Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Sell Hollywood Hills House

SELLER: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,295,000
SIZE: 2,563 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It was only a few weeks ago that Your Mama let the cat out of the celebrity real estate bag about married comedic actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt dropping $3,300,000 to acquire a three bedroom and 3.5 bathroom mock-Med mini-estate in the Hollywood Hills from Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino and his actress missus Jolene Blalock.

The couple have now hoisted their previous home, a 1950s modern ranch-style home on the open market with a $2,295,000 price tag. The house is, literally, across the street from their new house so iffin they wanted they could have schlepped their belongings from old house to new house with little more than a dolly and a couple of shopping carts temporarily pinched from Bristol Farms on Sunset.

This is not, bless her real estate heart, the first time Miz Faris has attempted to sell this particular house. Back in December 2007 she and her then first husband, actor Ben Indra, listed the house for $1,995,000, the exact same amount they paid for the place in November 2005. We don't know the details of their settlement but several sources confirmed to Your mama that Miz Faris got the house in the divorce.

Whatever the case, current listing details show the 2,563 square foot single story residence sits a bit above the quiet and little-known cul-de-sac street on an up sloping, .87 acre lot in the lower Nichols Canyon area. There are three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

A quickie comparison with the old listing photos show there have been a number cosmetic changes and at least one major alteration since Miz Faris last had the house on the market: Although the 1980s gold-veined mirror remains in place, he previously lime green and avocado-colored powder pooper was painted white—as were the previously charcoal colored kitchen cabinets—and the master bathroom was gutted.

Also markedly different is the day-core. Gone is the spare, mid-century modern dining room set and vamoosed was the low-slung sectional sofa and the burled wood and Lucite coffee table in the living room. In its stead is now the ho-hum handiwork of Staging Lady in a Pink Toyota who stripped away every last vestige of decorative personality and replaced it with the sort of things designed not to offend anyone who might be offended by outspoken decorative choices.

Instead of a proper front hall, the front door opens directly into a large living room with chatoyant hardwood floors, unfortunately low ceilings, an oddly intrusive fireplace, and wonderful floor-to-ceiling, wood-framed windows and doors that open to the swimming pool and look out to a close up view of the steep and verdant hillside behind the house.

A small, "formal" dining area adjoins the living room and connects through to a decent-sized kitchen equipped with simple, eggshell-colored cabinetry, mottled brown and black granite counter tops, and top quality stainless steel appliances. In the space where the architect probably intended a breakfast table to be set up there's a gigantic, built-in butcher block topped work island and a pantry cabinet that sadly stops just short of the ceiling and doesn't quite extend from wall to wall. Your Mama could happily live without the greenhouse window over the sink since we have an innate detestation for them.

The wood floors extend into the step-down master bedroom has that has at least one rustic wood beam that runs across the ceiling, a bank of glass doors that open to a small stone-walled terrace, and a walk-in dressing room with enclosed cabinetry. The newly renovated bathroom was outfitted with a custom double vanity and a party-sized, marble-lined and sky-lit steam shower. Both of the guest/family bedrooms also open through wood-framed sliding glass doors to small, (semi-)private patios.

Although it appears to Your Mama that a supermodel slim terrace runs along the back of the house that connects the kitchen (and bedrooms) to the swimming pool, the most direct route is through the living room. The shady-looking oasis has organic flag stone terracing, a lagoon-ish swimming pool, at least three built-in fire pits, and a whole lotta Asian-infused tropical rain forest type landscaping. A steep stairway of railroad ties zig-zags up the hillside behind the house and swimming pool to a flat pad with a Bocce court surrounded by a flag stone terracing with multiple seating areas and canyon views.

listing photos: John Aaroe Group


Sandpiper said...

Mama, after all these years you're 2007 words still resonate in exacting detail. Tons o' fun! That said ...

I'm meshuggeh over this property's charm. Don't think it'll linger on market for long.

Anonymous said...

I love this girl! Scary Movie 1 still cracks me up, even after all these years.

property portal said...
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Newshen said...

Your Mama could happily live without the greenhouse window over the sink since we have in innate detestation for them.

You could "happily live" with something you hate????

Anonymous said...

Humm, when did it become "their" house? I thought she kept this house as part of her divorce settlement from her last marriage? Anyway, they have successfully made this home look a lot brighter than it really is. It's at the back of a canyon and is VERY dark!

Anonymous said...

His houses don't seem to impress me that much. He should have a house that lords over Hollywood, but from what I've seen he has an average house in the Palisades and a dinky little beach house that looks as unimpressive as the rest of the one's right on the beach in Malibu. But this seems like there might be more to it.

Anonymous said...

sorry that comment was supposed to go under Spielberg's post.