Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Settles in Silver Lake

In other real estate news about men in Hollywood named Jesse, openly homosexual ginger-haired actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson from the super nova sitcom Modern Family purchased a house in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles last year.

Although we didn't know it until the Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial recently clued us in to the March 2010 purchase, Your Mama is not the least bit surprised by the locale given that we've espied Miss Ferguson several times at Intelligencia, the Silver Lake/Sunset Junction coffee emporium that takes coffee extremely seriously and where an ordinary if very carefully concocted cup of coffee can easily run a person upwards of five dollars. We don't mean five bucks for a latte or a cappuccino or one of those ridiculous twice brewed and mildly cooled half-caf 1/3-chai cinnamon mochachino beverages engineered by those Kool-Aid drinking barristos at Starbucks. No, child, we mean an cup of plain ol' coffee. That's right folks, all those well-employed hipsters in Silver Lake stand in line–there's almost always a long line–and willingly pay five or six clams for a not particularly large but admittedly quite delicious cup of coffee.

But we digress. According to property records (and the Bizzy Boys), Emmy nominated Miss Ferguson dropped $759,000 for a Silver Lake residence that property records show measures a pequeño 1,203 square feet with just 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Although we're not positive, Your Mama's research indicated that Ginger Ferguson purchased the property in the early stages of a gut renovation. Regardless of whether the reno work was done by a house flipping developer or finished by Miss Ferguson's teams of smart architects, eco-friendly landscapers and nice, gay decorators the Spanish style casa is all fixed up and cute with drought tolerant plantings.


Jeannified said... stepsister lives in Silver Lake...I'll have to ask he what she knows about this! Love him!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mama, that coffee is priced like what they sell in the dispensaries. I sent a pound home to my folks back East & they were not nearly as impressed as I thought they'd be for $25.
Any hoo, good for Jesse.

Lady J

Madam Pince said...

Mama, do you think you could talk Miss Ferguson into a house tour?

Anonymous said...

"Miss Ferguson" - please don't do that.

Anonymous said...

I have had Starbucks coffee but not coffee at Intelligensia. Since Mama has brought up the subject of coffee, I have a question in general. Does anyone suspect, as I do, that Starbucks sells bitter, coarse and strong African coffee that it can buy cheap for taksan dollars to people who don't know any better? I have wondered since I am familiar with Portuguese coffee that is very good and strong indeed, and it don't taste like Starbucks at all. Just a suspicion of mine, I emphasize.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Ferguson" ??

as you yourself say: No. Just No.

adding "Miss" to every openly gay man's name is just mean spirited, if not downright bitchy, not to mention not at all funny. Knock it off.

Anonymous said...

7:44 mean spirited and bitchy only if you think there is something bad or embarrassing about being gay. I imagine gays (who are not in the closet) find it amusing. I do. It's akin to calling a gentleman from the South "colonel".

Anonymous said...

10:42 Beg to differ. Not every openly gay man is snapping his fingers and calling everyone sister. I am openly gay and I find it neither charming or amusing. It would most certainly be a mistake to use to my face. Rest assured I could come up with something equally hilarious to describe and address Mama or anyone else who thought it terribly clever. Which I am quite sure would amuse me and not them. Slipping "Miss" in before a man's name simply because he is gay, is not akin to calling a man from the south "colonel". Which frankly is not all that common and never was on a whole. It is offensive and it is demeaning. What it far closer to if you want a southern ref is calling a black man "boy".

Now if you have someone so flaming they should be followed with a fire extinguisher and they perhaps call themselves something in the fem? Knock yourself out. However to call just any gay man "Miss" could quite likely get your ass kicked literally or at least verbally by a number of gay men. Not everyone is a pop culture caricature of a gay man.

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking from a gay man's perspective as long as it's in fun, we don't care. And Mama has a pass 'cause she's always fun! Much love...

commentator8 said...

calm down ladies!!!


Anonymous said...

Could it be that Mr. Ferguson is perhaps one of the smartest actors alive -having purchased a home well within his means such that he won't have to hoist it onto the market 3 mths after his show goes off the air?!!! (hopefully a long time from now)...Maybe wishful thinking -perhaps his 'gut reno' will cost him $1.5 million on top of the $760k...Here's hoping that in 12-18 mths, he's sitting in a $1.25 million all-in, decorated-to-the-nines, mortgage-free abode that has everything he's ever wanted (so he won't have to sell it 2 yrs later for $150k less than he spent because he wants a bigger pool).

Agents, Business Managers: I know plenty of folks in LA survive off of the real estate merry-go-round but unless your client is in a real pickle, when they have to sell at a loss to satisfy some whim -look him/her in the eye and say "HEY, I know this house isn't perfect but it's suited you just fine for 1/5/10 years and you're about to lose $500,000 on it -that may be your salary for shooting 2 episodes of your show today but I promise you, in 5 years, you'll be thankful to earn that in two years."

missgayinSF said...

All you PC queens need to get a life. Mama is funny and she can say whatever the hell she likes.

It's her damn blog.

Anonymous said...

No wonder many famous gay men don't come out. Before you come out, you're that succeful young actor, Mr. Ferguson, afterwards you're that big old flaming queen Miss Ferguson. Because it's "funny".

Anonymous said...

re February 3, 2011 10:07 AM

LOL. You are correct much is revealed and you reveal far more than I do. Btw it's called self respect not self righteous.

Seems to me you are far more bothered by the fact an openly and proudly gay man. Is not into idiotic fem terms applied to a man. Just as I have no use for your type in the gay community. You seem terribly threatened by someone calling offensive bullshit what it is.

I don't care if you want to call yourself Miss Faggie Mae Mcfaggerson. Knock yourself out. However do not assume because I am in a relationship with a man. It is ok to paint with such a broad brush. If you like it or not, is of no import to me. Just as Mama can certainly say as she wants (and I give her major credit for approving comments that disagree with her) and so can you. So can I. To you or her.

Here is another news flash sparky. You do not write the gay man verbal conduct either. And another stunner for you, there is a large segment of the gay population not parodies of people and shallow hollow creatures. If it is what floats your boat? Have at it. All the same don't assume because dick is a sexual interest of mine you have any liberty to speak to me in a disrespectful or familiar way.

Oh and since you seem so curious. I can fuck as well as I get fucked. However it is in an actual relationship and not trawling for random dick online. As for if I would punch someone if warranted? Yep. Though you clearly ignored the other part of that comment when I said verbally. As that is certainly all that is needed in most cases. Like this one. You have a great and big ole gay day now "Miss" Manners. get a fucking life

Messenger said...

I haven't a cat in this fight between you two queens but 10:45 you just called Mama a "her" and in case you didn't know "she" is a he.

lil' gay boy said...

Thank you Messenger; ––– a voice of sanity in the darkness, and a well-timed reminder of what's really at stake here.

The language we gays use is all a part of our heritage; those who would seek to police that need to seriously examine what, in light of all the cruel, hurtful things we've all been called over the centuries, are tantamount to terms of endearment when spoken amongst ourselves.

Dislike being "tarred" by a certain brush? Either methinks thou doest protest too much or have some unresolved issues. Either way, we face enough opposition in our lives without having to devolve into infighting.

A quiet, civilized word to the wise should be more than sufficient; the screeching on both sides here is just as stereotypical as each of you is complaining about.

The same words that wound can indeed heal. Lighten up, ladies ––– when the wolf is at the door; no need to start bitching about the finish on the doorknob.

Aunt Gina said...

so, we should call him what?
Miss Mama?

Anonymous said...

Personally I am deeply offended when Mama calls me a poodle just because I have long fluffy hair.

StPaulSnowman said...

A most fascinating diatribe! In my opinion,the only time the comments have been more riveting than the post.

Anonymous said...

"Miss" is an honorific to describe an unmarried female.
That's not me.
When someone yells "girls," I don't turn around.
Not me.
The fact is that effeminate gay men are marginalized WITHIN the gay community. These gay men's rights to act effeminately must be respected and protected, but the real deal is that they form their distinct subset and generally socialize within that subset.
The rest of the gay sector embrace masculine modes of operating in society to one degree or another. Indeed their are many very positive masculine attributes that tend to be distinct and not "feminine."
To call a gay man "miss" is incredibly demeaning and essentially says that if you are gay you are not a "man". Actually, most gay men are very invested in their idea of what it is to be a man, NOT what it is to be a woman or something in between. They may want to tweak that idea a bit but in the end you can't negate biology. I'm convinced that even in the most "gay" professions, let's say hairdresser, makeup artist and decorator, the men prevail over the women because of the testosterone that elevates drive and competition and ambition.
Need to add that I've been out and about for a long time and in a variety of different groups and the miss this, and ladies and okay girls is just not part of the dialog for most of us. Who, in fact, talks like this unless they're trying to recall Greenwich Village in, say, 1956?

Miss Butcher said...

We get it.......not all gay men are Liberace. This site is also not Self-realization Fellowship........and Fiona Trambeau is probably a phenotypical male. I hope we can move on from this..........Mama's funnybone will soon become osteoporotic.

Jude said...

That's the problem when using "Miss" to talk about a gay man: that's all you see. Can anyone remind me what the post was about?