Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Courtney Love Faces Eviction

It will not likely come as a surprise many if any celebrity real estate watchers that Courtney Love's New York City landlord is spitting mad at the always eccentric and sometimes volatile rock star.

Miz Love's Chicago-based landlady Donna Lyon, who leased the picture perfect West Village townhouse to Miz Love earlier in the year at a rate of $27,000 per month, claims the Hole front woman violated the terms of her lease agreement by wallpapering and painting significant portions of the four floor townhouse decorated and designed by the previous owner, the accomplished and exceedingly accomplished Steven Gambrel.

Miz Love says something a little different–natch–and allowed the xoJane website exclusive access to the townhouse that's now filled to the gills with tatted doilies and a Buddha statues.

Miz Lyon also claims Miz Love is $54,000 in arrears on the rent but Miz Love told the Post that she's absolutely not behind on the rent but rather that Miz Lyon is asking that the last two months of the lease be paid up front.


Listing images above show townhouse as it appeared in listing photos before Miz Love got her hands on the place.

photos: Corcoran
floor plan: Halstead via Curbed


angie said...

Courtney is a trip. I don't need proof to believe the landlady. This reminds me of time Prince got in hot water for giving his rental home a purple makeover.

Doug said...

I'm not sure why any landlord would be surprised by this. That's why you do background checks.

midTN said...


This woman's life is one calamity after another.


Anonymous said...

Her new decor isn't half-bad, she actually seems to have good taste.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but what fool would rent their beautiful home to the troubled Courtney Love?

Anonymous said...

i saw the extensive photos online of Ms. Love's renovation of this unique and amazing townhouse. I could not figure out the following:
1) If the landlord paid 8 million, why rent it out for only $27,000 a month, certainly not covering the mortgage
2)Why buy, what clearly is a work on art from Steven Gambrel, and then rent it out?
3) Why would courtney spend so much changing all of the interiors when it is a rental?
4) Was there a stipulation that Ms Love could not change the interiors?
5)Does Courtney pay the rent herself or does an accountant do it for her?
It seems like there are a lot of questions that are frankly none of my business:) I can only dream of living in such a place. I wish peace for all during this holiday season. It seems like Courtney is trying to be bring peace to her life, look at her wish board...The following is a link to the photos of Courtney's reno Be well and Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I like it, it is not bad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:51 said it all. Bad taste is the least of this womans concerns. I would worry more about smoke smell, vomit stains and inevitably she wont go easy. Thank goodness her daughter seems on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would ever rent to Courtney Love in the first place.

FrenchGirl said...

what Love did with the house looks good in my opinion