Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Music mogul Simon Cowell had a bunch of contestants from X Factor over to his villa in Marbella, Spain and they allegedly trashed the place and drank up all his fancy booze.

We know there are heaps and hordes of children who don't care to hear or read another damn thing about professional golfer and cheating huzband Tiger Woods. If you count yourself among those folks, move on to the next item. Y'all stand warned.

The real estate news is coming fast and furious about Tiger Woods' newly single and wildly wealthy ex-wife and baby momma Elin Nordegrin. Elin–who some say received a dee-vorce settlement in the $100,000,000 range–has told the press that she plans to buy a house in the Jupiter, FL area so that the kids can spend quality time with their philandering father. While ex-Missus Woods can afford to buy just about any house she wants, at least one report speculates that Elin might have her eyes on the massive mansion that T.W. the good son built for his momma Tida in what is otherwise a very lackluster inland area of Jupiter. We doubt it, but we also can't imagine what ex-Missus Woods was doing over at Momma Woods' mansion either given that there is (allegedly and reportedly) no love lost between the women

The children may recall that in June of 2010 actor Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven) told the Palm Springs, CA po-po a crazy story about how he had been man-napped and forced to do The Dope by his abductor. It wasn't long before Mister London's alleged man-napper was nabbed and told the po-leese that Mister London's story was bullshit. The alleged man-napper, says Mister London asked him to scare up some Xanax and Oxycontin. Blah blah blah. Whatever happened, Mister London's run in with an alleged man-napper was far from his only troubles over the summer of 2010.

Thanks to Holly Woodlandhills we've learned that in June of 2010 Mister London's Canoga Park, CA home was lost to the angry jaws of foreclosure. Oh dear.

Property records show that in October of 2005 Mister London sold a house in Encino, CA for $1,200,000 and in the same month purchased the perfectly ordinary 4 bedroom and 2 pooper ranch house in decidedly unfabulous and hot as Hades Canoga Park, CA for $705,000.

In addition to his upcoming stint on Dr. Drew Pinsky's fuh-reeky and sad sad sad celebrity rehab reality show Mister London has more than half a dozen projects in the hopper so perhaps it won't be long before he's clean and sober and has got the moolah to buy himself a new house.

A year ago New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was out house hunting with his former squeeze Kate Hudson. Now, according to the New York Post, the notorious man-ho is out scoping out high-priced Manhattan condos with his current Hollywood hook up Cameron Diaz.

According to the NY Post the no doubt ill-fated lovers were spotted checking out a 5,600 square foot doo-plex at the Aldyn, a luxurious but architecturally featureless Costas Kondylis-designed building built along the West Side Highway in Midtown Manhattan. The 6-bedroom unit the couple toured includes a huge terrace overlooking the Hudson River with private swimming pool and hot tub.

Not quite yet dee-vorced 5o-something year old actor Kelsey Grammer and his newly preggers 20-something year old trolley dolly ladee friend Kayte Walsh are on the prowl for new digs in downtown Manhattan where they can bring up baby.

A recent Gimme Shelter column in the New York Post tattles that the May-December parents to be toured a 4,500 square foot loft condo at 84 Mercer Street that includes 3 bedrooms, 3.5 poopers, 15 foot ceilings, spa tubs and steam showers, an asking price of $5,995,000 and monthly fees of $4,188.

Mister Grammer, who Your Mama thinks is really is much more of an uptown kind of guy, currently leases a $25,000 per month spread at the famous and financier filled 15 Central Park West building in New York City. The well compensated actor owns a mansion in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills area, a compound inside the gates of the Serra Retreat in Malibu, CA, a house in the Hamptons, and a Hawaiian hideaway.

And finally, while only marginally real estate related, Your Mama can't get enough of Pulizter Prize winning journalist Bill Dedman's ongoing reportage regarding reclusive centenarian heiress Huguette Clark. His most recent report on focuses on the effort by a trio of Miss Clark's distant relatives to oust attorney Wallace "Wally" Bock as her attorney.

It only gets more and more juicy and Your Mama expects that before this story has done played itself out there will be some scandalous allegations made, probably by all sides.


Anonymous said...

I love Bill Dedman's articles as well Your Mama! He's an excellent writer and he replies to emails you send him too, seems like a real nice guy and a great talent :)

Oh and Kelsey's new gal seems like quite the golddigger. A baby already and the man isn't even divorced yet?

Jimbo said...

Re: Huguette Clark. I suspect when all the dust clears they will find that the lady died some years ago. I don't care how ecentric the lady is made out to be, nobody can be that eccentric.

Mrs. Stephen Haines said...

@Jimbo....yes, I think she died a long time ago. Why live in a hospital when you can afford private nurses and doctors at home.....and you have 3 homes? Makes no sense. I hope the movie is being planned....any casting ideas?

Anonymous said...

Marbella is so last century.

angie said...

You can count me among those who are not at all tired of the TG & Elin saga. Now that they are divorced, it will be fascinating (at least for me) to watch what directions their lives take, although I have to admit I'm much more interested in what Elin's up to than Tiger. It dosen't take a rocket scientist or even eye witness reporting to fairly accurately surmise what Tiger's basically up to anyways I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Kelsey Grammer and his conservative values.


I think Huguette is alive but not for much longer.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think Hugette has been dead for a while now.

Pebble Beach said...

Mama- love the continued news of Miss Clark's affairs. Great stuff! So intriguing. Thank you.

lil' gay boy said...

Let's see: an egomaniac, a junkie, a full spectrum of guys who can't keep it in their pants, and a recluse; I'll take "Recluses" for $200, Alex...

After shuffling Huguette around various hospitals for 22 years, I think it's more than likely that she's shuffled of this mortal coil during one of those transitions... easy to swap in a doppelganger anytime.

If that is the case, how stupid could these guys be? Let's face it, 104 is an unlikely age to reach, regardless of the resources that could be mustered. How old did they think she could possibly get before someone started asking inconvenient questions? My guess is they hoped to paint her as a female Howard Hughes but got squeamish when they realized that sooner or later they had to come up with a corpse.

Anonymous said...

Mama - I LOVE the articles of Hugette Clark!! Please continue to follow for the children, we love it! Thanks.