Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Apologize...

...But Your Mama has a technological snafu on Friday afternoon and was unable to get it fixed until Sunday afternoon as we were in a no interweb zone for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Leo's house on PCH in Malibu sold for $7.4m to all those nay sayers.. over a million dollars more than he paid for it 2 years ago.


outsmoker said...

That'll buy Leo a few cartons of Marlboros!

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

I hope you're kidding about that "castle" in Las Vegas because that is truly one of the most ridiculous and tastless pieces of architecture I have seen in a long time. Good luck selling that piece of shit Leroy for anything near the insane 5 million dollar asking price.

P.S. Your attempt at free advertising is as tacky as that house you're selling Leroy. Have some class. try buying an ad. Oh wait, someone with a house like that clearly lacks class or taste.

Anonymous said...

Wow--Glenn Robertson is one special d-bag! I am not sure which one is more hideous, that "castle" or his website!

pang pang said...

and pang pang says:

shit shit shit shit shit

{-------- shshhshshshsitititititit
{-------- fffffffrrrtttgghtttttttt

"a so gotta go poooooopie"

- -

"Pang Pang"

Anonymous said...

the las vegas 'castle' is in pretty bad taste, inside and out. Nobody needs a kitchen island that do you clean the centre of it? LOL...I guess you have to get up on all fours...

Anonymous said...

LAWD! I feel sorry for Glen Robertson having to market that pile. Hopefully he's had so much botox that his face doesn't show expression. How else could he keep a straight face while walking prospective buyers through it?

A fire bomb is too good for that place.

Average Joe probably loves it.

Anonymous said...

That place is AWFUL!

Forgive for a moment, that someone was actually trying to mimic building a "castle"... but... where the hell have you ever seen a single story castle? It looks like a 1950's tract home with a fake castle facade around the top... and whats with the gable roofed stucco & timber tudor part on the right? it doesn't even make sense.

The front gate with "Castle Rancho" and its fake looking stone columns are a nice touch too.