Monday, June 29, 2009

Alan Jackson's Southern Spread

SELLER: Alan Jackson
LOCATION: Moran Road, Franklin, TN
PRICE: $38,000,000
SIZE: 19,000 square feet (approx.), 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Magnificent offering w/o compare. Bordered by Harpeth River, surrounded by equestrian estates. Amenities include stocked & aerated lake w/boat house & 3 ponds, 20 car garage, gymnasium, 2 bed log cabin overlooking river, barn w/2 bed apt above,pole barn & more.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Sorry for the delay children, Your Mama has had our big BMW in the damn shop all morning (and for the fourth time) with a niggling problem those people cain't seem to get fixed and it has left us exhausted, humorless and in search of a giant pitcher of mid-day gin and tonics.

Every now and then a celebrity owned property comes along that's really more resort than residence. Such is the case with new country music super star Alan Jackson's legendarily leviathan Franklin, TN spread that recently landed on the open market with a not very down home asking price of $38,000,000. This turn of events probably isn't much of a surprise with Nashvillians since just a couple of weeks ago Mister Jackson actually hinted to the good people at Nashville Scene that he and the wifey were considering lightening their real estate load and settling down into something a little less high maintenance.

Although Your Mama lurves us some old school country crooning we knew not a thing about Mister Jackson when we received word of the listing from Franky Franklin. A quick sweep across the interweb learned Your Mama that his heyday was the 1990s when he earned a slew of Country Music Award nominations, has been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and in 2001 wrote some sort of sappy patriotic paean regarding the events of nine-eleven that shot him to the top of the charts, catapulted him back into the mainstream limelight, made him the belle of the NASCAR ball and more than likely earned him more money than Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter will see in a long lifetime.

In 1993, after buying up 135 rural acres in Franklin, TN bordered on two sides by the slim and winding Harpath River, Mister Jackson and his memoir writing wifey Denise spent two years building a massive and many-pillared monument to their new found wealth and success which is reported to measure in at around 19,000 square feet. Mister and Missus Jackson quaintly dubbed the estate Sweetbriar, which this Yankee imagines is pronounced Sweetbraher by all those people with that wonderful southern drawl that Your Mama likes so much.

Listing information for the colossal faux-Colonial style mansion on Moran Road reveals there are 6 bedrooms and 9 terlits spread throughout 7 full and 2 half poopers. The front gates open to a long, dead straight drive way that leads a circular motor court and the entrance hall has maple floors and two circular staircases rising to the family's private quarters at either end. To the east of the long French door lined entrance hall, according to listing information and previous reports, is a hotel lobby-like living room with shiny wood floors, adouble height ceiling, a monolithic curved wall of paned glass at one end and a Chevy-sized chandelier, The massive Mexican-marble fireplace surround is identical twin of the one in the adjacent dining room. Nearby is Mister Jackson's private paneled office where he reportedly keeps half a dozen gee-tars, a few of his many music awards and a tie that reportedly belonged to country king Hank Williams.

The west wing contains the oddly configured, maple and travertine floored country kitchen that is open to an informal breakfast room and the humongous family room anchored by a massive stone fireplace, filled with a truckload of beige and brown comestibles, rising to a double height ceiling with two very tall walls of paned glazing, and opening into a glassed in porch that looks out over the cee-ment pond and the pancake flat rear grounds of the estate.

Stuffed from carpet to ceiling with all things beige and gold and neutral colored, the master suite is far too Architectural Digest-y for Your Mamas personal preferences in home day-core. There are heavy moldings, a coffered ceilings, one of the home's 5 fireplaces and dual bathrooms including a beige and brown marble checker-floored number with a circular soaking tub, weird mood lighting and a ficus tree in the corner that we'd bet everything we have is fake.

The vast grounds include a 20-car garage where Mister Jackson keeps all his many vintage automobiles, a separate barn-like building that houses the indoor tennis and basketball court, several fenced pastures, 3 small ponds plus one 10 acre pond that has been stocked with fish and includes a three bay boat house and a white sand beach, a lake side barn with a 2 bedroom guest or staff apartment on the second floor and a large stone patio with an outdoor fireplace overlooking the lake where the Jackson's could host cook-outs and fish frys for 100 or more of their closest friends. And let's not forget the ATV/go cart track or the grass airplane runway which Mister Jackson (no longer maintained). At the far end of the property, as far from the main house as is possible sits a 2-bedroom log cabin that is perched along the gurgling river Harpath River.

It's quite possible the country music couple have already purchased their next, smaller and less lavish property. Property records show the Jackson's own all kinds of property around Nashville including a lake side property in Smithville where Mister Jackson will perhaps next hang his cowboy hat.


Anonymous said...

the more I look at this website the more I think Decline and Fall.

Anonymous in Dallas said...

In Texas, we call this a "design disaster" - too much for its own good.

Anonymous said...

besides the size, I actually kind of like it. If I had a REALLY large family, and 30 million + clams to spend, I could see myself living there.

Granted, the maintance costs must be insane!

It is very pretty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Puhlease, Allan Jackson is filthy rich and still one of the highest earning men in country music. There is no fall here, he's just moving on, the kids are growna nd gone.

Anonymous said...

Madam Pince said...

I agree with Anon 1:43. Alan & Denise aren't having financial problems; they probably just want to downsize given all three of their daughters are teens.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a damn hotel - maybe Four Seasons, but still a hotel. Huge and rather generic. Good luck selling that.

Anonymous said...

WOW beautiful place..

Anonymous said...

I read Mama's comments prior to looking at the photos and was prepared to hate this place, but find I truly like it.

Of course I don't know what I'd ever do with that much house or how I'd pay for the upkeep. Maybe I could live in the cute little log cabin and rent the rest out as a corporate retreat.

Anonymous said...

its exactly what Id expect of a country star and Ill leave it at that.

StPaulSnowman said...

Nauseating excess with little character.........who needs a shower that looks like the hologram generator in Bones?

Anonymous said...

i don't hate it.

Drew said...

Damn, one of the nicest homes I've seen here. At $30M, I'm usually grossed out by the tackiness and size. Here, the house is big in only the right areas while looking "normal" (for $30M, I mean) in the typical living areas. I'd love to pretend to be Jackie Gleason from "The Toy" in this sexy place. It feels warm and inviting for its size and so what if it's "Architectural Digest"-ish... I fallen for it. And the link somebody above provided has the best online photos of any house I've seen, let alone this huge one:

Anonymous said...

19,000 sq ft isn't that unbelievabley huge whenyou measure it up against most Beverly Park monstrosities...

Most of the cost here is in the amazing 175 acre parcel of land in a prime area along the river, with private lakes and ponds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Even the frogs wear Prada.

Anonymous said...

What's the point? Whom are you impressing? If he were a Renaissance prince it might overawe the little people, but I find no point at all to living in such a place. Questions of wealth aside, I have the sense that the less impressive the person the bigger and more "magnificent" the container has to be. A kind of compensation.

Anonymous said...

Rather have Michael Jackson's 2600 acres in California over a measly 175 in the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of you. Garish, over-sized excess. Looks like a hotel.

"Look at ME!!! See how rich and powerful I am".

No, Jackson, it says look at me, see how bloated, selfish and stupid I am.

Nashville Nasty said...

He spends most of his time at his Center Hill Lake place in Smithville.

It's common knowledge that he wanted to dee-vorce (thanks for that new word, mama...) his wife a LONG time ago. That is, until he found out she'd get 1/2 of everything since they'd been together so long.

He decided it would be cheaper to keep her and give her everything she wants, while having ladies on the side in Smithville, than it would be to just divorce her. (Yeah, sad but true story. He compared her to an old horse put up wet and ridden hard...)

Everyone around Nashville and Smithville kinda liked him until that happened.

Anonymous said...

8:18 - Michael Jackson's acreage isn't exactly in Beverly Hills. California is a big state and apparently "Nowhere" has more than one middle.

My guess is that the people, climate, and tax codes are all friendlier in TN.

and to 10:52 - I don't think the country stars are any less grounded than the gangsta rappers that talk about 'the hood' while driving home in their Caddie Escalades

Anonymous said...

"Michael Jackson's acreage isn't exactly in Beverly Hills."

No it isn't Beverly Hills. But it's a hell of a lot closer to Beverly Hills than Nashville is.

FYI, the ranch is about a 100 miles up the coast (you know...the pacific ocean coast)..just inland from Santa Barbara. I'd still take it over TN anyday.

"My guess is that the people, climate, and tax codes are all friendlier in TN."

Apparently you haven't met Nashville Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Geeeezzzz, what a bunch of haters on this page.
I've been following Alan Jackson's career since the very beginning and believe me he earned every bit of what he has AND has earned the right to enjoy it, as well.
The man (as many artists do) spends more time on the road that he does with his family. He missed a lot of "family time" building his career. I'd even bet that he never dreamed he'd end up being one of the best major players in country music today. He's a fantastic artist! Give the guy a break for God's sake. How many of you would make all the sacrifices he and other "rich and well-known" artists do? You look at his assets and slam him for trying to get some enjoyment out of what he's earned.
YEEHAW ALAN! Keep bringin' The Good Time!

NewYorkQueer said...

MY Eyes mama EYES mmmmaaaakkkkeeeee
it stop!

Anonymous said...

"My guess is that the people, climate, and tax codes are all friendlier in TN. "

I lived in TN, and though it was not the worst place I lived, I would have to say no to all three. I found the people to be "surface nice" - always late, doing a crappy job, but "hey I say "mam and sir", so give me a good tip you mean yankee". The taxes were bad, especially property taxes. The state has no income tax, that's true, but they get good on property and sales taxes - and for all that you get crappiest schools in the country, high crime, infant mortality rates that rival Africa, and totally corrupt local governemt (bribes, police involved in drug trade and prostitution, you name it). The climate was the worst - 108 and 80% humidity for 2 full months. I tried to keep inside the whole summer. Oh, and TN has worst drivers I have seen anywhere in the US.

Anonymous said...

...I should add about TN - it did have the cleanest air and best tasting water I have ever experienced. The sping was very nice, and I loved my job. Too bad, it was in TN.

Anonymous said...

As someone in the industry, I can tell you country stars are much more grounded. They seem to appreciate and like their fans much more than pop, rock, rap etc who all just act annoyed about the "fame."

I love hearing all you poor unfortunate folks rant about excess... truth be told I bet just about every one of you would live in some ridicilous manse of excess if you had the money, even tho you'll scream to high hell you never would.

Anonymous said...

i agree 859

the fact that they read this blog shows that they are materialistic and envious...

people who truly think the celebrity lifestyle is excess and don't want it, wouldn't have any interest in reading any of this.

Anonymous said...

I love all the instults to Country Musicains and the NASCAR sporting industry.

Perhaps someone hasn't told you, but NASCAR is the biggest sport in the US. You are all just trying way to hard to be high-class and hoity toity while hypocritally bashing everyone who lives a high class lifestyle.

Hate to break it to you all, but truthfully, the people evolved in both Nascar and Country music aren't just a bunch of toothless hicks, most of them are intelligent running businesses / empires that make them MILLIONS (more money than most of you could even imagine making)... yet regaurdless of the opulent houses, they are more grounded and down home than any of your Hollywood / New York celebrities that you all envy so much, and would probably hate in person. Most of you would probably get along great with most of the country artists and Nascar drivers who wouldn't treat you like you don't matter because you're not famous.

Anonymous said...

"You are all just trying way to hard to be high-class and hoity toity while hypocritally bashing everyone who lives a high class lifestyle."

They are NOT. Or at least not until we redefine "high class" as "money out of wahzoo".

I am glad for country stars that they are grounded and nice to people around them. Good for them. Their house is still a pile of rubble - just a bigger one. Does not mean they are toothless hicks or bad people.

Warren Buffett is high class, and he would never treat someone bad because the person is not a celebrity. I have not seen the inside of his house, but I know it is not huge pile of rubble... maybe a small one ;-) So what, does not make him a bad person either.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, what an ugly house.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this house from the road and it is a beautiful country. On a lot of property with the standard stone walls of this area. many of the stone walls have been there for a 100 years. I can see how they would want to downsize. I am not a Jackson fan but I don't hate him for any reason but once I saw this house, it has stuck in my mind. The area is really nice but far outside the city.

Anonymous said...

Please explain how NASCAR is considered a sport. I think bowling or darts involve more physical activity than driving a car.

Anonymous said...

Another site I browse has a name for folks like 1:38/8:59/9:01.


Of course none of them has matched the trainwreck that was "Jackie, Hugh Laurie's #1 fan[stalker]"

Yak said...

10:10 either you are deluded or you are a dumbass troll. If you knew anything you would know race drivers are some of most finely tuned, fittest, high caliber athletes in the world for a reason. Driving a race car is an intensive physical work out. Most people wouldn't last 2 laps. Here are a few articles for you to read. Educate yourself ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

I meant this to go here...sorry for the double posting of this:

Apparently almost no one here has ever been anywhere. There are toothless hillbillies all over Calif. (including in some of the outlying areas of LA) and there are shallow, materialistic people living the country life in Nashville too.

Woman in St. Louis get fake tits and there are country music fans in New York City. There are plenty of flashy new money types in Atlanta and many dignified wealthy people in the Detroit area. There are rich and educated black people and there are poor and ignorant white people and every type of person in between.

How can anyone be so narrow minded to say something like all people in LA are materialistic or that all people in Tenn. are toothless?

Frankly, making those kinds of absurd statements only makes a person look ignorant.

I will agree however, that I don't see how NASCAR is a sport. It's not in the Olympics or anything, right? It might be entertaining. It might be an event. It might take some steady nerve to drive 200 miles an hour for a couple hours, but a sport? Not in my book.

P.S. Drivers might be in good shape but it's a work out to do the Stairmaster for 2 hours, but is it a sport?

Anonymous said...

I thought this guy died.

Anonymous said...

This "Mama" person is so way off base its disgusting just reading her comments.

Allan Jackson is not a "new" super star, he has a huge following and has been a star for many years and makes more money then "Mama's" entire family could ever hope to make.

Now as for the house its beautiful and someone will snatch it up. I wouldnt want such a large ostentatious home but would be perfectly happy with the rest of the estates features.

Anonymous said...

12:42, either you need glasses, or you need to learn to read period. A few paragraphs into Mama's article, read the one that begins with "Although Your Mama lurves us some old school country". It clearly states:

"A quick sweep across the interweb learned Your Mama that his heyday was the 1990s when he earned a slew of Country Music Award nominations, has been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and in 2001 wrote some sort of sappy patriotic paean regarding the events of nine-eleven that shot him to the top of the charts, catapulted him back into the mainstream limelight, made him the belle of the NASCAR ball and more than likely earned him more money than Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter will see in a long lifetime."

Anonymous said...

Someone commented that only materialistic and envious read this blog. I visit because I enjoy real estate, I could care a less about who lives somewhere.

I find the house in question is typical of the famous that strike it rich. A Poorly built super sized home which has one purpose, to get attention.

Had he not desired attention, the driveway would have not been straight.

E.D. said...

Lighten up Jackson fan. Some folks get so crazy over famous people.

I think Mama meant new country as in "New Country" being a particular genre of country music that blends some of the rock and roll in with with the more traditional twang of country music. Hank Williams is "old country" Garth Brooks is "new country." Does that make sense?

It was not intended as an insult of any kind but it's interesting you thought is was.

Also, like the person above said, if you had read in to the post a bit further you would have seen where Mama listed some of Jackson's accolades and referenced his vast wealth.

Anonymous said...

Just one question Nashville Nasty - is your life so perfect that you think you can trash someone with rumors? It is a fact that the Jackson's did have some problems but is your relationships perfect? Your tpye of taboid trash is what hurts families and glad to hear that you can speak for an entire city on how they feel about another person. Sounds a little like sour grapes and envy for what someone else has and you don't. Before you start trashing please look at yourself and casting stones.

Anonymous said...

I live close to the Jacksons' estate and I can tell you that this is a GORGEOUS piece of property on a narrow barely-paved country road that winds through equestrian estates and pastures enclosed by stacked stone walls. Amy Grant's former home (when she was married to Gary Chapman) is next door to this.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, wondering which state, Tennessee or California, has the
most residents picking up and leaving as fast as they can get out? Just
Actually, Williamson County is one of the most desirable residential
locations in USA. Do the homework please

Outsmoker said...

Hooray for of the last three smoke friendly states.

Anonymous said...

I have never met people so rude and critical. The man spent many yearsin smoke filled bars making little or nothing.If you look back at his work ethic as a young man in highschool while every one else was out having fun he was working. this man deserves respect not critical comments . He didn't have to put it on the internet.I hope my sons grow up to have the work ethic he has. Also I thing you will find he is a very humble man -----not one to flaunt what he has.

Anonymous said...

Not flaunt what he has? Have you seen the photos of his house? How is that not flaunting one's wealth.

He's earned and entitled to spend his money however he wants, but don't pretend he wasn't flaunting his wealth.

Anonymous said...

I live in rural middle Tennessee and have been an extra on several country music video shoots. Alan Jackson is an ass and Billy Ray Cyrus is a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

He wrote a song about how he got his house if I recall:

"Come and listen to a story about a man named Alan
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubblin' crude.

Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Well the first thing you know ol' Alan's a millionaire,
Kinfolk said Jackson move away from there
Said Tennessee is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Franklin, TN.

Nashville, that is. Swimmin pools, country stars."

In all frankness, that is a nice shack. I saw it on on their featured listings thing on their front page.

Anonymous said...

All the bad drivers in Nashville came from California.

Anonymous said...

Only in America can you become somthing and own the home you desire, Aleast for a little while longer.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson actually owns a Ford F150 and a Rolls Royce. He's driven the Ford a lot. He's a songwriting genius. Give it a shot--see if you can come up with a beautiful song like, "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" or come up with a brand new Christmas song that is not only beautiful, but classy as well ("Let It Be Christmas"). He also donates a lot to charities for children and the hungry. On Saturday (July 18), he just did a free concert here in a tiny town in Illinois to help autistic children in the area. He's also quite a nice fella. So, please get your facts straight before crappy in his Cheerios.

Anonymous said...

edit--"...before crapping in his Cheerios." (sorry for the typo)

Anonymous said...

Not only is he a songwriting genius, but it's very smart of him to invest his money in homes and land as they increase in value. That is a smart business plan. He's no dumb hillbilly, that's for sure. That's just smart.

Personally, I think the house is very beautiful, but I'd be uncomfortable in such a huge house. I'd be nervous. It's just too big. I am terrified of critters, so I'd be worried about that constantly with all the fireplaces. Also, I like to be able to clean and take care of my home and that place would take weeks to clean. I like small, cozy homes. If I lived there, I'd be living in that neat little cabin in the back. :)

Anonymous said...

As a custom builder I think this home is spectacular! Left nothing out. This home easy easy to knock on since nobody that is looking at this site is remotely capable of affording it. I would love to have the opportunity to have something like this. One of the most unbelievable homes I have ever seen. And so beautiful.

MusicBiz said...

The ignorance is amazing on this blog. Alan Jackson is one of the most down to earth artists in any genre of music. I work in the business and have spoken with Alan on several occasions, nothing but pure respect for him. He earned his money, he is entitled to spend it anyway he wants.

Will he have trouble selling this house in this economy? Who knows! The bottom line is the kind of people who kind afford this house aren't effected by the economy anyways. Middle TN is one of the most beautiful sections of the country and everyone is extremely nice.

Do your homework, it is clear that most of you have no idea what you are talking about.

One of the wisest quotes I have ever read and truly applies in this situation.

"Don't hate the player, hate the game!"

Unknown said...

I have read all thecomments and some of you are really funny, like the fool who posted about taking perv jacksons "never land" over this house, I am really glad to hear that, dont have to worry bout you moving to the south, Mr. Jackson is building a new house in Georgia his home state, he is not from Tenn. he just lives there. you can't beat Allan Jackson,
and to the bufoon who said Billy Raye Cryus is nice??? he bought Bert Lance's old farm in calhoun ga. and he is a DICK. I done work for him took almost 4 months to get paid!!!!
If I had 38 mil laying around I wouldn't mind having it.... but the hills of NW Ga. are just too pretty to ever leave again. I lived in Calif the granola state full of nuts and fruits! glad I am gone from there...
this your mama dont know squat about music, and notice how she had to get the comment in about her BMW? yeah flaunting what she ain't got!

the dr.

Anonymous said...

You GO, Alan and Denise,
Along the narrow road with our semi,my husband and I deliverd loads of pavers for your drives.Seem like yesterday,when you first started. He liked the garages.I loved the house. You have earned it.I have yet to met ya.Seems we are in the field when you are around IN. You are a down to earth couple.You earned every thing you have.
Long years,long hours,on the road.We know that feeling;Going down the road in our semi or farming .You can come to my 70th birthday anytime in 2011 Or our 50th Anv.We are just simple people.Come Memorial Day,we put on a great homecookn 30ft food buffet.You are welcome anytime.We over look a lake, so bring your bus,quad,family, we will have a great time.We are sure we can find you a boat or fish'n pole.
We have a crystal Chandlier in our modern-old fashion barn,my high school's old scoreboard,disco ball,memories of childhood or hard working days handtools.
A hugh house can get to be to much;I know,we have 15 rooms,old updated farm house,In the family for almost 180yrs.
I guess people are just jealous, We alway say,do what ya what a do.We probably will never retire, it would be boring.Don't play golf,don't go to Fl.Guess we just work at our own pace.
We even go quad riding,we take mule under the hood to the woods in the mud we go..Loved your truck'n in the mud video.
We love your houses..Have as many as you like, You have earned all of them.Your acts of kindness and help.For kids is great. How about one for around here.This area we have a lot of brain tumors in children and adults,arthist also.
My dad,lived to be 94, always said,you do what you think is right.You see,you have enjoyed it.Enjoy your family.The circle was broken with the lost of our 24yr old son,burned in a car accident. Life is never the same.But life goes on.Some said we changed.Your kids are supose to out live their parents.It does not always work that way.
Live a great life while you can.
Good luck in your family's further.
LOVE the house and garage and all. I belive,If You can't say anything nice about someone,keep it to your self as we were taught.

Anonymous said...

Leave Alan and Denise Jackson alone, puleeze! If you think living on a tour bus and being away from your family all of the time is a piece of cake, then try it. Alan, Denise, and their family have earned the right to have a home as opulent as this so just shut up and be nice. Alan Jackson is one of the nicest guys you will ever want to meet.

Anonymous said...

Pretty--Pretty goddamn tacky and gaudy.

Anonymous said...

Used to live down the road from his place. It is a peaceful, beautiful spot. I saw him fly his plane, drive a corvette, but most of the time, he drove a restored Bronco. He was a gentleman by all accounts of those who encountered him in Williamson County, which, by the way, is a wonderful place to live. A place where you can count on neighbors, go to the town square for ice cream, and yet minutes to Nashville. Peaceful and gorgeous.