Monday, November 19, 2007

Tara Reid, Live at the Hollywood Versailles

SELLER: Tara Reid
LOCATION: The Hollywood Versailles, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $885,000
SIZE: 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Relax in one of the most secured and sought after buildings in Hollywood. This end unit has hills, city and ocean views that bring to mind serenity & romance as you gaze from your completely redone 10th story balcony featuring Chinese earth slate. Elegant unit has granite counter tops, custom maple cabinets, wall to wall mirrors and beautiful hdwd flrs. Both bath rms. have granite & luxury appeal & completes this one of a kind unit in one of the trendiest full service spots in Hollywood.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to our always helpful tipster Mugsy Fairweather, Your Mama has learned that the residents of the Hollywood Versailles Tower, near the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood Boulevard, can quietly rejoice and breathe a collective sigh of relief now that one of the building's most notorious residents has put her 10th floor unit on the market. That's right children, former Hollywood hottie turned bloated party princess and public boozer Miss Tara Reid has listed her 1,087 square foot 1 bedroom apartment in Hollywood for $885,000.

Poor Miss Tara Reid, the chesty blond acturuss once had a promising career in La La Land having appeared in such cinematic tour de forces as Josie and the Pussycats and American Pie 2. More recently she's become a favorite of snarky blogs and glossy tabs due to her questionable fashion choices, frequent public drunkeness, and botched plastic surgeries.

It's unfortunately been all downhill for Miss Tara Reid since the early 2000s when she and comedian Carson Daly called it quits. Since then, the man killer has been linked to such notoriously good boyfriends as the tremendously endowed Tommy Lee, jail bait porn pusher Joe Francis, casino king George Maloof, and Bridget Moynahan's love e'm and leave 'em baby daddy Tom Brady.

Anyhoo, Miss Tara Reid, purchased her 10th floor aerie back in 2000 for just $266,500. Although the apartment has only 1 bedroom, property records and listing information reveal that there are two bathrooms up in this crib. Which is a good thing because if Tara backs one of them up with a bowl full of upchuck, she's got a back up receptacle for when the devil's punch just won't stay down.

The listing for the condo, which is being marketed by her real estate agent brother, currently only provides one photo of the interior. And as the children might imagine, Your Mama is not impressed with Miss Tara Reid interior design skills. All various printed and patterned fabrics thrown together in one room is enough to make a person's head spin and stomach churn even without a few Grey Goose screwdrivers and several Jagermeister shots.

Tara hunny, does this mean you're leaving Los Angeles? Where are you going dear? Please tell Your Mama that you're not headed for tempting and salacious Las Vegas. We know you love to party there, but child, think about it...Las Vegas could be your total ruination. Seriously gurl. Or are you simply trying to parlay your investment into larger digs? Or could it be that you're out of money entirely and need to dump your mortgage? Call us, fill Your Mama in because believe it or not, the world wants to know.

The Hollywood Versailles is no stranger to budding Hollywood types and Ugly Betty actor Michael Urie recently ponied up $749,000 for a 1,222 square foot unit just down the hall from tawdry Tara's visually vexing condominium. And good for him. Looks like he made a wise investment in a declining market because we expect that Mister Urie's new digs have increased in value just by Miss Tara Reid even thinking about packing up her baby doll dresses and shot glass collection.

Source: LA Condo Lifestyles (photos)


Anonymous said...

God, she's a mess, you're right. I'm afraid she's selling because she can't afford it - she's got no work that I know of, and she's partied her mini-fortune from the early 2000s away... poor girl.

"Which is a good thing because if Tara backs one of them up with a bowl full of upchuck, she's got a back up receptacle for when the devil's punch just won't stay down."
Mama - that was a classic!! lmao

Anonymous said...

She does manage to still get movie work. She just finished up a movie in British Columbia. Rumor has it she had a kissing scene but her co-star thought she was so rank he didn't want to do it. She was still boozing away as usual so I wouldn't be surprised if she needs the money from the sale to just keep her in alkyhol.

She looks like shit. Like the town drunk in the neighborhood tavern:


Anonymous said...

bet she sells it for 880k or even 900k.

Anonymous said...

I believe she lives in a house on the beach now. I doubt Malibu, maybe Manhattan Beach? Either way the decor is God awful -white,black, and hot pink- everywhere! And it has these portraits of her everywhere that have that cheesy
80's style to them. It was featured in some tabloid like a year ago. It made me cry.

Anonymous said...

I really like the building. Celebs who buy condos strike me as savvy: why spend money on gardeners when a one shot maintenance fee covers everything! Nice location. Ms Reid would be wise to take all of her furniture out and have the place staged.

Anonymous said...

A)My MAX offer is 400k

B)Probably needs a redec.(understatement)

C)If any business rewards you for being a train wreck it's show business.As much as it's possible to piss away millions...I get the feeling she's probably moving up.Talentless slugs like Tara and Lindsay and Britney have at least mastered the talent of FAILING UPWARD.

luke220 said...

Once the furniture is out it probably looks pretty good.

Was this a two bed converted to one? Maybe more value if they put the wall back up?

Anonymous said...

Here is what I think is Mr. Urie's new bachelor pad.

Atrocious. I can only sleep by telling myself that he will redecorate. He will redecorate. He will redecorate.

Anonymous said...

It's been on the market for over 100-days.

Anonymous said...

She has made a significant price cut to $765,000.

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood Versailles Tower also houses Class Act Scarlett Johansson in unit 506. Scarlett has lived at HVT since 2003. A star that will be around for a long time. A real lady.

James Campbell said...

Scarlett Johansson's unit is for sale right now and it is going to sell fast I think. She hasn't lived there for a few years. The church next store has become really popular lately!