Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mid-Week Morsel: The Royal Couple

Prince Duke William and Her Duchess Highness Kate—or whatever their official titles are—are ready to move into their newly re-done apartment at London's historic Kensington Palace and details are beginning to seep out about the recent overhaul of the 20-room spread that was for many years the grace and favor residence of the current queen's late sister, Princess Margaret.

So the story goes, the queen-to-be spent the months of her recent pregnancy bargain shopping and picking out lots of beige-y neutrals and earthtones this and thats for the decorative do-over of the massive, mansion-sized apartment that the kids at Curbed reported yesterday as three kitchens, two nurseries, a master suite with his and her bathrooms, and a panic room that is '"dressed up to look like any other room in the house, but it's equipped for a number of scenarios."'

photo: Pacific Coast News


Anonymous said...

The Rabbi extends a hearty Siman tov umazel tov, y'hei lanu, to LGB and BGD, our royal couple, upon the joyous occasion of their anniversary!

Rabbi Hedda LaCasa

Anonymous said...

Looks like a teardown.

Anonymous said...

Princess Margaret was known for using beautiful colours like her "Kingfisher Blue" drawing room. Kate will surely boring the place up with 1,000 shades of drab.

Anonymous said...

Princess Margaret was also a drunk who was known for plastic flower arrangements. And marrying a queen.

lil' gay boy said...

Cute little starter home...


Thank you, dearest Rebbe, for your most kind blessings! Although the blessed day is actually tomorrow, we took the opportunity of a brief family absence to celebrate last Friday...dinner, champagne and our song.

Constance said...

I bet getting an invite to see their new place at 1A is the most coveted invitation going!
I wish I could see it now!

Saw the apartments before the renovation, and they were a rabbit warren of lots of very small rooms.
They probably combined quite a few of them to come up with the new '21 room' description, as i think the old count was 56 rooms (some of which were really just akin to closets).

The ceiling and door moldings were just MDF according to our KP guide (private tour), as Princess Margaret found it a way to 'economize' and still have things look quite dramatic.

Views of the garden were glorious on each floor.

Sandpiper said...

This changes how I’ll think about range hoods forever. And who needs royal linens when polyester doesn’t wrinkle. What a hoot.