Friday, August 1, 2008

Bev Hills Real Estate Agent Arrested for Stealing

Gossip juggernaut TMZ is reporting that young and cocky Beverly Hills real estate agent Josh Flagg was arrested for allegedly stealing paintings from high end homes he listed for sale. Not just any paintings children, but Chagalls and Picassos.

Oh dear.

Twenty five year old Mister Flagg, who will be featured on the Bravo's upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing, has reportedly been released on $100,000 bail. Your Mama imagines, but can not confirm, that the bearded property pimp may have received bail money from his well to do grandmother, the woman responsible for bringing polyester to America.

Your Mama touched base with a number of big name and well connected agents in Los Angeles including Cutie Patootie in Beverly Hills and, interestingly, none of them had anything nice to say about young Mister Flagg. Best case scenario as far as we can tell is that the salacious charges are tossed out in which case speculation is likely to kill his career anyway or worst case, he winds up playing canasta and hide the pickle in some white collar prison with indicted real estate agents Joe Babajian and Kyle Grasso.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a ratings bonaza for bravo

Anonymous said...

Somehow, "Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent" and "stealing" seem to go together perfectly - "Department of Redundancy Department". Isn't stealing part of the job description?

Anonymous said...

I know this kid. Anybody that has ever spoken to him for 1/100 of a second would not be shocked by this news.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...let the real estate agent bashing and generalizations about real estate agents begin. blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Ya, bud Chad Rogers (one of the other young guys on the Bravo show) is made out to be a bigger douche bag than Flagg!

StPaulSnowman said...

After having seen the Bravo preview aired here last week, I suspect Granny advised the young nematode which of the paintings he should make off with. Of course, nothing could be a better "hook" for this series than a well planned news item. Do you think a new series, including a hide the pickle episode, is in production at the old Oz set?

Alessandra said...

Oh, dear.

And they do have his fingerprints on file already. Part of the licensing process.

No Realtor bashing here. Just disappointed if it all happens to be true.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:52, if Chad Rogers is the one with that weirdo page boy haircut, I agree he's a pretty offensive person - to be nice about it. The normal looking one seems genuinely real and respectful. Best looking one by far too.

StPaulSnowman said...

Best looking one? So LA! I want my agent to look like Jane Hathaway and spend his or her time and energy selling my house not primping, working out, and clubing with other real estate bottom-feeders. Even Andre Agassi renounced the "image is everything" mantra. It is not the's the substance!

Anonymous said...

greed and ego and canon drive dont mix well. one less kid on the block. fenton/davis/bakman must be happy.

Anonymous said...

geeze snowman, I threw my good looking comment in as an afterthought. Watch the intro show and it's pretty clear he's a decent person. Good looking assholes don't look good to me. Ever noticed anyone you thought was attractive UNTIL they opened their mouth? lol

StPaulSnowman said...
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StPaulSnowman said...

Anon 3:15...I certainly respect your opinion but I thought all three of these guys scored beaucoup smarmypoints on the preview show. And yes........I have already set up a season pass on the old tivo unit!

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. Of the three, I just liked the one. That also explains why he looks best to me. I thought all three had appeal before personalities started to emerge.

Anonymous said...

I smell a set up

One unwritten rule in the real estate game is to be humble esp to other agents and brokers otherwise they will gang up on you set you up get your lic revoked or worse have you sent to the pokey

I personally have a few friends that has happened to

The real estate business is not only a dirty game, some of the players are connected to govt officials and they have $$$$$$ to take anyone out of the game that sticks out

Why do you think that agents and brokers are so nice ????????

Anonymous said...

madison is a really really nice guy. he also has a wild week coming with the show airing and a cover of playgirl...

he is a producer, he will do cortazzo numbers soon, and he is also a nice guy. If i had to put my money on one of themm it would be Madison

Anonymous said...

RE agents are representative of the population at large - some good eggs, some bad. Most of us have encountered both, of course.

Obvious ethical questions aside - how could anyone be so stupid as to steal high-profile paintings?

Anonymous said...

I love all these realtors commenting on themselves under anonymous names.. so LA...

Madison is a really really nice guy..

The other one is by far the hottest and most respected..

come on guys.. At least hire Simon Halls as your publicist and get some real publicity

LOL ridiculous

Anonymous said...


I was thinking the same!

Haven't watched the show [thankfully!] but what a dumb ass thinking you can steal a couple Picasso's & get away with it - moron.

lil' gay boy said...

Frankly, they're ALL a little too young to even park my car…

Anonymous said...

again he was setup because he was a pompous ass most likely by an agent or broker whose family goes back many generations and they own LA

Kenny said...

why would he take a risk like that. he probably makes enough money to buy nice art rather than steal it.

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Anonymous said...

Couple a thoughts -

How do you get "set up" if you're actually stealing the art?

If he's stealing Picassos, that menas he's not making enough money - at least not enough to support whatever habit he has.

Real estate agents sending other real estate agents to prison?? What is that - the real estate mafia?

LGB - just how old are you?

Is Joe Babajian = average joe?

Anonymous said...

If I might step in..........LGB is ageless, sort of an architectural Yoda. I understood the whole setup thread as something related to publicizing the television show.....we know he took 'em, he knows we know he took 'em. We won't call the (real) cops but maybe a security person like that little black child actor with the kidney problem. Maybe some coverage of the story in the gossip rags...........priceless!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff.

How u doing Mama?

lil' gay boy said...

How old am I?

Well, in my day, safe sex meant that there was a lock on the door…


Anonymous said...

He is accused of it, no one actually saw him steal it

how hard would it be for another agent or broker to send in one of their lackeys to do the deed ?

and yes there is a real estate mafia but they are invisible until you are working and making $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

i posted about madison being a nice guy. I am not madison but am an agent in the city and the same company. I do see your point though...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


he needs to tone it down a little

being a pompous ass in the RE game is a not a smart thing to do even if you are rich.

it is the quiet ones that have a shit load of money and they take down the loud ones ........

this is definitely a setup

Anonymous said...

Must chime in on this one as this is surreal insanity at it's finest. i am the self appointed President of TEAM CHAD! pansy haircut notwithstanding, he is adorable and professional and HONEST. so, he "loves himself too much", big deal. i'd rather have a professional courteous modern looking metrosexual as an agent who is plugged tighter into young hollywood than paris hiltons weave. (if of course i was looking to flip a condo west of doheny). flagg was obnoxiously cheesy. calling as soon as his nana found out that jay bernstein passed in order to see who was gonna swoop on the listing?? oy vey! i'm so excited that MDL2 is starting up just as Flipping Out is ending. I'm gonna miss Jeff n Ryan!

Anonymous said...

I love the PERSON SHOUTING IN CAPS - he seems as dumb as his friend the thief!

P.S - "DUMB MIDDLE AMERICA" - Priceless!

Anonymous said...

I only wish Marge Schott was still here so she could slap some sense into these twerps.

Anonymous said...

Cool informations, thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Josh Flagg is a truely distasteful person. I am a Realtor, have met him several times, and each time find him to be overly offensive. He is truly one of the least respected individuals in the business. The ironical thing is, he doesn't even sell much real estate. Nor does Chad, who is much more likable, but a very incompetent real estate agent. Neither is professional, both have been sued many times. In fact, word on the street is that Mr. Rogers is about to be sued again over unethical dealings. Both are examples of KIDS thinking they are someone that they are not. I wouldn't hire either one!

Anonymous said...

There are many rich thieves. Stealing does make you rich. Michael Milliken, Charles Keating, to name few. Having a condo, driving an expensive car, and wearing a Rolex does not prove ones wealth. The wealthy people I know see all that kind of display as VULGAR.

Anonymous said...

You should have to be at least 35 to be a real estate agent.

Anonymous said...

A Beverly Hills High School graduate in 2004, Flagg eschewed the family business of developing shopping centers and became a rising star in real estate, landing record breaking sales.

Famous for his over-the-top style with his clients, like flying them over the for sale property in a helicopter for an aerial view and tying a massive bow around a property, Flagg landed a spot on the Bravo reality series.

Million Dollar Listing charts Flagg’s, and fellow upstart realtors, Madison Hildebrand’s and Chad Rogers’ success over a nine month period in selling multi-million dollar properties in posh areas of Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills.

Anonymous said...

Is Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing gay? I get the vibes.

By time he comes out of prison not only will he have a sore ass but will enjoy it

Anonymous said...

None of the three is gay but they all suck

Anonymous said...

Million Dollar Listing is a joke of a show. None of it is based in reality. No professional worth a shit would allow a bunch of reality show producers to portray them as unprofessional, unethical, and pathetic. The show and these three agents should be ashamed of themselves for making a mockery of the business. Furthermore, none of the Realtors featured do any amount of significant business in this town. The show and the story lines are all fabricated for television. These Realtors are all wanna bees. Chad wants to be Mauricio, Madison wants to be Chris, and we all know the direction that Josh is headed; can anyone say Joe??? Who would really hire any of these three guys to represent them or their properties.

Anonymous said...

Whats gay got to do with it? Madison is, Chad doesn't know the difference between gay or straight, and as for Josh, who gives a shit! These guys all need a reality check, not a reality(read here "fake") show!

Anonymous said...

The show is as fake as the agents are. How embarrassing for all involved!

Anonymous said...

It is not that anyone is prejudiced against gays. All of the straight agents they auditioned had bellies and acne scarring. Gays spend lots of time on how they look and that makes for better television. Bottom bandits have always been better looking. They know it and that is why they want the same for there lovers. It is like Darwin said.

Anonymous said...

mauricio does big biz.

Anonymous said...

Was Caveman up there who said it best? It certainly spells out my feelings on the rest of us bothering to comment on the media, but that's already stated plainly in the title. Though I have to admit, some of the comments had me at first glance :) On a more serious note, like any Toronto real estate agent, I certainly hope we won't have to deal thieves and hoodlums in our neck of the woods - I wouldn't want to trouble my sleep over who's hauling that suspicious-looking "table" out the back porch at night...

Not that I should worry. Not many Chagals or Picassos here.
Your friendly realtor,

P. S. Who's Joe Babajian and Kyle Grasso?

Anonymous said...

Madison "The Porn Star";
Josh "The Fellon";
Chad "The Joker".

This sounds more like a casting for a Batman movie than a television show about real estate. Bravo, get a grip!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is many reality shows AREN'T real. And MDL is a perfect example. So is the Housewives of NYC. I mean, really, are we supposed to believe those women are actually at the top of the social ladder in Manhattan?

Most of us know it's complete and utter B.S., but we watch it anyway, because it's like watching a train wreck unfold. Besides, we all know it would be a cold day in hell before any honest-to-goodness NYC socialite agreed to appear on a reality show. So the same goes for MDL.

All you real estate agents who want to be taken seriously, relax. This is not reality - it's television, for gods sake. It's called entertainment.

Anonymous said...

methinks there are a lot of envious realtors that wish they were picked for the show

after this show these guys will get a hell of a lot more business

I know who they are and they make bank, they make most realtors look pathetic

they are overly creative, they spend $$$$$$ out of their own pockets to make the sales happen

that rumor "other peoples money "


if you are not willing to spend 50k in marketing to sell a 20MM property then why should I hire you ?

if you show up on a bus or a toyota and want to sell my property why should I hire you ?

the real rich folks that give others a "real chance of making millions" are flamboyant as hell and if you do not have the look they want you are out of the game end of story

I have dealt with the rich that are very frugal in my other businesses

They are in it for the long haul which I do respect but at the same time they are stuck in WW II and the last great depression

What is the point of making millions and millions of dollars if you refuse to buy modern mansions, penthouses, sports cars ?

you cannot take your millions with you

I also know for the fact that a lot of these rich that are not flamboyant are the most miserable negative losers out there

yes they have money but they are like a cancer so I keep them far far away from my group of friends

bottom line you need to deal only with those that have $$$$$$$$$ and love to spend it

otherwise time is wasted !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have spent so much money, thank you husbands one two and three, and although a little flashy I have never been vulgar.

Anonymous said...

I like large flawless stones with a racy provenance.
Flashy yes, and the problem is?

Anonymous said...

It is really getting thick in here. I invite you all to visit me at Luxury Real Estate Blog where marrying for money and pansy realtors on TV are not our main topics of discussion. People have been much nicer to me there.

Anonymous said...

So with all this off topic babbling..does anyone know any details of what is he actually being accused of besides the vague info on etc....?

Anonymous said...

You people are idiots with the real estate mafia bullshit. No one did him in, whatever is going on he did to himself. Brokers / agents are nice because its courtesy and part of the job. If you are an ass, like Josh, no one wants to work with you. Meaning if you bring an offer to another agent they aren't going to push for it to come together becasue they'd rather not work with you, especially if its a hot property with good traffic.

Josh is a pompous lil SOB, so is Chad is an arrogant lil shit that isn't even that good looking.

Madison, SEEMS like a nice genuine guy and thus said deserves the success he's having. While the other 2 may haver been doing good shit rolls down hill and will hit them again as they continue their antics. The brokerage community is small, and very connected. While there is no "real estate mafia" (because he big players have better things to do than mess with pions like Josh) reputations in the brokerage community can make or break your business because like I said before, if people don't like you... they won't show your proprties nor do they want you to show theres.

Anonymous said...

The crazy that said b/c of the show they'll get more business - Are you for real?

I'd walk the other way rather than use a realtor thats appeared in a Bravo series - Anyone looking to buy a $20M property is not going to hire a realtor b/c he's been on t.v - get a god damn grip!

Anonymous said...

Josh isn't 25 he's 22 and ANYONE who knows him wouldn't be suprised by this news at all. Karma's a bitch!

Anonymous said...

ugh...does ANYONE here know more about what he actually did instead of babbling on about the moronic television show? And yes..u are right..anyone that knows him would not be shocked by this.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know why this guy was arrested in WeHo this past may in the middle of the night? DUI?

btw, i keep reading "karma is a bitch" and "anyone that knows him would not be shocked". does anybody care to share a story or experience they have had?


Jerkey said...

This is so fun. I'm enjoying the read. Thanks all!

lil' gay boy said...

Anon 9:50,

A Beverly Hills High School graduate in 2004, Flagg eschewed the family business of developing shopping centers and became a rising star in real estate, landing record breaking sales……et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum.

I was able to get my hands on the Bravo promo literature too.


Anonymous said...

Josh is currently on probation right now for having sex in Weho in the back seat of a car with another guy. He got arrested in May for this act. Dirty little monkey boy.

Anonymous said...

I work at John Bruce Nelson and Associates and Josh got fired because he got caught taking commissions under the table. Why would Coldwell banker harbor such a unethical agent? I suspect that he will be fired soon. Watch out for your real estate license Miss Flag because it's going bye bye bye. xoxo...gossip girl.

Anonymous said...

I just peed laughing.

Anonymous said...

"My grandmother introduced polyester to the United States" That's the biggest bull shit I have ever heard. You are a liar josh. "I also sold $82,500,000 million in residential real estate my first year" hahahahaha. You are pathetic liar and a moron and every real estate agent thinks your a LOSER. I'm sure your grandma secretly thinks your a joke too- She seems smart enough to realize it.

Anonymous said...

well...this 5'7 young man always needed to be the "BIG MAN" and the center of attention at all times, and guess what, he certainly is the center of attention now! oops. People who are nasty and arrogant fall much harder when they fall because nobody is there to support them because they have alienated everyone. Not the wisest way to live one's life.

Anonymous said...

Edith Flagg did in fact introduce polyester to the United States but not as a matter of business but she was wearing a polyester jacket when she first came to America. That doesn't cut it Joshy. Stop lying because your nose it getting bigger Pinocchio.

Anonymous said...

Josh is gay - I remember me him at a house party in September 2003 in the 700 block Canon Dr making out with a older man.

Anonymous said...

You deserve all this great press "Miss"ter Flagg. Happy belated birthday bubbala. You can't blame your gardener for this mess.

Anonymous said...

The "L" is silent in Josh Flagg's last name :)

Anonymous said...

..........."and we wish to welcome you to LaLa land"........

Anonymous said...

Knew a guy (NOT a realtor, BTW) who loved converting funds embezzled from his elderly clients into acquiring fine art. Then he'd hide the art on black market, where it could be across the globe in hours. He was eventually caught and spent a few years playing hide the pickle.

It's also common knowledge that when a thief is caught, it's generally not their first time.

Add these two bits together, and it makes for interesting speculation, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Honey, Have you seen the Picasso?

Anonymous said...

Yes dear one, it is hidden next to the pickle.

Anonymous said...

This shit is soooo fucking funny I have to take a downer just to stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any info on who he stole the art from and who is pressing charges? Me and 1,000 other realtors are dying to know.

Anonymous said...

I bet Raymond B. get's pulled into this mess because Josh had his license hung with Beckeris company Bruce Nelson and Associates when the theft occurred. I would love to see Bruce Nelson go down it is the MOST UNETHICAL real estate firm in town. I can't wait to eat my popcorn and watch this all go down.

Anonymous said...

anon 12 39 check your facts you moron

this is from a yahoo search

Vintage 50s Edith Flagg coat

Edith Flagg was a fashion icon had a fashion business in the 50's and she did introduce polyester as a business

Anonymous said...

Let us assume for a moment that is absolutely correct...WHO CARES?!?!? What does it have to do with her grandson being a thief?

Anonymous said...

he is not he was set up

I bet this is the one thing that will do TMZ in esp after they get sued for defamation of character

Anonymous said...

that is amusing. TMZ reported facts about a real case/arrest. That is not defamation (whether the charges are accurate or not we shall see). Which one of Josh's little friends are you btw? Or are you Josh himself...well I guess at least there is ONE person out of 100 on his side..thats a fair percentage I suppose. When someone has as bad of a reputation as this person, its pretty easy to believe this story.

Anonymous said...

i agree. i must say in my many years in the business..i have never met anyone as obnoxious, pompous, arrogant, or with a bigger napoleonic complex. i have seen old shoes with more self esteem. i forgot to mention he is also the biggest braggart i have ever encountered. i dont even say this to disparage the fellow but more to point out that behavior such as this always ends up with person self destructing. it is far better to conduct oneself as a gentleman and not lie and exaggerate to accomplish things. just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Edith Flagg introduced polyester when she was wearing it on her back. LOL. Are you going to tell everyone that she also introduced the question mark. HA

Anonymous said...

ANON 339


His grandmother a FASHION ICON and she had a FASHION EMPIRE


He never said that she invented polyester

for example


and you were lucky enough to sell it


now I do not give a fuck about FAGG or his dickless wonder faggot RE agents but your stupid questions and comments are making me @#$% and to think that there are actually idiots like you who exist on this earth, I mean with all of the tools you have out there

why make shit up ????

state the facts or shut the fuck up !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"happy jack" (poster from 730pm) you really need to deal with your tourette's syndrome. That is bad and the whole post was ridiculous and off topic. WHO CARES what this person's grandmother did or didnt do????

Anonymous said...

It matters because everyone is saying that Josh and his family is BROKE !!!!!!!!!!!



You will see this in the coming weeks, months




Anonymous said...

$10,000,000 condo. Ha. Try $1,048,000. Here's the info:

2220 AVENUE OF THE STARS #1701 $1,048,125
Sold 6/17/08

Here's the MLS # 08-246441

Happy Jack- you are the most gullible piece of shit or you are fucking retarded to think this 1,300 sq ft condo is $10,000,000. This building is a old piece of shit and built in 1964.

Stop trying to defend your friend. You know he is a looser.

Anonymous said...

Josh's birthday is on August 20th and it is the day before his court hearing on August 21st.

Anonymous said...

That was SO funny. The $10 million condo comment probably made by Mr. Flagg or a moronic gullible twink friend. that is SO exactly like something Joshie himself would say! exaggerate EVERYTHING by at least 5-10x---thats the ticket! its done well for you hasnt it? gained lots of respect from all your coworkers and others in the biz. Good job. Thanks for the late night laugh.

Anonymous said...

Who said Josh Flagg was broke Happy Jack?

I don't know whether this kid did the stealing or not. Don't really care either way.

But he's certainly got a friend in you, don't he Happy Jack?

Oh, and people don't always steal because they need the money Happy Jack. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Whew, seems like we have a realtor war here. Glad I was exempt from this one :)

I hope the charges aren't true. When wealthy people or those from wealthy families steal, it seems all the more selfish and unforgivable a crime.

Anonymous said...

Flagg will now bring down Bruce Nelson and associates - another Enron, Arthur Anderson story on a small scale

I don't know how Bruce Nelson has survived all these years competing against WEA and Hilton & Hyland??

Anonymous said...

DRUGS cloud judgment....

Anonymous said...

If my grandmother brought that god-forsaken material to America I would not be bragging about it. I'd rather tell people I inherited it. (making me look pompous,lazy and self entitled.) HMMMMM.....

Anonymous said...

Profile of the Sociopath

Glibness and Superficial Charm

Manipulative and Conning
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

Grandiose Sense of Self
Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."

Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

Shallow Emotions
When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

Incapacity for Love

Need for Stimulation
Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.
Sound like anyone we know??

Anonymous said...

Oh and just in case Joshie-poo or one of his minions attack the last post, let me add that of course Joshie does NOT fit a lot of that description, but I think ALL of us that know him know exactly what parts of that describe him quite wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

Could it be promiscuity?? West Hollywood, May 4th, arrested for lewd sexual misconduct. Not wanting to use a condom says the victim...hmmmm. For the moment...xoxo...Gossip Girl

Anonymous said...

Well sure that is ONE of the things that match up pretty well.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dearest Dummy above: He was arrested 7/31 on a MAJOR felony and let out on $100,000 bail (very high for any normal non violent felony) Those are facts, not rumors. do you think he stole a shoelace from Kmart? or do u think perhaps the reports are quite accurate?

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff 10:25. Is there proof?

Anonymous said...

(The information was current as of: 08/01/2008 07:17 PST)

Search For Another Inmate Back To The Search Result
Booking No.: 1568258 Last Name: FLAGG First Name: JOSHUA Middle Name:

Sex: M Race: W Date Of Birth: 08/20/1985 Age: 22 Hair: BRO Eyes: BRO Height: 507 Weight: 138

Charge Level: F (Felony)
Arrest Date: 07/31/2008 Arrest Time: 1000 Arrest Agency: 4208 Agency Description: LAPD-WLA DIVISION

Date Booked: 07/31/2008 Time Booked: 1211 Booking Location: 4214 Location Description: LAPD - PACIFIC
Total Bail Amount: 100,000.00 Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: 100,000.00
Housing Location:

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 07/31/2008 Assigned Time: 1211 Visitor Status: N

Address: City:

Public Visiting Guidelines

For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.
Next Court Code: M144 Next Court Date: 08/21/2008 Next Court Time: 0830 Next Court Case: 9999999999

Court Address: 11701 S. LA CIENEGA BLVD. Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT
Actual Release Date: 07/31/2008 Release Time: 1829
Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent. Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
9999999999 100,000.00 .00 08/21/2008 0
Click on specific Case No. for detailed information.
Page 1of 1D Inmate Information Center - Booking Details

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I hope that shit roots in prison for 5 years and comes out with AIDS.

I remember him in school always trying to get into girls panties - not much action I heard. Maybe thats why he plays on both sides of the fence!

Do the crime do the time. Stealing Paintings? easily linked to the offender - what a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

WHO TURNED HIM IN ?????????????

WHERE IS THE PROOF ???????????

I have friends that have been arrested before, by jealous girlfriends, co workers

It is easy to accuse someone, set them up, get them arrested, esp if you have more money and power than them and they really do not have any recourse, judges, police do not care.

so_chic_darling said...

Everybody shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

You shut the fuck up "so_chic_darling". You are obviously his beard that kisses him with blond hair on his facebook photos. I'm sure you just got herpes. Congrats.

Alessandra said...

Thank you, So_Chic...

Anonymous said...

And we all know that Alessandra kisses Josh even though she knows he gay. What a fag hag.

Anonymous said...


Amen. So Chic, well said.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nasty troll strolled thru the door.

I find this whole flagg thing fascinating.

At this point, the charges are alleged. Maybe he did it. Maybe he didn't.

What's far more interesting is the back and forth here.

And gossip rock.

Anonymous said...

"charges are alleged"


they say that you are innocent until proven guilty but if that is the case why is it easy to get someone arrested even if they are innocent ?

like I said before, Josh is way to boastful, arrogant and his mouth alone got him into this mess

that is why the quiet ones will always stay rich and the boastful ones end up in jail, broke,

you can still be quiet and let your mansions and cars speak for your wealth

Josh went way beyond that and that is his down fall

I personally thinks he has ADHD or tourretes syndrome

it is very dangerous to speak your mind when in business with anyone

Anonymous said...

Go to bed, Eddie. You're way too f**ked to read.

Anonymous said...

who is eddie ?

LilStraightBoy said...

Josh is what they say in Israel.. a Tembel.

Anonymous said...

he who has the gold pics the tune. IT IS NOT THIS POMPOUS LIL P$%#K. BEYOND REPROACH. He can't live at 740

Anonymous said...

anon 10 53

you are on the wrong blog, you not making any sense my friend

Anonymous said...

what is a tembel ?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Josh Flagg was fired today from Coldwell Banker. Can anyone confirm this...

Anonymous said...

happy jack, a tembel is an idiot, according to the urban dictionary. Link

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bravo dropped Flagg from the bios.

Excited to see Chris Cortazzo (aka Mr. Malibu) will be part of the show's line up. He's so well informed.

Anonymous said...

Well I would agree just based on Josh's persona that he is

a moron, buffoon and an idiot, actually the village idiot who the politicians had to bury fast before his antics ruffled the feathers of the privileged

remember roman mythology ?

that is what is happening to Josh right now.


what is that wise proverb ??

ah yes

walk quietly and carry a big stick.

Anonymous said...

Average Joe, you're more messed up than usual today,

Anonymous said...

if bravo dropped him from the show that fast ?????

you know he pissed off someone, or it could be their brother, sister, cousin, friend and that someone has immense power, influence and control.

if that is the case the mafia has spoken and he is done, they will roast him.

remember Michael Ovitz, the founder of CAA and previous president of Disney ?

He talked about the gay mafia in the LA times some years ago

make no mistake, the real estate, Music, Movie, Gay mafia are all very real, pray you never piss them off accidentally.

always be nice and if you have to be an asshole,


yep Josh is a great lesson for us all of what not to do in the public eye, esp if you are on a TV show.

Anonymous said...


StPaulSnowman said...

All this talk of gay, music, movie mafiosi.........the real group to be afraid of is the eastern European immigrant Terlit-gurl organization. People just don't realize the gut-wrenching power these women wield. They have access to enormous wealth and are probably behind the thefts poor Josh Pflagg, (the P is silent) has been blamed for.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Great.

First we got that Average Joe dude spouting off all his doom an gloom shit now we get this Happy Jack guy who writes like some cracked out 21 year old high drop out.

And before you start in on me H.J...keep in mind that I really don't give a shit what you think of me or my comment. I'd bet my life neither will many (if any) of the other regulars around here either.

Anonymous said...

So maybe he offended one of them ????


Lotta power the Europeans have yes sir.

btw Karen Barren, or whoever you are why and this is a very deep question

why do you continue to be a negative party pooper for anyone that has a comment good or bad ????

do you think I or we care ????

now go and suck my hairy nards as the "wet anus" would say.

ha ha ha ha ha \

you fucking pratt

Anonymous said...

No I think that Josh was at a party, a function and he was very rude to the wrong person, or maybe he was flouting his arrogance one to many times on prime time TV and a politician or 2 said this guy is giving real estate agents a bad name, we need to shut him down ?

well time will tell

then again maybe he did it ???

but where is the proof

so far no proof has been produced and TMZ has kept mum since the first report.

In a lot of ways TMZ and others are very irresponsible, they can easily destroy one's lively hood which is scary in itself, I thought it was illegal to print false hoods about someone until the facts are checked over and over and over again ?????

oh that is right, no laws pertain to blog, gossip sites

Anonymous said...

Barren Karen, Happy Jack is Average Joe. All he did was change names again. Maybe he changed meds too, but he's still our village idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Barren Karen on this one.

Happy Jack is WORSE than Average Joe.

And if they're the same person, well that's just sick.

Anonymous said...

ANON NO............


LilStraightBoy said...

flaggs bio is still up. I was at an open today on a beauuutiful new listing that had a Chagall piece hanging. In the 10 minutes I was there, maybe 4 people made a josh flagg joke about it. I just dont like that kid. He is the kind my friends look for when they drink too much and went all night without getting any girls. I dont think Coldwell will fire him untill charges are dropped or not. I think charges will be dropped, he will then get the boot and perhaps open his own office with Joe B.

Yes, I know mama said that already.

Anonymous said...

I am watching million dollar listing right now, I am in Manhattan, anyway it seems that Josh is really not that bad of a guy, he seems pretty honest, has a lot of friends so now I am thinking that someone who just does not like him is trying to set him up

I would not be surprised that person ends up in jail or worse prison.

Anonymous said...

The more I am watching the show Josh does not seem that arrogant he actually comes off with a pleasant but firm personality on the other hand Chad seems arrogant for no reason at all, Chad seems to be the one who is fronting that he is rich and yet I think he is the one that is trying to get by, ironically Josh made 70k this episode and Chad lost 26k, I think Chad needs to lighten up with Josh.

Anonymous said...

Oh thats brilliant indeed. Your opinion of someone you don't even know is very important versus opinions of people that know him and do business with him. I have never done a transaction with him but his reputation is so unbelievably horrendous (before this arrest) that I would avoid it since the upside/downside isnt very intelligent. But of course I don't believe you are in are probably a friend of Joshie's. Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

ANON do you just make shit up ??????

why do you have it out for this josh guy ???????

I know some of his friends who live in LA and Manhattan and they say he is a good guy and they think he was set up end of story, as it turns out, josh has many friends that are in the mafia's that I have been talking about and they have his back

Who ever set him up is going down and that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

also if you have not noticed, he was not fired, and he is up on the bravo site

someone in these blogs has it out for josh as well and no I am not a friend of his but I hate those that try to setup others that is just wrong and they need to be shot.

Anonymous said...

I dont like people that are sociopaths. They are bad for soceity. I dont like liars. Terrible for business. I never said he was fired/off the site etc...and anyone that thinks the police arrested him (that automatically means they have enough evidence to go to trial, that is how it works in this country in case you are not aware) cuz of some conspiracy is just absurd. Grow up. he obviously did something VERY wrong. Just what it was exactly we will find out. Sociopaths can fool all their friends and get people to believe almost ANYTHING because they tell a web of lies and are intelligent people. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

out of the bunch Chad seems to be the weakest broker and he is stuck up for no reason.

he also pissed of his client, lack of experience, so I do not believe he has been selling for 9 years as he claims,

if a client says no counter offer over the phone you say fine and leave it alone and wait for another offer, chad going over again to the clients house to try to convince him to take the counter offer was a typical mistake that newbee agents do.

Another thing that newbee agents think is that they need to be at red carpet events for networking and potiental clients, and that is a big no no, you can get a bad rep going along that route.

chad really needs a serious wake up call and I do not even know the guy, I also think he is 22 not 30 as he claims and I find it hard to believe that he has been in the game for 9 years, he is making way to many mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Chad didn't make any mistake with his client. if anything he did exactly what his client wanted by taking the property off the market. Chad is an ethical and honest agent that has an amazing reputation amongst the broker community in Los Angeles. Chad never put any pressure on his client. And Chad never acted arrogant once on the episode. Open your eyes and ears!!

Anonymous said...

If Josh has a buyer for Chad's clients condo in Sierra Towers and Chad refuses to let Josh's buyer make an offer there is something wrong with that scenario

Chad loving the red carpet events, why is he even there getting photographed ???

conclusion he does come off a bit arrogant.

Anonymous said...

and yes chad did make a mistake, he tried to talk his client into do a counter offer twice, to think they were only 100k off and the deal was lost, that looks pretty green don't you think ?

On another note, if an agent did exactly what his client wanted the agent would be like everyone else, 5 sales a year.

The key to great sales is to sub consciously convince the client without pissing them off, there are many sales courses that teach you that.

Another mistake, being at the same event as the active client ? big no no, I have seen many deals get blown when the agents are hanging out at the same events as the clients. As we all know if you are around a client to much you lose the mystery, to be successful it is a good idea to stay busy and scarce.

Again if he was doing sales for 9 years he would have been more like Josh, what can I say Josh is great at this,

now I could personally care less about Josh, I am just admiring his technique and I think Chad could learn a few pointers.

Final note is Chad still with Hilton Hyland ??? if not why ???? they are one of the best.

StPaulSnowman said...

After watching last night's episode, my fascination with the three realebrats was totally eclipsed by the unbelievable amount of really bad plastic surgery in the clients, hangers-on etc. It was truly a plastic surgery freak show.......and it doesn't have to be. The faces, like the houses, were way overdone.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in real estate in the high end market,

LA is a plastic town, if you are not from there, good luck in making it out there, everyone is a flake if they perceive you as a "has been or a has not" and they not only judge you by the recent model foreign car and mansion, mini mansion you have but you need to have 3 years of living expenses saved up before you can even consider getting into the real estate business

I know a few who did not heed to what I preached and they ended up penniless and homeless

NY is worse and 10 times more expensive than LA

It is about time for a show like this version, it is very accurate on what you need to make it in the high end market in LA

They do not make exceptions for anyone, they do not give a S****

Their god is money

it is not sad it is a fact of life.

LA where so many go to achieve their golden dreams and end up in a ditch with mud and dirt buried on top of them.

Anonymous said...

also at the rate Chad is going he may not last much longer some of my friends are already talking about what he did on the show last night

at least he will get a nice residual check in case real estate does not work out for him

being a real estate agent/broker esp these days in the high end market is really not for everyone.

and the overhead is high !

Anonymous said...

now, i remember this show from last season, there was a bald guy scotty? he was pretty cool, wish he was brought back. this chad guy is a scary punk & no way he's 30.

Anonymous said...

Last season was a joke, this new season is far more intriguing.

btw I am plastic as hell and the reason for that is the poor always have problems, drama, need to borrow money so I have rules

A. I will not give you the time of day if you drive a car that is under 120k, mine is 150k.

B. Your place has to be worth at least 5MM for us to do business whether you own it or lease it, it does not matter

My place is worth at least 6 MM by todays standards in manhattan.

Understand that there are tens of thousands that have the same or more wealth than me and we just throw business each others way.

Selfish yes, but it gives me a peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Who is this pompous ass talking to himself like anybody gives a shit about his fucking car?

Anonymous said...

ditto when is comes to business it matters

On here I am a pompous ass and I am proud of it.

In the real world I am quiet.

In the real world I treat everyone with the same level of respect and kindness, from the bus boys to the servants to the valet, however I would never do business deals with them or anyone who is not at my income level, it is not fair to me and certainly not to them.

and in the business world looks, a car, where you live really do matter 99.9 percent of the time.

Anonymous said...

You need either a CT scan of your head or an exorcism

Anonymous said...

average joe we don't like you and we like you even less as happy jack off!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

He reminds me of Joshie himself. Exaggerating his self importance and of course having to mention his $ in detail. I find it amusing as hell actually.

Anonymous said...

how embarrassed must the big fat brother of Alex Davis be of his showing last night on MDL. One tells people hes worth millions, the other makes millions and never talks about money. That whole Davis family dichotomy must be real messed up, and it all starts with the crazy Mom.

Anonymous said...

if he was so wealthy, why would he be a realtor? it doesnt make much sense... but i do see his name on every big deal

Anonymous said...

This should generate some excellent legal fees.....if true. A client who can actually pay his bill....and post bail.

Dream come true.....

Anonymous said...

Polly and Sandpiper you are the only ones who really care what average joe, happy jack have to say, I personally think it is hilarious

you need to lighten up

Anonymous said...

Nancy K Says:
August 6th, 2008 2:31 PM

Josh's parents and Grandmother have lived in this community for a long time. They are wonderful, generous and philanthropic people. They are not housekeepers, maids or servants that take cars from others. That has never happened. In our country people are innocent until proven guilty. So the trash that I have read is absurd about his family and possibly about him. Art is very traceable, so before anyone makes a judgment, let the facts come out rather than creating a lynch mob mentality and posting hurtful, unproven comments on the world wide net. Judging someone by the way they look or their haircut today is unthinkable and definitely shows the ignorance of those posting.

StPaulSnowman said...

Nancy K; I trust you will be around to comment once again after this has played itself out. Your criticism of those here will only be valid if you return to comment when the facts are known. But really.........anyone who chooses to appear on television and be paid for it as Mr. Flagg did, appearing profoundly obnoxious and arrogant, is fair game for public criticism. It is not as though the show is an elaborate sting operation. Why on earth did you mention maids and housekeepers who steal cars. That would seem to betray a certain prejudice on your part.

Anonymous said...

goldberg = avg joe / happy jack.

And the wheels on the bus go round and round.

Check in for another siesta at the happy farm. Hoping my tax dollars are not part of the front. See ya in 3 or 4 weeks.

Anonymous said...

hey armchair listener






DA DA DUH !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Flagg has done a runner to Mexico. You wait the bountyhunter will bring him back.

Anonymous said...

No Flagg is still here I just saw him, why are you starting false rumors ??????

Anonymous said...

nancy, nancy, nancy. If that antic meant to reverse our judgement, not so much sure you hit the mark. it was nice of you to try and i'm sure all of the good people who make livings by serving as hard working and crap taking domestics embrace your shallowness.

Anonymous said...

Nancy K Says:
August 6th, 2008 2:31 PM

Josh's parents and Grandmother have lived in this community for a long time. They are wonderful, generous and philanthropic people. They are not housekeepers, maids or servants that take cars from others. That has never happened. In our country people are innocent until proven guilty. So the trash that I have read is absurd about his family and possibly about him. Art is very traceable, so before anyone makes a judgment, let the facts come out rather than creating a lynch mob mentality and posting hurtful, unproven comments on the world wide net. Judging someone by the way they look or their haircut today is unthinkable and definitely shows the ignorance of those posting.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is judging anyone by how they look or their haircut. This person is being judged by their arrogance, sociopathic behavior and now by the fact he has been arrested for a VERY serious crime, Grand Theft with a very large bail of $100,000. People do not get arrested unless there is enough evidence to go to trial. End of story. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Jay Bernstein died on 02/05/2006. Million Dollar Listing started shooting around May of 2007. Josh says that he was just with Jay Bernstein a week ago in the episode. I swear I will kick his ass when I see him. Jay was a great guy and Josh lied about being friends with Jay. Fuck you Josh you little arrogant lying sack of shit. I hope you get your license taken away you bitch.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit !!!!!!!!

It is easy to set someone up and get them arrested, the DA is always hungry for any cases that are flimsy

Case in point

A friends girlfriend had just broken up with him

She showed up at his gated mansion, went inside to talk to him

as she was walking back to the gates, she tore off her clothes, and screamed RAPE !!!!!!!

my friend was in jail within an hour

after $$$$$ private detectives, lawyers it was proven she had him arrested out of spite, in her past she had been in and out of mental institutions !!!!!!

in the end she got a slap on the wrist and had to pay a small fine

Now she is from a family that owns prime real estate in Westwood and Brentwood, maybe her affluent back round made her the exception to the rule ?

Explain that scenario, it happened a few years ago.

Since then all we all do backround checks on girls we are about to go out with just in case they turn out to be whack jobs like this one was.

Anonymous said...

Lol. You are obviously one of Josh's shills. Maybe you can be his roomate at his new residence next year.

Anonymous said...

My name is Steven. I posted the commit from Nancy K. from another site,just to give people alook at what other people are saying. You may have one expierence w/a person and others may have something much different. The web gives way too many people the forum to be MEAN, and it's there for ever, this is all very stange for me because I like realestate and T.V. so I just happen to run across all of this. Be KIND PEOPLE AND LET GO. Inlight of all that is going on in the world we should relly hope all of this isn't true. That family lost one of theirs.......

Anonymous said...

No I am not Josh's shill I do not know him and believe it or not I am richer and older than him so I am not in awe of him.

but I find it hard to believe that a rich kid with plenty of work and clients on his plate who has clearly been in the RE game for a long time would even attempt to steal a painting, I mean why try to steal a painting, ruin the family name ? and get blacklisted in LA ?

it is not logical

now setting someone up ?

that I can believe all day

Anonymous said...

so called friends have tried to set me up before

I caught them in the middle of the act

they are now all in prison

what, did you think I was going to forgive them ?

Anonymous said...

Josh has always had a troubled past. He got arrested on May 4th for having lewd sex in West Hollywood in his car. He was on probation for this arrest when he got arrested last week. He is fucked up in the head and he is a HUGE coke addict. There is never a moment when he is not drinking alcohol to numb his insecurities. He is a little shit that doesn't understand what Fiduciary means but he knows exactly what "Fi-"douche"-iary is. I would love to bitch slap Josh "The Thief" Flagg.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:37= the Green Eyed Monster

Anonymous said...

If this whole story is true, how come the Los Angeles Times has not run a story on it???? Or did I miss it????

I would think it would make the local paper if somebody on a TV show was arrested for grand theft.

Anonymous said...

Josh has a habit of trying to fuck hookers without a condom. He's known to frequent 7th street downtown for thrills.

Anonymous said...

Why is it not in the LA Times? Because the LA Times writers and editors are a bunch of morons that don't catch a story until everyone else has done it. But is you do a google news search for Josh Flagg you will see that the NY Times DID mention it in their August 6th article about the show. The LA Times wouldn't know a good story if it came up and literally bit them in their ass. And they are also afraid to do any stories about people with money or power in LA because they are afraid to get sued. The LA Times ony does spoonfed stories fed to them by publicists.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times is too worried about the Sunday real estate section going bye bye bye to even care. But I agree!! Something should have been written in the times.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times is too worried about the Sunday real estate section going bye bye bye to even care. But I agree!! Something should have been written in the times.

Anonymous said...

now that you mention it mama, what is going on with joe babs. has he been vindicated yet?

Anonymous said...

blog posts are immune from lawsuits, they can say anything they want

Josh is still making deals and selling real estate, the person that falsely had him arrested is about to go to jail and perhaps prison

it will all be in the papers this or next week then again I do not think that the papers really know or care who he is, so we may never know the outcome.

personally if someone did that to me I would have made his life a living hell for years to come, I have heard that josh just wants this to go away, he is making way to much money from the success of the show.

Anonymous said...

Josh is way to busy to even worry about this frivilous claim, now the person that did set him up is getting banned for life from real estate all over the US.

give it 2 months and the truth will come out.

they say it was a real estate agent that set josh up, josh stole away one of his listings and the real estate agent swore revenge, he made a big scene, everyone knows about it.

Anonymous said...

I was on million dollar listing on the spisode called Mondo Condo with Josh and after meeting him became friends. I call him Mr. Mansion and he calls me Coco Condo. I find it incredibly interesting that the arrest was the week before the show aired and I really don't think he did a Winona.

Chad I have known for years and adore he has always been professional and a doll to me.

Madison I have yet to meet. Since I am in my own condo world unless they cross my condo path chances are I wont crosss theirs.

There is nothing like Beverly Hills Real Estate any one who has been around for more than ten summers will tell you that every day and every deal is a reality show so those of you watching that have not experienced it dont be so quick to judge.

We have some great agents here and some horrible ones. We have people that you can trust and others that would steal your client if you ask to use their powder room.

Real estate is no different than any other business. The good ones last and the bad ones will be weeded out by this new market we are in as long as we do what is best for the client - not us - and remember the golden rule.

I can only imagine who Bravo will pick for next season. Scary huh?

Coco Clayman-Cook
LA COndo Lifestyles

Anonymous said...

He's actually 22, not 25...but anyway on another note, he is young and successful and people are always going to talk and hate. I can't say whether he did it or not, but the only bad thing people have to say about him are pretty pety when you think about it:1) "Oh, he is trying to get his grandma's money"- she has to give it to someone and she can't take it with her. Why not leave it to your grandson?
2) "He jumped at the chance to sell that famous dead guy's house"(God rest his soul, I don't know his name, I'm sorry)- The house has to get sold by someone, so why not be someone he potentially knew. Whats the big deal there?
3) "Oh he stole some art"- Again, don't know if he did it or not and he will just have to answer to God for that one. This is the only thing people seem to like to blow up cuz it's the one thing they can try to pin on him...Come on. He is not perfect but he's obviously human...I'm sure he doesn't lose sleep over all this like everyone else seems to be :) Lesson learned, life goes on.

Anonymous said...

He's actually 22, not 25...but anyway on another note, he is young and successful and people are always going to talk and hate. I can't say whether he did it or not, but the only bad thing people have to say about him are pretty pety when you think about it:1) "Oh, he is trying to get his grandma's money"- she has to give it to someone and she can't take it with her. Why not leave it to your grandson?
2) "He jumped at the chance to sell that famous dead guy's house"(God rest his soul, I don't know his name, I'm sorry)- The house has to get sold by someone, so why not be someone he potentially knew. Whats the big deal there?
3) "Oh he stole some art"- Again, don't know if he did it or not and he will just have to answer to God for that one. This is the only thing people seem to like to blow up cuz it's the one thing they can try to pin on him...Come on. He is not perfect but he's obviously human...I'm sure he doesn't lose sleep over all this like everyone else seems to be :) Lesson learned, life goes on.

Anonymous said...

He's avaricious.