Monday, February 2, 2009

Mark Peel and Daphne Brogdon Flip Out in Hancock Park

SELLERS: Mark Peel and Daphne Brogdan
LOCATION: S. Lucerne Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $3,299,000
SIZE: 3,966 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Meticulous Mediterranean in prime Windsor Square, blocks from Larchmont. Gracious center hall plan generous living rm w/fpl & frml din rm. Fam rm w/ built ins, surround sound & access to back patio. "Renowned Chef's" kitchen w/every amenity, eat in banquette & office nook. Formal breakfast rm, maids/office down. 4 beds & 3 remodeled baths up. Master opens to canopied terrace. New garage plumbed for guest house. Wi Fi system throughout. Lush landscaping.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: While Your Mama is working our phone lines and burning up the internets trying to confirm some real estate dirt on a few big name famous folks, let's step back and discuss a lesser light in the lexicon of celebrity. A little poking around on the interweb leads us to the house of Los Angeles based celebrity chef Mark Peel and his stand up comic/tee-vee hostess wife Daphne Brogdon who have recently hoisted their Hancock Park house on the market with an asking price of $3,299,000.

The award winning chef Mister Peel owns a highly regarded and kinda pricey restaurant called Campanile as well as a less expensive bread emporium/café called the La Brea Bakery while his ladee-wife writes a successful mommy blog called Cool Mom and gets paid to skewer celebs for their fashion faux-pas in both T.V. Guide and Star Magazine.

Property records show the couple purchased their S. Lucerne Boulevard property in March of 2008 for $3,100,000, which means, obviously, that the property is being flipped just 12 months after being purchased. A few flicks of the well worn beads on our bejeweled abacus shows that Mister Peel and Ms. Brogdon are looking at quite possibly losing a chunk of change once they pay out the considerable real estate fees.

Records also show the architecturally dignified house with a pleasantly symmetrical front facade was built in 1920 and measures in at 3,966 square feet. Listing information indicates there are 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Four of the bedrooms and three of the (renovated) bathrooms are located upstairs and the remaining bedroom and bathroom are, apparently, located on the first floor. This bed/bath set up means there is no powder room and that dinner guests are faced with the indignity of sharing the first floor pooper with overnight guests, or even more upsetting, the live-in. Now listing puppies, in smaller homes with just one or two bathrooms, this sort of bathroom double duty is necessary, but we find it almost inexcusable in three-plus million dollar digs.

Your Mama knows that some of you children are going to self-righteously point out that his house isn't really in Hancock Park proper–it's actually in an area called Windsor Square–and that others of you will get yer panties in a kerfuffle and start whining about how you think Hancock Park (or Windsor Square or whatever) is not safe after dark and that homeless people poop on front lawns. Your Mama says, "Pshaw!"

Hancock Park (or Windsor Square or whatever) may not be as dee-luxe or expensive as the better parts of Bel Air or Beverly Hills but that does not make it some sort of a ghetto where dope pushers stand around on the corners and people sell microwave ovens out of the trunks of their beat up Impalas. Besides, some of the better zip codes in Los Angeles have been plagued by burglaries the last few years. Do you hear that children? Plagued.

Anyhoo, the Peel/Brogdon house sits on a mid-block lot on S. Lucerne Boulevard that measures just over a quarter acre and which listing information labels a "meticulous Mediterranean" style affair. Your Mama is just too worn out to argue with that designation. The center hall plan includes a wide entrance hall which is pleasingly devoid of decorative artifice other than the light colored and shiny herringbone wood floors, a grouping of small artworks, and a petite crystal chandelier. The flesh colored walls, on the other hand, kinda make Your Mama's flesh crawl.

The large formal living room, which has also, unfortunately, been slathered with flesh colored paint, includes a wood burning fireplace, glistening wood floors, light fixtures that look original to the house (or at least authentic to the time period), and a couple of gigantic beige ultra-suede sofas sitting on a white deep pile shag area rug that would give our house gurl Svetlana siezures trying to keep clean. The formal dining room has French doors leading to the front terrace, a beige rug, beige wallpaper printed with birds and branches and what appears to Your Mama to be a 1940s-ish dining room table and chairs that make us go weak in the knees.

Being the home of a renowned chef, the wood floored kitchen has quite naturally been did over with every amenity a cook could want and includes a full suite of high priced quasi-commercial stainless steel appliances. The simple white cabinetry sets off the large, vermilion colored work island that features a stainless steel counter top where meat can be hacked up and cleaned up without fear of contamination. We note with some glee that the microwave has been given its own cubby next to the fridge, something that is done too infrequently in the kitchens of rich people. The kitchen complex also includes a built in breakfast nook with a lovely Heywood Wakefield table and chairs (not pictured) and an office nook where the house gurl can comfortably organize the coupons and sneak onto the internets when the ladee of the house is upstairs performing her morning toilette.

The adjacent family room includes a simple coffered ceiling, a fab row of arched French doors leading to the rear terrace, and a wall of custom cabinetry for stashing the flat screen and all the boxes and accoutrement that come along with sophisticated tee-vee watching nowadays. Your Mama would like the children to note that the Peel/Brogdons have actual books on the shelves, something that always warms the cold cockles of our snarky heart. The couple have chosen to furnish the room with a cozy looking steel grey velvet sectional sofa with clean lines, deep down cushions and too many pillows. Opposite the sofa, at a conversational distance, sits a bent wood armchair that may or may not be an Alvar Aalto design; It's close, but there's something funky happening with the front of it that makes it look like it might be some kind of high-end recliner from Lazy-Boy, right?

The master bedroom, a not entirely successful study in grey day-core, includes some glammy decorative moments such as the mirrored bedside tables and mauve tufted silk dressing chair. French doors open to a large private terrace that is partially covered by a canopy and which surely makes for an excellent spot to lounge around in the late afternoon but still be able to make sure the nanny isn't angrily over-pushing the kiddies on the back yard swing set. The Master bathroom appears to have been renovated with a eye towards the house's original design and has Tiffany blue cabinetry topped with spider veined Carrara marble, white honeybee tile on the floor, a soaking tub with room for two and a seamless glass shower enclosure. The walls have been painted the palest of blue and a couple of windows flank the pedastal sink, which are, you know, appreciated after last night's Indian dinner.

The back yard includes a large terrace for dining, entertaining and nood sunbathing. While there is a large expanse of lawn for the kiddies, there is not currently a swimming pool. Although we do recognize that not everyone enjoys swimming in chemical-ized water, Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter do and would never consider owning a house of this magnitude in Los Angeles without an inviting cee-ment pond. The garage, which listing information indicates is newly built, has been plumbed for a guest house and a Wi-Fi system has been installed throughout the property, a technological extra which Your Mama loves because sometimes it would be damn nice to sit under a tree in the shade while we type our fingers to the nubbins.

Listing information indicates that the house is already in contract after less than a month on the open market, so bully for Mister Peel and Miz Brogdon as they move on to their next home.


Anonymous said...

I find this home gracious and quietly elegant. The price may be a bit high but the 'hood is wonderful.

At first the orange window coverings were jarring but upon second thought, they pop the rather understated furnishings.

The simplicity of the baby blue bath and the 2nd floor outdoor area off the bedroom are my favs.

Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

I find everything about this house lovely. I think this is the first time this has happened!

StPaulSnowman said...

Great wordy, scrumptious post Mama. There are some great wall colors in this place but it looks like they had California Closets do the TV room.

Anonymous said...

The armchair in the family room is a recliner. A couple years ago I saw a more graceful version at Restoration Hardware; this one seems similar to one from La-Z-Boy.


Fabric Number: P923624
Fabric Name: Zeal
Fabric Shade: Mineral
Fabric Clean Code: S

Since enquiring minds want to know...!

Love you Mama! Hugs from Sunny in Denver

Anonymous said...

Windsor Square is the same neighborhood where the Mayor's house is located. Much nicer than BH or Bel Air. Older money, younger demographic. Perhaps they are selling this lovely house so soon after purchase because they got burned by Madoff. Mark Peel's ex-wife Nancy Silverton, the founder of La Brea Bakery, just lost ALL of her money.

Anonymous said...

This house is like most of the houses in hancock park...old and tacky

Anonymous said...

11:31 is on crack if they think that Hancock Park is better than Beverly hills or bel air. Put that pipe down

Anonymous said...

I think the house is lovely and fresh-looking and the wood floors are simply gorgeous. I'm not sure about the orange draperies but am wondering if they're a slightly different hue in real life - perhaps the fleshy walls are, too. I guess the orange kitchen island is the same color. Overall, very pretty.

The two ultrasuede sofas in the living room look to actually be two halves of one "L" shaped sofa. Separating them like this is sort of tacky, IMO, especially in a house in this range. And I suppose they're trying to make the bathroom looked lived-in but I could do without the robe hanging on the back of the door.

My only gripe about the exterior is the rear with its boring, utilitarian single-hung windows in areas that look like they were additions at some time. I'd like to see prettier windows that go with the style of the house, but I could live with them!

Anonymous said...

Hancock Park & Windsor Square are great places to live. Close to downtown/Music Center,Dodger Stadium,Staples etc. You can be at those places in 15 minutes. The studios are also minutes away, as well as the Grove. The crime issue is no worse there than any other wealthy neighborhood in L.A. There are (3) LAPD stations located within 10 minutes of the neighborhood. (Wilshire, Hollywood and Olympic Divisions). It's a great place to live!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55 PM

but you are surrounded pretty closely on all sides by ghettoish neighborhoods

Anonymous said...

This house is WAY Hancock Park, security there is stealthy and "on it". My wish for 2009 is that we start to move away from "Flip This House Beige".

Anonymous said...

...and by WAY, I mean in decor and architecture.

Anonymous said...

February 3, 2009 2:23 PM

Welcome to an "Alpha" city. New York City is the same. Paris is the same. London is the same. San Fransisco is the same. Tokyo is the same. Chicago is the same. Beijing is the same. The list goes on and on. I don't understand why LA gets a bad wrap when it's no different than other mega cities.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in LA but I have visited many times and one thing is for sure............LA is not the same as London....or Paris........LA seems to me to be the equivalent of the University of Pennsylvania in the Ivy League.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely place. Definitely should have a pool. Are those drapes orange or red? Remember the story about Montgomery Clift and his orange awnings? When someone commented on the hideous color, he said, "Yes, but look what they do for the skin tone."

Anonymous said...

Windsor Square and Hancock Park are much more walking friendly and shop friendly neighborhoods. Bel Air and BH are isolated, gated communities. If you want to live in an ivory tower, go ahead. I'd rather walk along Larchmont Blvd., see a few people, and have a nice meal.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:36 - Yes! I concur!
This house is lovely and just blocks from Larchmont.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Daphne Brogden, she's such a loud, boorish wreck...but I love her house. She's got great taste.

That being said, I say forget all about Hancock Park, Beverly Hills or Bel Air. Pacific Palisades is where it's at.

lil' gay boy said...

Lovingly maintained, respectfully (but not religiously) decorated (within the confines of anyone's individual style quirks), and most importantly, homey (not homely, not stagey, just good old fashioned kick off the loafers at the end of the day while wifey in pearls delivers the second dry martini into hubby's hands as he slouches in front of the plasma screen, scratching & farting.)

And is it just my browser or does that one arched french door on the end looked out-of-scale with the others, both inside & out? It's almost as if the contractor fudged a little for some trompe-l'oeil symmetry.

As a New Yorker, I just have to chuckle over the strident claims of bums shitting on lawns, transsexual hookers working the end of the driveway, and police response times measured in, OMG, minutes!

Swap the Pacific for the Atlantic on any given day and you're talking 'bout the UES of Manhattan, folks.

Anonymous said...

mama, im surprised you didnt comment on the fact that you wrote about this house last October 11th when it belonged to Dawn Parouse. The children will note that many of the descriptions are actually UNCHANGED from last time Mama wrote about the house - the blue bathroom, the chandelier, and most of all the kitchen which wasnt oufitted for a celebrity chef, but is what came with the house when he bought it. I would love it mama, if you would do the comparison. Also , what we really want to know is why are they selling it. Did they buy a better house or what? THANKS MAMA

Anonymous said...

February 3, 2009 4:58 PM - Blacksheep said...

But LA is still an Alpha city. They all are cities with different styles,tastes,etc....

Anonymous said...

Beverly Hills is fine if you're fleeing the Ayatollah. And the Palisades are lovely, but why not just move to Seattle?
And yes, I hear the motivation for this move was the evil Mr. Madoff.

Anonymous said...

The Ayatollah? What is this? A flashback to the 80s?

Wake up! Reagan is dead. MC Hammer & Ed McMahon are broke and hawking "Cash For Gold" during the Superbowl. We have a black president. 18,000 gay couples got married last year in California.

No one gives a f*ck about the Ayatollah.

Anonymous said...

Homeless people poop on peoples front lawns? Oy.

Anonymous said...

Not being one not to chuck in my two pennies worth when everyone else has had a go.......

I googlemapped Melanie and Antonio Banderas' house and followed West 6th east, as you do, and I can't believe how industrial the whole area became in just a few streets.

If I had millions of dollars for a house in LA, I sure would hunt out an affordable gated community in Bel Air or Beverly Hills for sure.

Ain't no way a homeless person will
poop on my lawn with scooping.

Anonymous said...

There are no gated communities within the City of Beverly Hills....Bel-Air is also un-gated, unless you count the gates around your own house. Mullholland Estates, The Summit and Beverly Park are gated communities, however they are not in the City of Beverly Hills, nor are they in Bel-Air Estates.

Anonymous said...

I'm a foodie, and I'd rather live in HP or WH, close to Koreatown, Thaitown, Japantown, Chinatown, Little Armenia, Papa Cristo's, etc... more range of flavors in the neighborhood. BH, BA and too isolated.

Anonymous said...

Well Patty, that was your first mistake. You went east although I don't know why anyone would say "as you do" when you're already on the east side of Hancock Park. Go west and you find the country club and lots more blocks of Hancock Park. Go south across Rossmore and you have the gated Fremont Place community. Go north and you have Larchmont Village with all it's charm and walk ability.

Homeless people don't poop on lawns, and the police & private security companies respond to any problems quickly. Those are two old, tired, and unproven excuses trolls on Mama's comments have been making for years to justify that they can't afford to rent the garage of a house in Hancock Park.

Anonymous said...

"kinda" is poor and lazy English.

I wish people would stop using vague words like "ghettoish". What the hell do you mean? People that don't shop at JCrew? People of a certain color? Minorities? Say what you mean, with clarity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 2-4-09 3.20pm.

I will google walk the rest of the neighbourhood as time allows.

I do get the impression that LA is quite violent tho, and I wouldn't want to be gunned down in a drive-by and then spoil the lawn of my lovely house with running blood so that is why I would want to live behind gates.

If the police in LA are as slow as the ones where I live, then I would have gone as stiff as an ironing board by the time they got within spitting distance.

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Patty, you've been watching too many movies. And, instead of "google" walking, why don't you get out of your ivory tower and take a real walk. You know, let your feet touch the ground.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Patty Cake.

Drive by shootings do not happen in places like Hancock Park or in about 90% of Los Angeles for that matter.

Using something like that to define an entire city as vast as L.A. is just so sheltered.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the closest Patty has been to Los Angeles is leaning forward towards the TV during shows filmed here. Absolutely clueless.

But that's ok, we really don't need you here screaming bloody murder everytime you see someone of a different ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

Anonymous said...

Some peeps are selling their Hancock Houses scared in case President gets shot at riots will come to HC first as it is closest to the rebel neighborhoods.

Bel Air/Beverly Hills/Homlby Hills are safe/secure.... This HCP neighborhood is slightly scary.... and worse yet a long damn way from fine dining/shopping and Saks Fifth Avenue all in West L.A. HCPers can shop at Goodwill

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 6-2-09/12:12am -

Since you don't know diddly squat about me, I find your comments deeply offensive. The only time I have ever squealed at an ethnic minority was when I got Ok sauce on my spare ribs in a chinese takeaway (and that was after I had gotten down and dirty with a whole bottle of white rum and coconut - and it is to my eternal shame....)

I feel the post that follows yours - again anonymous - is vindication of my feelings.....

It is not that long a walk from the mean streets to Hancock Park.

I appreciate that the area may have grace and splendour, but it ain't for me.

And please don't comment/speculate on people about whom you know nothing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought this site was visited readers who appreciate style and architectural beauty. I see now from Patty Cake's and Anon 12:12 that it's full of ignorant snobs!

Anonymous said...


Anon 8-2-09/11.34am

I do appreciate style, grace, beauty, architecture, trees, buckingham palace and all the rest.

I simply refuse to be denigrated because TJ Hooker is a mainstay of low-rent programming in my jurisdiction, and in the event that I ever make it to LA, and the heavens above are roooting for me, I will be subservient, nubile, gentle, grateful and with my plummy british accent, a laugh a minute.

Which is how life should be.


Daphne said...

I've always loved this site. You have a great voice. It's a trip to read about my own ( former) home, glad you liked the house. I did as well. Happy Holidays.

Unknown said...

This is absolutely brilliant. The furniture in Ottawa is very impressive!