Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Morning Mish Mash

It's been a little while since Your Mama has done a little mish mash. So here we go...

Thanks to all the many emails, text messages and phone calls we've received in the last 24 hours, we can finally clear up some of the confusion we had regarding the many recent reports of Oscar winning hottie Halle Berry and her Canadian-born baby daddy buying a big spread in St. Hippolyte, a wee country town about one hour north of Montreal that one sassy French Canadian told us is "the middle of nowhere."
According to listing information we located online (which was also sent by a number of convivial Canucks) we've learned that the property in question (pictured above) offers "sixty-eight acres of privacy and seclusion" and includes a 2,500 square foot modern architectural hoose with 3 bedrooms and just 1 bathroom. Although the bathroom is dee-voon, we wonder if Miss Berry will have a few Canadian contractors up there tout de suite adding a private pooper to the master bedroom.

Listing information also indicates the gated estate was listed at $1,850,000 (Canadian, we presume), offers deeded access to nearby Lac à L'Achigan and comes with its own "five acre private spring fed lake." At the risk of being completely and utterly incorrect, we're guessing the Lac Molson that was referenced in other reports is this private 5 acre lake.

Thanks to our ever intrepid research superstar B.S. Beaverman who forwarded the snaps. Although we're not into a Canadian winter, we have just three words to describe this property: Gor. Jee. Uhs.

Yesterday we received a phone call from our fine friend Fiona Trambeau, a woman of loose morals who swears it is her sworn duty to ferret out and feel up all the heterosexual men in San Francisco, who hooked us over to a juicy article in the NY Post about jet setting human rights advocate Bianca Jagger getting evicted from her rent stabilized apartment in New York City.

The Nicaraguan born British citizen who is known to keep an apartment in London also held a long term and rent stabilized lease on a posh Park Avenue pied a terre for which she paid $4,614 per month.

According to Miz Jagger's landlord, the ex-wife of Mick Jagger stopped paying rent a few years back, a scenario which tends to piss off landlords, particularly the ones who own rent stabilized units. The two parties fussed and fought until 2006 when the dispute wound up in front of a judge who ordered the rich bee-hawtcha to pony up the back rent. The former model and Studio 54 fixture pushed back claiming she was unable to live in the 18th floor apartment because an asbestos and fungus contamination rendered the apartment uninhabitable.

So back to the courthouse they went where Miz Jagger and her high priced attorney appealed the earlier decision that required her to cough up a big wad of cash for unpaid back rent. However, her appeal was shot down because Miz Jagger holds a B2 (tourist) visa which requires her to maintain a "principal, actual dwelling place" outside of the United States and, of course, New York City rent regulation laws require the lease holder maintain the stabilized unit as a "primary residence." And as we all know from filing our taxes, you can't legally have two primary residences.

There is no word on whether Miz Jagger will choose to lease a market rate apartment in New York.

Hollywood's most famous Scientologist Tom Cruise seems to have brought some of his real estate crazy to New York City where his much younger wifey Katie Holmes is currently appearing in some Broadway play or other. The couple–who last summer were widely reported to be looking at a number of very high priced rentals including the $200,000 per month penthouse at the Trump Park Avenue–are now reported to be shacking up in one of the better buildings in the East Village where the people at Page Six in the NY Post say Mister Crooz has owned a 10th floor apartment since 1985.

Page Six also reported yesterday that one of Mister and Missus Cruz's chattier neighbors claims, "Tom and Katie now keep five units in the building." The nosy neighbor went on to say that one of the units has been turned into a playroom for Suri, another into a gym and two others are utilized for staff.

Listen children, given that one of the Crooz's mouthpieces denies the couple is snatching up apartments in the 12 story East Village building and given all the real estate rumors that have circulated about Mister Cruise–remember last year when we all thought he wanted to buy a big spread at The Dakota?–who knows what's true and what's not about his downtown living situation. What we really want to know is if they chow down on pierogi at Veselka.


Anonymous said...

Halle Berry's Canandian property has to be the most gorgeous home I've seen on this blog. And it is cheaper than many to boot!

Hooray for having babies with hot underwear models and moving to Canada!

Madam Pince said...

I love Halle Berry's Canadian house. Perfect privacy for raising that gorgeous baby and conceiving a few more with that ultra-hot baby daddy. Good move, Halle! And thank you, Mama, for such prompt follow-up! That's why we luv you soo much.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Mama. A peacefulness falls over me as I look at that beautiful setting.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous property......lovely photos at this time of year........but I am quite sure that, like Minnesota, they will be seeing mosquitoes you could put a saddle on when the warmer weather rolls around. Dare I's a beautiful pied-a-swamp.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire stpaulsnowman (that's as far as my French goes),

Quebec actually gets comparatively less mosquito action than Minnesota because of the St. Lawrence river. I have spent many a summer in la belle provence (plus Francais, mon dieu!) and didn't get any more mosquito bites than anywhere else.

The house, like its owner, is gorgeous. Now Halle and Gabriel, go make some more gorgeous babies!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bursting my bubble viva!.......misery loves company but I guess there will be no mosquito bite blemishes on Ms Berry's flawless complexion. I hope her child at least learns to play and love ice hockey.

lil' gay boy said...


"…it's a beautiful pied-a-swamp…"


My main concern was the quote that annual snow removal costs were $1500/yr.

That's a lot o' fucking snow.

Edouard said...

Lol... Hoose. You're so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Halle's house is great. Is there a link with the listing or more info?

Anonymous said...

Gimme Halle's place NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi 8:58,
It's not our Mama's style to directly link to actual listing information. I respect that, and trust we all can. A little mystery and a lot of sassy Mama makes this the wonderful read that it is. Hope we can all honor her ethics.

Anonymous said...

Mama! How's it going?

I'm ashamed to say that I have kind of been neglecting the website. I'm in calmer waters right now so I'm going to get back into it...and how better than with a tasty mish mash.

Anonymous said...

They have some huge biting insects up there. I would worry about a baby with that railing upstairs. I sure have seen better properties .

Anonymous said...

$1500 for snow clearing is nuthin'. Last year the snow came up to our kitchen windows...we're about 2 hours west of st. hippolyte. They must also have a long (private) driveway, hence the price. Gorgeous place - I wish there were photos of the kitchen.

Fifi Flowers said...

You are just full of information... very interesting!

Anonymous said...

U gotta be kidding. This def isnt 'the most gorgeous house ever on real Estalker'.

HB's new Candian hosue is simple. I like the simpleness. But WE ALL KNOW she'll doing renovating. Just 1 bathrooom? No way. She's gonna add a master suite definitely.
October 24, 2008 10:16 AM Anonymous said...
Halle Berry's Canandian property has to be the most gorgeous home I've seen on this blog. And it is cheaper than many to boot!

Hooray for having babies with hot underwear models and moving to Canada!

Anonymous said...

Here we go with all the stalker creeps who are trying to get as much info on their private home and also this webpage for actually releasing pictures of it !!!!! I;m sure you feel real good about giving away private information while you are living in your little sh*t-hole !