Thursday, September 20, 2012

In-N-Out Heiress Buys Adrián Beltré's Behemoth Bradbury (CA) Compound

SELLER: Adrián Beltré
BUYER: Lynsi Martinez*
LOCATION: Bradbury, CA
PRICE: $17,410,961
SIZE: 16,600 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 14 full and 2 half bathrooms

NOTE TO THE CHILDREN: Scads of photos of the property can be seen here, here, here, here, here here, here and here.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: According to a covert communique from a trusted snitch—let's call him Bradbury Barker—exceedingly well-compensated professional baseball baseball player Adrián Beltré, the former third baseman for the L.A. Dodgers now throwing, catching and swinging for the Texas Rangers, sold his titanic resort-like estate in the über-affluent, suburban community of Bradbury, CA in late August (2012) for the somewhat unusual price of $17,410,961 to Lynsi Martinez, the low-profile heiress to a substantial Southern California-based fast food fortune.

Missus Martinez may not be, Your Mama realizes, a household name in the manner of movie stars like Tom Cruise or trouble-making tabloid train wrecks like Lindsay "In Trouble Again" Lohan and Paris Hilton but her family's 275 (or so) In-N-Out Burger joints spread throughout southern California and the southwest hold near-mythic and cult-like status amongst fast food hamburger connoisseurs who laud their low-cost, high-quality, never-frozen ingredients and not-so-secret "secret menu." They have also made 30-year Miz Martinez remarkably rich with, by at least one fairly recent account, a still-growing net worth of half a billion bucks.

Itty-bitty and decidedly sedate Bradbury, tucked into the often oppressively smoggy foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains about 22 miles (or so) northeast of downtown Los Angeles, might seem to some like an out-of-the-way place for a filthy rich and twice-divorced young mother of toddler twins but it happens to be one of the most expensive enclaves in the entire country and Miz Martinez seems to prefers a low-key if luxurious suburban lifestyle.

In 2010 Forbes ranked Bradbury-Duarte as the most expensive zip code (91008) in the country with a spine-straightening median home price of $4,276,462 and Miz Martinez—now the owner and president of the privately held burger chain and a hardcore drag racing aficionado—was bluntly (and reductively) described in a scathing Wall Street Journal review of a book about the fascinating, deeply religious and (in)famously turbulent In-N-Out dynasty as having "only a high-school education and an affinity for joining off-beat Christian sects."

Property records indicate Mister Beltré purchased the approximately 4.16 acre spread in the ritzy (if starchy) heart of the 24-hour guard-gated Bradbury Estates enclave for $3,425,000 in April 2006 and proceeded to custom-erect a massive, mod-Med/pseudo-Italianate residential monument to his mountain of money and athletic success.

The result of Mister and Missus Beltré's efforts, according to listing information we teased up out of the internets, shows the sprawling compound comprises a 16,600 square foot main house with 7 bedrooms, 11 full and 2 half bathrooms plus a 2,500 square foot guest house with three more bedrooms and two more bathrooms, a recreation building, and a 1,300 square foot, open-air poolside cabana with outdoor kitchen and his and her changing rooms and bathrooms.

Almost as soon as the colossal compound was complete in (or around) 2010 Mister and Missus Beltré heaved and hoed the palatial property on the market with a heavy-duty $19,800,000 price tag. The asking price eventually dipped to $19,500,000—as per online documentation we discovered—before the fast food heiress snatched it up for a bit more than $17,400,000.

The multi-winged mansion is entered through a double-gated circular drive that arches up to a porte-cochere and cavernous, meant-to-impress-the-guests-style foyer finished with inlaid marble floors, curved twin staircases, a glimmering, economy car-sized crystal chandelier, and a soaring, 35-foot high custom painted ceiling. There are spacious formal living and dining rooms—natch—plus a dark-paneled library/office with fireplace and glass-fronted display cases.

More casual quarters include a double-height family room with wood floors, hulking, carved stone fireplace and built-in wet bar. The voluminous family room connects through a wide and shallow archway to a more intimate but still super-sized breakfast room that, in turn, joins up with the commodious, double-island kitchen expensively fitted and equipped with slab granite counter tops, top-grade integrated appliances, a kitchen-sized butler's pantry and more carved corbels and accents than ought to be allowed in a single house.

The super-sized master suite includes (but may not be limited to): an amply-scaled bathroom with two-person soaking tub and separate shower; a custom-fitted closet/dressing room; a living-room sized sitting room with fireplace, intricate molding and direct access to a large balcony and a sizable separate bedroom with second sitting area oriented towards a wall-mounted television.

Some of the compound's indoor amusements include: a 20-plus seat movie theater; fitness room; game room with built-in carved wood wet bar; batting cage; temperature-controlled wine cellar and adjoining tasting room with barrel-vaulted brick ceiling.

Numerous outdoor recreation facilities include (but may not be limited to): deep, shaded dining and lounging loggias; vast terraces that step down to an infinity edge swimming pool and spa; a children's playground with jungle gym and sunken trampoline; a north/south aligned tennis court and separate basketball court; built-in fire pit; several putting greens and sand traps set into an acre or more of rolling lawn.

According to the knowledgeable Bradbury Barker, Miz Martinez owns several other homes in the area including a 6,880 square foot mansion on 2.1 hilltop acres in the guard-gated Gordon Highlands community in Glendora, CA that she purchased in February 2006 for $3,150,000. In late 2010, just prior to her (second) divorce, Miz Martinez spent $1,175,000 on a 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom residence in a gated community in Glendora, CA. that Bradbury Barker snitched to Your Mama is occupied by Miz Martinez's second husband Richard, a former employee of In-N-Out and now an ordained minister.

In addition to the scores of ordinary, under-the-radar rich folks—doctors, lawyers, business people and the like—some of the more illustrious residents of Bradbury include a former porn star turned lady-televangelist, a self-proclaimed (but widely debunked) prophet and faith healer, a prominent civil rights activist and media mogul, an exiled Chinese billionaire automotive tycoon, and a former owner of Packard Bell and his former Hong Kong film actress wife.

Mister and Missus Beltré have moved to Dallas where, property records reveal, in April 2011 they scooped up a large but comparatively puny 8,204 square foot mansion last listed for $2,999,000.

*Although The Bradbury Barker swears the property was purchased by Miz Martinez—and has several times provided us with dead-on accurate intel in the past—property records shield the identity of the owner behind a generically named trust we're unable to link directly to Miz Martinez. That makes the purchase rumor and gossip at this point.

listing photos: Deasy/Penner & Partners via Zillow and


WrteStufLA said...

Don't you mean to put Bradbury 22 miles (or so) northeast of downtown Los Angeles instead of northwest?

Anonymous said...

Well hot damn. Now I know where all my animal fries contributions went!

Anonymous said...

The Beltré's apparently never met a chandelier they didn't like.

Anonymous said...

That's a frightening amount of beige. I hope Ms. Martinez has some redecorating planned.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if my fortune came from junk food I'd probably try to go for a really pretentious faux everything house too. Would you like onions on that? Make it with everything, please.

FalseProfit said...

Few people realize Ms. Martinez is basically the sole owner of all In-n-Out locations. They aren't publically traded and they don't franchise.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Burgers and fries can buy a lot of nice things. I like In-N-Out. It's simple and delicious.

BTW- I not surprised that Dr. Gene Scott's widow, Pastor Melissa Scott, is a neighbor in this affluent area. Ol' Doc taught Melissa the finer things in life including but not limited to expensive real estate. I believe Doc's last will and testament stated Melissa had to sell the Oak Knoll place after his death along with some other properties. Hallelujah!

Lastly, this house has too much brown and beige for me. But I appreciate the wealth and financial ability to buy and sell such things.

Anonymous said...

Lynsi guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl, why would you do this to yourself ?! I mean really why why??? Why so much money spent to live in bradbury when you could have a fabuluxe fabuluxe estate in Beverly Park!!! (just don't buy Adrienne Maloof's!!)

even better, call up old Suzie Saperstein and buy her pile - thats been on the market since the dawn of time. Show Petra what's up!!

this house is will take a whole team of the best gay decorators to fix this mess so i hope you have a whole gang of them ready! and even then it's a longshot.....SMH

Anonymous said...

Seriously, for $17 million, I am going to Beverly Hills.

Michael in WeHo said...

I can't describe how I feel in a letter, so I wrote this sonnet for Lynsi in the hope she will see it.

Ode to Lynsi Martinez

O Lynsi Martinez, you hamburger queen
How beautiful, intelligent, and warmhearted you seem
I fell for you instantly – I simply cannot deny
Now please accept my proposal, because if you won’t I shall die

No Petra, no Paris, no Kim K for me
Those whores have nothing on you, sweet Lynsi
I see your Rolls Royce, I see your Rolex
And I see no ring on your finger – that’s what I like best

You have more money than God – indeed, it is true!
Mansions, helicopters, even a mountain or two
Credit cards with no limits; champagne on ice
Yet all that wealth can’t keep you warm these cold nights

Yes I am gay, but that is such a small factor;
You and me are dynamite, baby our love would be the reactor
I’ll make you happy, I know it, can’t you see?
Now give me a chance; let me show you all we could be….

Anonymous said...

can some one explain to me why so many people *attempt to build a double-staircase when they Always end up looking cheesy and crappy and disproportionate ?

is there an old famous house/estate that contains a successful double-staircase ? that they all try to keep copying??

where did the double-staircase craze get started and why?

Anonymous said...

Come now Moma, every hillbilly worth her salt knows the proper nomenclature is "bridal staircase". I bet even Boney Hoo Hoo could tell y'all that.

Petra's said...

Hahahaha @ the gay poem. LOVE it!

& I agree about the double staircase. I know it's meant to impress guests, but really, they always look incredibly tacky to me. And they are a huge waste of space - they go to the same damn place!

This house certainly has every amenity anyone could wish for, but somehow it leaves me feeling cold. It's always the same for these monster mansions - the rooms are so oppressively huge they seem tomb-like. To each their own.

Anonymous said...

$17.4 million? That's a ton of burgers. Must be nice to have a recession-proof business, Americans will always want to get fat whether they're rich or poor!

Anonymous said...

16 terlits? How many poopers does one gal need?

Anonymous said...

I peeked at Bradbury on google earth and spewed my cuppa joe over a pool large enough to dock several cruise ships. Must belong to one of the televangelists you mentioned, it's in the shape of a H U G E cross.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Lynsi would buy this. For those who may not know, her grandparents the Snyders were devout Christians who always lived modestly. Lynsi's father was a longtime addict who didn't even own a home when he died, he was living in a trailer out in the desert. He died of an overdose (suicide?) while she was still in her teens.

I wish her well, she hasnt had an easy life.

Anonymous said...

Tell me that's not a leopard-print sofa with matching curtains in the family room. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Michael in Weho, standing ovation my friend, standing ovation.

Anonymous said...

Talk about All-American! It's the mansion that baseball built and burger joints bought, doesn't get much more patriotic than that! Hope the In n out girl puts a big 'merican flag in every window. AMMMMUUUURRRRRIICCCAAA!!!!!!! F**k yeah!!!!!!

Kissyface said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! I love it. This house dares to call the bluff of Gatsby's owl-eyed man:

"Absolutely real—have pages and everything. I thought they’d be a nice durable cardboard. Matter of fact, they’re absolutely real. Pages and—Here! Lemme show you. ... It’s a triumph. What thoroughness! What realism! Knew when to stop, too—didn’t cut the pages. But what do you want? What do you expect?”

But in Bradbury the "library" has NO books at all! And almost no place to PUT books! And, indeed, the "library" seems suitable for no actual human function or need at all! At last a house that's not afraid to cast off the last trappings of "reality" and just be fully and frankly fake and bloated, something right at home in one of the better zip codes of Disney Land … but with real people living in it, not some cartoon mouse. I hope to God all that oversized trim is fiber glass, since wood or even plaster would be so out of keeping. Yes, this house is a dream come true! It just makes me SING:

"If I were a rich man,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum. ...
I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen...
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show."

Thank god Mr. and Mrs. Beltre had the vision to MAKE IT HAPPEN and Lynsi Martinez SAW THE VALUE! What a City! What a Country! IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE!

workboy53 said...
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Anonymous said...

She has been married 3 times by the time she was 30? It looks like many guys have been in-n-out of her burger.