Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fireworks Day!

Your Mama, at the beach in the bosom of family and friends, plans to drink gin and tonics from noon until midnight, eat a pile of strawberries and too much cake, and fit our long-bodied bitches Linda and Beverly with ear plugs so the booming fireworks don't cause them to have a damn heart attack.

That means we will not discuss celebrity real estate today. Sorry puppies.

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lil' gay boy said...

Shuck the muumuus, refrain from Tweeting, Facing & Blogging, and grind a few of those nerve pills into Linda & Beverly's doggie water...they'll be just fine.

...and for heaven's sake, relax... The abacus (bejeweled or otherwise) has been around for centuries ––– it can wait another day.

And most seriously, thank you for all you do & all the shit you put up with ––– truly. Take a day off & enjoy the fruits of your labors (or just any low-hanging fruits conveniently at hand!)

xoxox, your LGB.

Madam Pince said...

Love you, Mama! You and the Dr. Cooter have a great 4th! Say hello to Sister Woman.

tovangar2 said...

Happy Fourth Mama! May the whole world be safe from our rocket's red glare...

angie said...

Thank You Mama. Wishing you & yours and all the children a very happy, fun, & safe 4th of July! xo

Anonymous said...

O beautiful for specious spies
for amber waves of greed
for purple mountains corpo-rate
let product placement take the lead
America! America!
God's laughing at us all!
And crown thy good
wih forclosurehood
from sea to oily sea

Carla In California said...

Happy July 4th Mama! Enjoy all the gin & tonics and maybe a grilled hamburger/hot dog or two! Make it a safe one too. :)

Mama'sBoy said...

Love You Mama, I couldn't say it better than Lil GB so I won't even try.
Thank You, this is my favorite read in the WWW!

Anonymous said...

Mama, are you dressed in your best costume for the day, twirling a baton and waving a flag?

Amanda B. Rekendwith said...

Srsly, Mama, hope your vakay was rejuvinating and the dogs didn't have kittens.

Lovin' your blog always.

StAugRealtor said...

Happy 4th

Patrick said...

Mama, Happy Independence Day !!
When you come back could you, please, tell us some Madonna news ?
I'd like to know if she already moved from Harpeley Hall to the townhouse on the Upper East Side ?
The Harpeley Hall apartment is on the market ? For how much ? Do you have pictures and floor plans ? I'm so curious about that. Thanks, Mama.

Silas said...

I agree on the Madonna news! I happen to know 2 people who live on her new block who tell me that 1) The house looks flawless, 2) the gate is intense and 3) It doesn't appear she has fully moved in yet, although they have seen some furniture and things being shipped in. I am dying to know how much she wants for her Harpeley Hall place, and very interested to see if maybe Lady Gaga will take her love for Madonna a creepy step further and try to buy the place? Or will Madonna just hang on to it and let Lourdes live there? Lourdes already has her own clothing line, why not her own CPW apt?!