at the max, say, 30 days a year is patently absurd. If she does end up buying something out there, which I doubt, I bet that it is flipped back on the market within two years, and Mama will be talking about the big loss Jennifer is going to take on her sale.

Seems to me, if you are a busy and very rich girl like Jennifer, who will most likely only use this house in season, the summer season, then the point to buying in the Hamptons is to literally be at the beach, meaning ocean or at least pond/bay front.

This particular house is perfectly typical with some seemingly nice features but essentially unexceptional. Unexceptional as well is the location of the property on a flag lot at the east end of Georgica Rd. near the intersection with the highway.

As pointed out above far more succinctly than I ever could, Peter Cook's house exteriors are generally in the sum complete messes.

Anonymous said...

Peter Cook? Peter Cook? Oh THAT, Peter Cook.

Mama'sBoy said...

Have ya'll seen those commercials she did for Fiat that are in heavy rotation??


Anonymous said...

This house is disgusting.... it looks like it would be musky smelling and full of old people.

The other house is much beter, maybe not locationally to some, but the structure itself is way better and way more Jenny's style from seeing her other properties.

Anonymous said...

the other house looked much prettier!!!!!!!!!!!

midTN said...


Yes Clarissa, this architectural combo does have a particualr name...