Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...From Malee-boo Mary that aging Aussie songtress Olivia Newton John is thisclose to finally selling her house up in Malee-boo's guard gated Serra Retreat where other famous folks like Kelsey Grammar and Mel Gibson own high priced properties. All the children with memories not obliterated by booze will recall that Miz Newton John has been trying to unload her Retreat Court mansion for an damn ice age.

Miz Newtown John's 6,482 square foot residence, which happens to be across the street from Titanic director James Cameron's compound and right next door to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's former marital house of horrors, first came on the market just over a year ago with an asking price of $14,000,000. The asking price was chopped to $12,500,000 and then $11,495,000 before it recently disappeared from the MLS. We heard at that point that Miz Newton John was hoping to at least lease the white elephant out so she could high-tail it down to Florida to be with her new huzband, a man Malee-boo Mary hissingly called "a snake oil salesman."

None the less, Malee-boo Mary SWEARS on her well manicured and air-brushed acrylic fingernails that Miz Newton John is selling her house at a considerable discount to another couple who already live in Malee-boo.

We can't verify a property transfer at this point, but Your Mama did get on the horn with another of our well connected sources out by the beach–this one we'll call Malee-boo Mary Too–who also confirmed that the rumored off-market sale is working its way through Malee-boo's real estate gossip grapevine.

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Olivia is a desperate bitch - there are buyers out that that would have paid the 14m but she dealt with the wrong agent.

Anonymous said...

Ablsolutetly, ( but not the bithc part), I have two qualified friends, botH who were VERY INTERESTED who called Ellen Franssisco 3 times to NO return phone calls !

Anonymous said...

Me thinks we have a few realtors who seriously exaggerate. Numerous buyers interested enough to pay $14 million and they ALL just let it slip away at a big discount? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I am the ANONYMOUS from above your post , excuse my poor typing but I tell the truth. THREE (3) calls were not returned on this puppy.
Summer 2008

Anonymous said...

NO, I'm the ANONYMOUS poster above, and I actually had 4 phone calls, 3 faxes and 12 emails not returned! Tragic.

Anonymous said...

Now, how funny is that! I made zero phone calls, sent zero faxes, and... well... I did make one half-assed joke about ONJ and yet I got several responses about her "sanctuary." I even made an offer... to re-decorate. I said, and I nearly quote: " 'Livy, dearest, please let me bring a caravan of gay men out there. I promise to get rid of all of the typical Malibu white-on-white shabby chic crap and give your place a Kelly Werstler sort of Hamptons meets Cannes look." Alas, my offers were ignored, too. I imagine Mel Gibsonberg has the place in escrow. 'Magine?

Anonymous said...

What does the snake oil salesman do for a living?????

Anonymous said...

Hippie Canyon,

I see your point and love pulling hair too, but it wasn't THAT dreadful. With her money, I still wouldnt want a gay man to do me up - live the way you want to live ... to each his own.

The architecture is gorgeous, maybe she is not much for filling her house with "things" - more interested in filling her face with "Stuff"? Sad:-(

To me, miss Livvy was always underrated and one of the most beautiful gals out there EVVA! Nowadays, there is something distracting about her looks, but then she'd be slammed for getting old - our wicked society.

I wish her well hope she made 4 - 5 mill and is happy. 14 million had to be a plan to settle for 10mill?

LOL on Mr. Gibson"berg" buying up the house /street - a true example of how evil goes unpunished. I expect Federline and Spears left a lot of shrewn used tooth pics in the cul de sac's street, furthering hampoering a quick sale.

Remind me NEVER to use her realtor.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's ever a good idea for a lady like Olivia Newton John to sell a house she owns in her name prior to a marriage that may, or may not, work out. She should have just leased it long term, secure in knowing that if her marriage headed south she could always retreat to Serra Retreat. I wish her the best, her husband might be a snake oil salesman but he seems like a very nice guy (plus he's RICH) so good for her!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't her only residence. If she needed to ditch the husband, she'd have other places to lay her head. Besides, the last fiance disappeared and was never heard from again, right? The new Mr. ONJ might want to sleep with one eye open.....

Anonymous said...

Damn, you're quite an evil bunch...leave poor Livvy alone....I wish her all of the best in her new marriage....and in all the good works she does for cancer related causes.

Anonymous said...

What fun, me likee this site.

I agree,after what she's been through with men - a hubby who cheated and left her for the nanny that "cared" for their child, who she hired to help while she recuperated from cancer, a boyfriend up to his neck in debt and lies,(now she takes care of his ex-wife and kid?) I would be
mucho cautious in leaving my Malibu palace, (hasn't she been there since they incorporated THE BU' as a city ?), for some ex-pretty boy who rapes the rainforest to sell herbal remedies to dopey U.S.consumers? And eeewl, FLORIDA? she will spend her golden years swatting flies with this dude who she jumped into a life with.
Forgot knocking her decor, how about her judgement in men?

But to give credit where credit is due, she does alot charity work.

I wish her luck and hope her shotgun mariage doesn't end up with her running back west having to pay triple for a house that she could have stayed in.

I will stay tuned to this one !


Anonymous said...

ONJ has owned a couple of different homes in Malibu over the decades. She only owned this particular one for 4 years.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if one of Mama's informants whispered in her ear that there is already another Malibu house.

The lady might have bad luck with men (that first husband was GORGEOUS - especially in that bare butt scene in "Rich & Famous") but she's smart.

Anonymous said...

ONJ has warts on the labia - she sleeps around.

Anonymous said...

Aaah come on now - not necessary at all. This is for silly bitchiness, not childish evil maligning.

If i had time i would get name password, but ANONYMOUS will have to do.

I hope you get better. SOON.

Anonymous said...

8:14 is a wart on humanity.

Anonymous said...

to 12:18 ..."atta girl".

Sad to see the Neutron-bomb leave the BU...she's been there forever. The whole area is poo now with RALPH LAUREN and the likes of high-end retail chain stores. Too many ugly rich peeps with NEW MONEY are there now. Sad, it was a combo platter …rich, but not that pretentious kind of “kick back” seta against pristine mountain beauty. I loved it in the 70’s thru about 1986…after that, it was like “there’s three feet of green ...”LET”S BUILD a mansion!”

Anyway, We sure wish her well. I raise an eyebrow for jumping into a marriage, (maybe she is preggers?) and I ask whyyyyyyyyyy FLORIDA??? Oh no, no, no no -s he is to lovely for Florida


Anonymous said...

I find it interresting that the angy comments number in proportion to how boring the featured properties are. When the houses are mediocre......the nasty comments ramp up. When the houses are interesting or controversial, everyone focuses on the photos, decor, cheesy celebs etc. Could it be that the owners of the great houses are hunkering down until the market improves? I was amazed to read here that the Brooklyn gem took so long to sell. I would have thought that some lucky new owner would have been enjoying those magnificent windows and woodwork for months by now.

Anonymous said...

1:44 - I certainly hope she isn't expecting. She turned 60 in September! And looks fabulous for her age. I remember seeing photos of her with her mother when her mom was in her 80s - SHE still looked fabulous. There are some good genes at work in that family.

StPaul - Nobody seriously expects to sell during the holidays. If it didn't go into contract early enough to close this year, they might as well wait. And with a change of administration coming in January, there's double reason to hold off.

Anonymous said...

It's sold - the lovely lady is OUTTA THERE. I live in Serra and BTW, love this site. I walked my dogs by there today and it is sold,(or vacated). Since nobody hardly speaks in this community - ONJ was always nice though,(she had a dog that I'd see her with in the AM's) ...but most folks in this "gated paradise" don't say hello. The joke here is that one knows not to look Gibson "stein" in the eye :-) ...actually you don't see people here because there are many large compounds.

Anyway, I could bore you with details on what I saw being moved, but I assure you the lady has left the house. To ANONYMOUS - I thought she was very pretty without make-up and to stpaulswoman... YES, that house should have sold ages ago It was gorgeous - she extended the front outer wall at one point (privacy?), but the property was gorgeous and the house was built like a monastary. If she did not get AT LEAST 10 mill for that house, then she needs to smack her realtor on the upside.

If I had owned that house (I'm in the poorer 7 digit range), and could have afforded the upkeep, I would have never left.
I am sure MAMMA will get all the scoop /details on the new owners etc., etc. BOY, I wrote alot.



Anonymous said...


Can we be new best friends forever? I loved the house pics/what I'd seen, but live in a world where 14 mill is unreal to me. AND PROBABLY WHY I LOVE TO COME TO THIS SPOT TO PUT MY NOSE UP AGAINST THE GLASS WINDOW,(LEADED and BEVELLED GLASS IN THIS CASE). I am so sorry your house is priced under 10 million,(did I translate your $ reference correctly?

I think I will become a Malibu realtor - it sounds EASY, not having to return phone calls, houses sellling on their own in due time, etc. If that is half true, Miss Olivia Newton "HYPHEN" John should demand back the 3% commission she would have paid to that realtor lady. DID someone above said Olivia is "smart"?

DEAR MAMMA, I loved your site for so long and I love gossip, and I've loved Olivia for years, so please spill all when it hits record/on paper.
More please, MAMMA, more.

Love Mamma's gal"
PS: I still have no idea on how to sort a regular user name on here.

Anonymous said...

I walked by with my dogs at 6:30 AM this morning and that house is vacated. She is crazy or crazy in love or needs the $, because that is one gorgeous home and when this market turns around it could go for close to 20 million. Nice lady, will miss her friendly face walking the dogs in the AM.

I'll walk by this weekend and "report" if new folks are moving in.

DEAR MAMMA I cannot stop surfing this site- damn you :-) (in the best way- it's soo fun)

Anonymous said...

Olivia is gone from Malibu and from a BEAUTIFUL house that I would have held on to or made my hubbby move into instead of hauling my cookies all the way to the "other" beach (FLA). Too big of a leap of faith for a new marriage in these times and with her luck with men.

New people with people with screaming kids were moving into today. I would imagine if James Cameron could put up with Britney as aneighbor for 3 years, then screaming kids won't make hm go ballistic. So long Olivia. I am doubtful. but do wish you luck. Man, that house was gorgeous I hope her lazy realtor got Olivia the 11.5m she reduced it to.
WHAT A SHAME, in so many ways.

Gorgeous house, foolish, beautiful lady.

Anonymous said...

Olivia IS indeed resisding in Florida now in a beautiful house near the water with an indoor pool.

Chloe remains in Malibu for the time being in a newly purchased Condo. Do your homwork Mama.

Malibu is so fucking overated anyway some of you forget HOME is where the HEART IS.

Florida is happy to have her. She continues to own property in Byron Bay Australia still.