Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kimberly Guilfoyle Lists High-Glam Bacherlorette Pad

SELLER: Kimberly Guilfoyle
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $1,595,000
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to the good and hard work of our ever-intrepid volunteer researcher Hot Chocolate, Your Mama has learned that attorney turned cable news personality Kimberly Guilfoyle recently pushed her roomy pre-war pad in New York City's Upper East Side on the open market with an asking price of $1,595,000.

The smokey voiced brunette—who bears a strong resemblance to former supermodel Janice Dickenson—won't likely be a household name for those who don't watch one of the many cable new channels. Before she hosted Both Sides on Court TV in 2004 and appeared as a legal analyst on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN), Miz Guilfoyle toiled in the District Attorneys' offices in both Los Angeles and San Francisco where she successfully prosecuted at least one high-profile case that involved a deadly dog mauling. For the last five or six years the stylish Miz Guilfoyle found her professional niche, primarily, on the Fox network as a regular, rotating co-host on The Five and a contributor of legal analysis to a few other pundit-driven programs like The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity.

In 2001 Miz Guilfoyle was married in a glitzy and much-discussed wedding to California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, then the beau-hunky lefty liberal city supervisor and later mayor of San Francisco. In 2004 she moved to New York City to pursue a television career and the pair publicly split in 2005, no doubt at least in part due to the obvious difficulties of their bi-coastiality.

In late May 2006, three months after her divorce from Mister Newsom was finalized, Miz Guilfoyle hitched her wagon a second time to multi-disciplinary designer and style arbitor Eric Villency. Four and a half months later she/they produced a boy child, an heir to the New York-based Villency furniture fortune, one presumes. Alas, just about three years after baby the couple went their separate romantic ways.

In July 2009, right about the time she and hubby number two parted ways, Miz Guilfoyle Newsom Villency spent $1,300,000 on a three bedroom and two bathroom bacherlorette pad on the 11th floor of a fine but too far east of Park Avenue to be fashionable, full-service pre-war co-operative building with 24-hour doorman services, full-time elevator operators, a live-in super, a bike room and a landscaped roof terrace that's available to residents year round.

Current listing information for Miz Guilfoyle's spread shows the monthly maintenance fees—including the property taxes—come in at $2,464 and that some of the extra-special features include a total of 10 closets plus a walk-in closet sized sleeping alcove or home office, a spacious foyer that does double duty as a dining room, a dry bar with mini-fridge, a mud room service entry and a living room furnished with an remote controlled electric fireplace described in marketing materials as "hip," whatever that's supposed to mean.

Listing photos the show the girlishly sophisticated, high-glam day-core features a palette of creams and soft pastels, tons of high- grade finishes, cute crystal door nobs and numerous glittery chandelier including a Sputnik-style stunner in the living room similar to those that glimmer gloriously in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera House.

The luxuriously windowed and expensively outfitted kitchen has white, crystal-knobbed cabinetry topped with slabs of white marble and the full complement of top-grade stainless steel appliances. There's additional storage in the bench of the built-in breakfast banquette that's lit—natch—by a shimmering crystal chandelier.

A short corridor off the living room leads to the two larger bedrooms. While one bedroom is larger and has two instead of one closet, neither is—technically—a master suite as they share a windowed hall bathroom with Calacatta gold marble finishes. The third bedroom, a jail cell sized accommodation off the mud room, has a tiny but attached and windowed private bathroom.

Property records show that Miz Guilfoyle is on a bit of a real estate roll lately. In January 2012 Miz Guilfoyle sold a small Edwardian-style apartment building in San Francisco's Mission District that she co-owned with her father for $1,200,000 and a few months later they sold a couple condos that father and daughter co-owned in an adjacent building for a total of just over $1.6 million.

In May 2012, perhaps evidence she plans to remain on the East Coast indefinitely, Miz Guilfoyle coughed up $995,000 for an almost 2,000 square foot, barn-style three bedroom and 2 bathroom house with a heated salt water swimming pool on a secluded acre near Crooked Pond in the quietly hoity-toity Hamptons community of Bridgehampton.

listing photos and floor plan: Prudential Douglas Elliman


Anonymous said...

Not in love with the layout, but this place is decorated beautifully!!

Shopgirl said...

Not in love with the layout either. What is with the sleeping/alcove? Would make a better powder room for guests, because it appears guests must use the master bath as the master does not currently have a private bath? Or they must walk into the third bedroom?

I like Kimberly Guilfoyle and she held her head high when she caught Gavin Newsome cheating and left for the east coast.

Anonymous said...

I would butch it up a bit..way too girly girl and she is cutting out half the buyers. Even we gays dont want girly girl. And regency style is dead dead dead.

Anonymous said...

Agree, how does a lady get laid properly with all that fluff?

Charming, lovely, but not sexy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the chandeliers can be raised and lowered with a remote control, for an extra touch of Met-inspired drama.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyday is like a beauty pageant for this woman.

justanormalgirl said...

She's one of a handful of women obviously looking for attention from men. short skirts, high heels to camouflage cankles, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, botox, fake boobs. need i say more.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with the two prior comments. She is a lovely woman & I know she is very intelligent but I have to tell you in my opinion I don't take her serious with the short dresses & chair dancing. The other two ladies on the Five are much more interesting & just as beautiful without the obvious fake look. Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think those of you bashing Kimberly are just jealous of a woman who has beauty, personality, intelligence, and charm all rolled into one person!

Anonymous said...

Comments about apartment are legitimate but those about appearance, chair dancing and tight dresses indicate that you do not have any knowledge of how tv producers work. Andrea is gussied up the same when in the left chair.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ur jealous

Anonymous said...

She's pretty, smart and a former Victoria's Secret model, along with being a true conservative. In other words.....she's perfect!

Anonymous said...

I would rather listen to and watch Dana Perino any day over Kimberly. Dana is more classy in her style of dress and her makeup application is more tasteful and apparently she doesn't feel it is necessary to have herself covered up with tons of makeup. I think Kimberly (and Andrea for that matter) would look a whole lot better if they just toned the makeup down a notch or two.

Tom B. said...

Kimmie is a former Victoria Secret model?
She appears to me, to be a life who has made all of the right moves and should be recognized for her accomplishments-not judged.

Are there many other legal analyst/lawyer/models wandering around for the male puppets out there looking, that could generate nearly as much interest?

I rest my case.

Kim Guilfoyle may wind up VP or 1st Lady of the US someday. Never count this woman out-

G. Brucato

Anonymous said...

I think that if hollywood ever decided to do a remake of 'the bride of frankenstein' that she would make an excellent bride.

I have also noticed that when the show 'the five' leaves and comes back from break and the music is playing that she will break out in chair dancing when she feels moved to do so,which is really creepy looking. I have noticed also that the other cast members turn away and don't watch while the bride is getting down.

don Oliver said...

Catty remarks about Kimber from a woman are pure jealousy. Any coming from a man are the result of his knowing that he'll never have a chance with this Irish/Porto Rican brainy beauty who, like the 3 other dolls, wears HD makeup, short skirts and spike heels as required by the show's (The Five) producer. She looks as great as any ladies half her age.
Que viva las Irlandesas boricuas!

Anonymous said...

Obviously many calling for longer skirts,toned down makeup have not worked in front of a camera. The producer tells you what to wear and how to react to music in the same way they want someone to act like Bob Beckel with his coarse remarks and foul language.; It's what makes good ratings.