Monday, August 4, 2008

Molly Sims' House of Style

SELLER: Molly Sims
LOCATION: Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,999,000
SIZE: 3,043 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Stunningly remodeled 1930s Spanish with Hollywood flair...Timeless enhancements to the already flowing layout. Newer kitchen with Carrara marble, Viking appl., SubZero and wine fridge. 3 true bedrooms with the opportunity for a 4th if needed. 3.5 baths. Antique French limestone FP in living room. Ebony saltillo tile floors. Outdoor living room with views of LA skyline. Huge pergola with dining for 10+. Ultra private rear yard with beautiful pool.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Bikini model and boob-toob ack-tress Molly Sims has put her 1930s Spanish style casa in the hills above Hollywood on the market with an asking price of $2,999,000.

Property records show that Miss Sims plunked down $1,425,000 for her 3,043 square foot house on Hollywood Boulevard in November of 2003, which is just about the time the Sports Illustrated swim suit supermodel started to see some big tee-vee money from her regular role as the de-lovely Delinda Deline on Las Vegas, a program that Your Mama does not ever recall laying eyes on but does know co-starred easy on the eyes actor Josh Duhamel.

Listing information for Miss Sims' digs reveals there are three bedrooms (four in a pinch and with some renovatin') and 3.5 bathrooms, a bed/bath ratio that pleases Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter immensely because what, really, could be more dee-luxe, dee-lightful and luckzhureeus than providing over night guests a private pooper in which to do their dirty bizness in, well, private?

It's a well established and much published fact that Miss Sims uses celeb-friendly designer Kishani Perera of Bev Hills design firm Fuse I.D. to work over and whip her homes into sophisticated and eclectic spaces as polished and magazine ready as Miss Sims herself. Miss Perera and her team have successfully managed to find the slim space between High Hollywood Glam and Comfortably Livable by mixing and matching flea market finds with high priced fabrics and pedigreed pieces. Miss Sims' residence appears chock full of objects and artworks that look like Miss Sims picked them out herself, which is what a good day-core should reflect...the home owner and not the decorator's self-obsessed vision, right?

Anyhoo, while Your Mama could beef and whine about the supposed to be retro-chic wallpaper in the downstairs office/den that looks depressingly dated and we could happily complain about the deep shag rug that would be an absolute nightmare for our bossy housegurl Svetlana who would undoubtedly go berserk the first time that one of our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly puked on the shag rug, we won't.

That's because, generally speaking and even though it's not what we would do to our own home, Your Mama thinks this modest Mediterranean has been did up and done over in a glitzy yet understated and personal style befitting a famous philly like Miss Sims. While we've never seen it done before, we rather like the ebonized Saltillo tile floors (they're shiny and Your Mama can't help it, we like shiny things) and we note with glee that Miss Sims has actual books in her more than one room. The Dr. Cooter quivers with envy over the gigantic wine fridge in the white on white kitchen, Your Mama adores a party size shower like has been installed in the garden view master bath, and because the sun scorches something fierce in Southern Caleefornia, we are deeply and sincerely appreciative all all the shaded patios and covered terraces. We love a little color on our skin as much as the next native Californian who was raised in a bathing suit on the beach, however, Your Mama does not care to tempt or invite skin cancer while laying around on the terrace sipping gin and tonics and flipping through the latest gossip glossies.

Listen puppies, Your Mama does not know why Miss Sims would sell off this little Hollywood Hills gem and we don't know a thing about Miss Sims' few-cha plans so pleeze don't any of you people go reporting this like we know what we're talking about, but now that her tee-vee program Las Vegas has been canceled and she's busted up for good with long time L.A. based boy beau Enrique Murciano perhaps she's packing her Louis Vuitton cases and high-tailing it back to Noo York City where records show she owns a 7th floor condominium in the same SoHo building where Oscar winning movie maker Sofia Coppola and Fiat scion Lapo Elkann also maintain Manhattan residences. Records show that Miss Sims scooped up her East Coast condo in September of 2006 and in late 2007 Miss Sims had the place photographed for the now defunct celebrity glossy InStyle Home.

Records show Miss Sims also owns a modest house in a decidedly un-glam section of supah-swank East Hampton, NY where she has been seen swanning around all summer and showing up inexcusably late to parties thrown in her honor. Miss Sims, who purchased the house in May of 2000 for just $655,000, allowed an MTV Cribs camera crew into her Hamptons house. Our quick search across the interweb failed to produce a link to the video, but if one of the children comes up with it please be sure to let Your Mama know and we'll add it...with credit to the helpful, of course.

Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter wish Miss Sims well wherever she lands and we congratulate Miss Perera on securing a client who appears keen on using her services over and over and over again.


Anonymous said...

What's with the metal folding chairs on the patio?

Anonymous said...

I like alot about this place architecturally and stylistically , but would never plunk down $3 million for a home just a few feet from the street and other houses, and on a hairpin turn no less. Perhaps that's something Californans are so used to they don't think twice about it, but this native New Yorker since transplanted South can't imagine paying that much for it. I really like designer Kishani Perera's vision however, and am thoroughly enjoying this morning's pictoral eye candy, not to mention Mama's unrivaled grammatical chocolate. Thanks Mama!

Anonymous said...

what can I say another hopeful unrealistic seller

take a 0 off the end and she may sell it for that.

believe it or not buyers are very hard to find these days at any price.

in other blogs I have read most of the buyers can spend no more than 200k tops and that is for the high end areas

the poor folks can only spend 30k

that is how bad it has gotten in the last month.

I mean over a thousand banking branches went under and the account holders are still waiting to get paid from the FDIC ?

how much worse can it get ?????

and I know that most of you can tell me to fuck off but I know that a lot of you are starting to agree with me.

Anonymous said...

What building in Soho does she live in? Not in a crazy stalker way but just curious!

Alessandra said...

I like it in theory. I'd have to see the rooms in person because the photographer appears to have widened rooms that otherwise might be rather narrow. The glossy Saltillo tiles are quite lovely for this style, and I've seen them used in this manner in a few Spanish/Med homes.

The hairpin turn does give me pause.

Anonymous said...

The house is sort of cute but I'd be afraid one of those houses on stilts higher up the hill would vibrate off and come crashing down on me in an earthquake. I love the black Saltillo tile - both inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Average joe, get your own blog if you're yearning for negative attention again.

You have nothing to say that anyone here wants to read.

Anonymous said...

now this is scary

it is the chart of the US borrowing from the fed, the govt has not borrowed to much until now

Anonymous said...

I dont like the shag, I do love the contertops, the bath, the tile on the floor.

Parker said...

I love this. Not wild about the shag carpet, the wallpaper, or the columns in the living room, but generally speaking, I think this is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe she's moving in order to obtain more privacy.

Anonymous said...

I like this house. Cozy yet not cluttered. Yes, here in the hills of California (up and down the state), hairpin turns are a fact of life.

We just remodeled our home, and I am pleased to see Molly and I have similar taste. Except for the shag carpet and wallpaper room. My best guess is that she hangs out there barefoot a lot and wanted a comfy feeling under her feet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, livable design work. I agree with Mama and the previous posts about the wallpaper and the shag carpet. Would like to add that I would replace the dining table and chairs - don't care for what's there at all. Otherwise, I love it!

LilStraightBoy said...

i love molly. If its open on caravan today ill go see it...

pch said...

I like the house and the location. Far enough from Sunset that you're buffered from the bustle, but no so far that it takes a team of sherpas to get home.

As for the lot and the hairpin turn, this one would only bother me if it were on a highly trafficked road, like Sunset Plaza. At a less frenetic intersection like this, I consider it a plus -- mainly for extra breathing room from neighboring properties. And drunks/speeders who misjudge the turn are more likely to hit houses/parked cars below or across the street.

Anonymous said...

now this is scary.

some put my baby picture online

Anonymous said...

Joe, grow up, thanks.

so_chic_darling said...

I like it too and I could move right in.

Anonymous said...

A very charming Mediterranean. I also like the Saltillo tile floors. What I don't like are the clusters of crap on the wall. Three nice large pieces of art would do this place a world of good. I also hate the crystal chandeliers; NOT Mediterranean. Dining room is hideous and needs a rug. Master seems spacious, and I like the tub/shower.... wonder what the vanities look like. THE WALLPAPER HAS TO GOOOO! The terraces are lovely, but the folding chairs have to go. Lovely pool area, hope she is taking those POLKA DOT chairs.

Anonymous said...

Love this house but way overpriced. Needs to cut about a mil off the price

Anonymous said...

"Love this house but way overpriced. Needs to cut about a mil off the price"

I agree. Unless Molly comes... uh... is included with the house, it's way too high. She's going to be lucky to get $2.25.

Anonymous said...

Come on now ANON you know those last comments were not me

You know what though this fucking economy is like that hurricane that is off of the Texas coast.

You always think the crash is near and then something else happens and the direction changes or the problems shrink to the size of a peanut.

The dow went up 300 points today !!!!!

Go figure, I am going back on vacation again, back to St Tropez


Anonymous said...

Come on now ANON you know those last comments were really me

You know what though my fucking brain is like that that hit Texas today - weak and overstated.

I always think the crash is near and then something else happens and the direction changes or the problems shrink to the size of a peanut.

My head is going to explode today !!!!!

So ignore me, I am going back on meds again, back to St Theresa Mental Hospital


Anonymous said...

The floor tile is very nice.

Anonymous said...

What's with the metal chairs from the church basement?

Anonymous said...


nice house.

poor taste in decor.

Those blue dining chairs have GOT to go.

Anonymous said...

After much weird address searching I found the records and discovered that she bought the house from Michael King, the producer of Sex & the City. Can't believe I actually mentioned that show in a sentence. Just mentioning it makes my dumber and anyone who reads this dumber for having read it.

Anonymous said...

to anon who is clearly imitating average joe,

average joe is right you really need some help before you end up like that Chinese guy from canada

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you have an address ?? at least a legitimate business in the tony section of the city ?

Home addresses do not count.

Anonymous said...

almost $3 million dolars? wow. thats about P100 million..

Anonymous said...

in african dollars that is 3 quadrillion dollars !!!!!!!!!

wow real estate has skyrocketed !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With her looks, she will always have a choice of homes and men throughout the world.......

Anonymous said...

goldberg = average joe, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think I am in the minority here, but I just don't like this house. I am usually a fan of this style, but I didn't connect with it. I do like some of the rooms, particularly the master is fab.

Anonymous said...

I am not average joe

I am Samuel Goldberg

Anonymous said...

I like it, but a little over priced.

Anonymous said...

my apologies,

"Samuel Goldberg" = average joe.

Anonymous said...

anon leave it alone already

you are beating a dead cow

Anonymous said...

Add it up...
9,348 sq. foot lot. That is $320.00 a sq. foot for this wreck!

It says in the ad that the dining room will seat over ten. Good Luck! After looking at the property on Google Earth, the road is more like a hillside alley than street. NO parking for guests anywhere. And the house parking itself has only half a driveway. Any large car/suv would be hanging out in the street. The lot is micro small and has NO elbow room!

The backyard has a shoehorned pool and no space for patio furniture around the pool. The front is even worse. Looks like Tijuana, Mexico on a good day. Trash cans all over the street. Over grown bushes and weeds, power lines overhead, and unkept yards and houses everywhere you look(see Google Earth street view). I bet there is a ton of rats in the overgrown weeds and brush!

Every room is different on the inside. A total mess!

I would not buy this for the price, since everything is a redo. It is currently only good for one single person, not a family.

For this insane price, does she cum with the house?

Anonymous said...

5:29, stick to the trailers in your park. You are out of your league trying to figure out LA real estate based on what you can see on Google earth.

Anonymous said...

well, someone liked it, cuz it went into escrow in 15 days.

Anonymous said...

molly is great