Monday, July 11, 2011

Where, Oh Where Will Maria Shriver Go?

Judging by the amount of reports and requests we've received for 411 on the matter, the celebrity real estate world is, it seems, all kinds of cracked out the last week or so about the $10,000,000 Los Angeles, CA crib (allegedly) purchased by journalist and former first lady of California Maria Shriver.

It seems hardly necessary to recap the recent marital melodramas of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger; A person would have to be a tiny-brained grasshopper not to know it recently came to light the groping ex-Governator fathered a boy-child 13 years ago with one of the family's long-time housekeepers. Unlike Tammy Wynette and Hilary Clinton, Maria opted not to stand by her philandering man and even before the sordid story broke open wide she was on the hunt for a new house to call home.

The scorned woman–who it should be noted has retained the utmost dignity at every turn in the mortifying and embarrassing turn of events that have beset her–reportedly peeped at a condo at the white-glove Carlyle building on Wilshire Boulevard.

Back in mid-May we were given information by a trusted snitch we'll call Polly Platinumtriangle–which we later passed along to the childrenthat soon-to-be ex-Missus Schwarzenegger didn't go for a condo at the Carlyle but rather leased a petite pad on a gated street in Malibu. According to Polly P. Miz Shriver planned to camp out in the Bu until she closed escrow on a not-yet-completed mansion on a star-studded street in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, only about three miles from the Schwarzenegger family home in the gated Brentwood Country Estates enclave. Several sources typically well-informed about celebrity real estate matters in Tinseltwon have since confirmed that Miz Shriver has been hiding out in Malibu and one of Your Mama's little birdies even fingered a modestly-scaled ocean front house owned by a successful tee-vee writer/producer as her temporary digs.

Gossip juggernaut TMZ followed up last week with more juicy details about–and covert images of–the still-under-construction mansion they reported measures around 11,000 square feet and includes 8 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a 3 car garage, home theater, fitness room and wine cellar. TMZ also revealed that traditional white-brick Georgian will be completed in about three months time. The house was not, as far as we can tell, listed on the open market.

Property records do not yet reflect a (recorded) transfer of ownership but they do show the house was previously owned by movie producer Dylan Sellers (Agent Cody Banks franchise, A Cinderella Story, the remake of Footloose) who sold it to a local developer in June 2009 for $4,200,000.

Other high-profile peeps who own property on the sleepy but swank street include Ricki Lake, Arianna Huffington, Betty White and Tobey Maguire who appears to have done little with the lot he and the Missus purchased in January 2008 for $10,000,000)


Mr Tibbs said...

Can't get much for 10 million these days

she needs to up her price to 40 mil ?


Anonymous said...

So she is allegedly paying around the same price, 10m, for a fully renovated house that Tobey Maguire paid for a vacant lot on the same street in January of 2008. That would be pre-crash. The Maguire lot at 193 is not great. Certainly not one of the best on the street. Wtf was he thinking????

Anonymous said...

Updown Court has been seized due to foreclosure Mama.
You better get on that.
Business Insider has the info.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Just took the Google streetview tour, and I'm just not feeling this street at all. Above ground utility lines and cars parked all over the place on a straight street of little character. One gut job gets done and then the house next store begins. I suppose that's the case with just about any monied street. However, these lots are quite narrow so I think you feel it more. It appears that many are (or were) going on, The Maguire lot has plastic screening up in front of which is the white picket fence with some forlorn roses belonging to the former home that was on the property.

nursedeb said...

well, God bless her...she has class, and my hat is off to her.

Anonymous said...

Does she really have class or just lots of money to spend on more house than she really needs? While it is pretty much obligatory to worship the Kennedys (and take off your hat and bow low to them) I would have been more impressed had she gone for something more modest. Maguire is another selfish and greedy whatever stuffed with so much money he can only think to get more by gambling with it for amusement. Has Hollywood never heard of charity, except of course "charity on the cheap" by allowing your sacred person to grace some lavish affair, etc.?

Marla Maples said...

Hopefully she will be installing a home gym so that younger son can burn off some of his blubber. I can't believe Arnold would allow his children to become obese considering his dedication to bodybuilding in his younger years.

Perhaps he was too busy diddling the maid to care? Maria always comes across a little boring you know? Maybe she wasn't giving him what he needed in bed - those European types can be quite "adventurous" lol.

In any case, I am sure this new house will be just as boring and contrived as it's new owner.

angie said...

Thanks much Mama. I should have guessed that Georgian architecture would be a New England born and Washington D.C. raised Kennedy's personal choice. Born and raised in New England myself, Georgian is also my favorite period architectural theme.

From the construction photos, it looks like it's going to have an abundance of the gorgeous woodwork authentic Georgian homes are noted for and I'm loving it. Love the high ceilings too. Even half finished, I can tell I'd very much enjoy inhabiting this house and see why Maria chose it.

The only question I'm left with is whether the original house on Maria's lot was torn down to make way for this one, or if the existing home is being expanded.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

There are some pictures on the TMZ website of Maria's new house. Can't tell too much about it other than it's definitely being completely redone inside and outside.

Is this the house on North Carmelina she was looking at back in May? Does anyone know the number. I want to look at it on Bing maps.

And yes, definitely Maria Shriver has class, and it's nice to see her move on with her life. She deserves some happiness. And NO, I don't worship the Kennedys, or anyone for that matter. She puts on her panties (assuming of course she wears them) just like I put on mine.

Anonymous said...

7:30: perhaps, but do you put on your panties in a 10 million dollar house? If so, then I take off my hat and bow low to you too. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention $600 panties.

Anonymous said...

Tobey Maguire has tapped up Peter Zumthor to design his new house.

lil' gay boy said...

Despite growing up in an overweening Catholic home, where portraits of the Holy Trinity (Pope Pius XI, JFK and, oh yeah, Christ) gazed down upon the not-too-oft used dining room table, the "Kennedy mystique" and the Days of Camelot are long gone.

Yet it is good to see, Kennedy or not, that the soon to be ex Missus has maintained a standard of decorum & class, whatever her motivation or inclination may be (even if only for the kids).

In an age where "google" rapidly became a verb, it is wise to remember that the stink of shit may eventually dissipate, but its little electronic traces will stick to the shoes of history.


hippie canyon said...

Um... is it just me or does anyone else think that Maria (que the West Side Story tune) had her head so far up her, er... um... thingamajig... that she was unwilling to admit that her steroid addicted husband would one day mess around behind her back (so to speak)? Anyways... a McMansion? Seriously? Whew. I guess some Arnold rubbed off on her. Oh, BTW - you saw that the Bentley dealer in BH FINALLY unloaded that fugly Buluga Black & Hotspur (read Black & red) Supersports Bentley to noneother than the Terminator (I know, who the F cares). I'm just saying... His bad taste goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where Maria will go, but I hoped she learned that sexless marriages don't work.