Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Even the rich and famous sometimes suffer the fate of over reaching house flippers. Back in January, Your Mama discussed the Palm Springs residence that the seemingly ageless glamour icon Cher had on the market for $2,495,000.

Thanks to research by Belinda Beaverman, Your Mama has learned that the price has been substantially reduced to $1,999,000. Oh my.

Before we all start to feel sorry for Cher's spangled, beaded and bedazzled Bob Mackie pocketbook, let's recall that according to property records Miz Cher purchased the posh Las Palmas neighborhood property back in 2004 for just $650,000. Then she spent hundreds of thousands more renovating the place, but Your Mama imagines that's she'll still pocket several hundred thousand on her flip out even if she's forced to sell the 4,000 square foot beige behemoth for considerably less than it's current asking price...which it would appear she's going to have to do.

Cher, hunny, Your Mama loves you almost as much as we love Dolly Parton, but gurl, you gotta get a grip on your stagers because they've done messed up that place in Palm Springs with all that beige paint.

If the Dark Lady really wants to unload this place Your Mama recommends that she haul her nipped, tucked and taut booty out to Palm Springs and remove that damn pear painting in the dining room and those ridiculous photographs of her baby smooth face in the den. Lawhd hunnies, who can see past those hideous "decorations?" Clearly no one in the market for a well located $2,000,000 house in Palm Springs.


Anonymous said...

I predict that either Cher sells it in the next 6 months or she will have to pay someone 500k to take it off of her hands, that is unless she want to hold on to it.

Remember even after you buy a place even if you got it for free you still have to pay taxes utilities upkeep and insurance every year and on a 4000 sqft place in palm springs that is not cheap, it is in the low six figures every year.

A friend of mine gave me his 10,000 sqft estate for free for 6 months to live in, I spent 50k just on the upkeep, bills, never again.

It is condos for me only from now on, much cheaper even with their association dues than owning a home.

btw CNN/YAHOO/FOX they are freaking me out !!! are they trying to drive us into a depression ? or is their some truth to their reporting ?

Also if the american dollar is half to the euro, is the dow really at 6500 ?

Anonymous said...

the dow # is an index of stocks, based on their value, of which the unit of measure is the american $, so the stock index #'s are what they are. Every country has their own index based on their own unit of measure.
wow, i just bored myself, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Caveman, sweetie, you know I need to see numerical data plotted and graphed on a Blosser-Tingle quadri-axial diagram with the Fliegher function inverted to display the fiber exponent, otherwise it's all meaningless to me. And sweetheart, you are NOT on my list of suspects. Toodle-ooo!

Anonymous said...

i knew that would twis your knickers

Anonymous said...

Dios mio, ahora tendré que fregar eso la ropa interior por horas!

Anonymous said...


My lord, now I'm going to be scrubbing those knickers for hours!

luke220 said...

We have found the staging lady's pear painting!

Anonymous said...

It's an old photo. That's one of the two that Cher was looking for. Staging lady with a toyota's is a poster knockoff. "Peaches" was selling them for $200 (or 100 Euros).