Friday, October 10, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...From our increasingly talkative tipster Nelly Knowsitall that even though JenniFleck (or whatever it is that all the gossip glossies call Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) are having a tough time selecting a decadent new house to buy, they have very quietly put their current crib in Brentwood on the market for just over eight million clammers.

Little Miss Knowsitall whispered to Your Mama that the unable to pull the real estate trigger couple have backed out of at least four (and maybe five) high priced purchases. None the less, rumor in the real estate street says a lack of a new address hasn't stopped the undecided duo from allowing some of Los Angeles' better connected property purveyors to book appointments show their home on N. Tigertail Road.

Just some rumor and gossip to yik-yak about during your morning koffee-klatch.


Anonymous said...

I had hoped that Mama would report that Leona Helmsley's little Maltese, who has beaucoup bucks, was putting in a low-ball offer on the Garfleck pile. Dogs seem to love sniffing out baby waste and this place would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

NO only little people live in houses under 10 million. The dog can stay in greenwich because even with a 30 million price reduction this will be longer on the market then Fennie Mae is in uncle Sam hands.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to them. All bets are off on finding a quick buyer with the economy falling apart even for the verrry rich who aren't nearly as wealthy today as they were a mere week ago. McCain's new surname: McToast.

Anonymous said...

Now only if the rich would finally bow down to pressure and price their homes accordingly in Bel Air, Beverly Park, Beverly Hills and Sunset Plaza

Asking price for “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” mansion in Agoura Hills, CA reduced from almost $13M to $8.75M

he owner of the Agoura Hills, Calif. mansion where TV’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are filmed has reduced his asking price from nearly $13 million to $8,750,000.

chris said...

You can't suppose that these gods of the silver screen might be wanting for cash, can you? Nope, imposible.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:26..........You are absolutely right.......I will have to rethink this......maybe find a poorer celebrity dog. Perhaps Ed McMahon has a dog.. no...that wouldn't work either.

Anonymous said...

average joe here

see I had the crystal ball

you all must pay homage to me

my next prediction ?

90% drop in the high end market

or at the very least RE prices will go back to 1994 levels


Anonymous said...

oh and the realtor's commission will go up to 20%

Anonymous said...

They should look at 401 S. Hudson in Hancock Park.....17.5 million

Anonymous said...

401 S. Hudson

zillow says it is worth 3.2 MM

and they are listing it for 17.5 MM ?

that is a 600% markup

is that a little bold for this market ?

Anonymous said...

zillow is wrong 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

If zillow is wrong 100% of the time then I can sell my estate in hancock park that I bought for 3MM in 2000 for 20MM

I will pay 1MM to anyone that can get me 20 MM for it within 2 months

my home is 13000 sqft and it is on an acre of land

if you cannot get me 20 MM for it then you owe me 100k

anyone willing to take that bet ?

Anonymous said...

yes, i will take your bet and your money.. where is the house ?

Anonymous said...

1st off my lawyer has to talk to yours

if you do not have one from a firm my lawyer does business with you are not qualified

Anonymous said...

loeb and loeb would be a good reference point

Anonymous said...

average joe here...i have to announce myself in the hopes that you will still read this.

see I had the crystal ball...i won it as a prize at the van buren county fair last year when i was 11.

you all must pay homage to me...or i'll cry to my grandma

my next prediction ?... is that the poop in my diaper will be smelly

90% drop in the high end market... i dont know what that means. i read it on the internet somewhere

or at the very least RE prices will go back to 1994 levels...this was on the same sight will someone explain it to me ?