Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Big Loss for former Dodger Derek Lowe

If the children will put on their thinking caps they may recall that way back in September of 2008 Your Mama discussed former Dodger Derek Lowe who'd listed his 4 bedroom Manhattan Beach, CA residence with an asking price of $5,700,000.

Mister Lowe, who signed a bank account filling 4-year and $36,000,000 deal with the Dodgers in January of 2005, picked up the Mediterranean style house located just a half block from the beach in July of 2006 for an even-steven $5,000,000 according to property records.

The end of 2008 brought the end of Mister Lowe's lucrative time with the Dodgers and a half million dollar chop to the asking price of his 4,260 square foot house. By mid-2009, the price had plummeted to $4,599,000. But alas, the million and some clams in price hacking didn't entice any serious buyers eager to sign on the dotted line, at least not for another 9 or 10 months.

According to the man at Manhattan Beach Confidential, Mister Lowe finally managed his real estate white elephant in late May of 2010 for $3,900,000. A few flicks of the well worn beads on our bejeweled abacus shows that's a heart stopping $1,100,000 loss, not counting the fat real estate fees that easily could have cost Mister Lowe another $150-200,000.

Listen chickens, Your Mama is not one to dance on the real estate graves of anyone but we've had a tough time feeling financially sorry the leviathan loss Mister Lowe took on his Manhattan Beach crib since learning that after leaving the Dodger's he signed a 4-year contract to throw balls for the Atlanta Braves worth a brow furrowing $60,000,000. So, you know, as crass and callous as sounds, Your Mama can't help but think that as unfortunate as it may be for Mister Lowe, the professional game player can easily absorb the million dollar plus blow to his bank account. We should all be so damn lucky to earn $15,000,000 or more a year running around in tight pants swinging bats and slapping ass with a bunch of other manly men in tight pants.

Property records show that in April of 2009, long before he sold his house in Manhattan Beach, Mister Lowe laid out $3,450,000 for a French Country style house in the Haynes Manor neighborhood of Atlanta that records and online sources show contains 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half poopers, a wine cellar in the basement and a heated in-ground swimming pool in the back.


Anonymous said...

He is making $15 million to throw a stupid ball around, so I could care less if he had to sell the house for $1.
Priorities in this country are out of whack.
Throw a ball around and get paid tens of millions of dollars to do it and you are praised and called a hero.
Operate on someone, save their lives, and have to deal with snake attorneys and make a few hundred thousand dollars a year and you are called overpaid.

Anonymous said...

Mama, you hit the nail on the head again with your comment about the salaries paid to ball players. The same can be said for performers and corporate executives among other professions. I'm 53, and at some point in my life things went nuts in the financial world and money became confetti. It's getting tossed around and someone is going to have to sweep up the mess.

chris said...

I recall seeing photos of ball players decades ago (Babe Ruth time) and they all wore baggy pants. [Football players too]. Since then the pants have gotten progressively tighter. What could be the reason? Are tighter pants more comfortable? I would think the opposite. Must be something else at work.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the money he lost on the house is nothing compared to the alimony he's paying for ditching his wife and kids to marry the sports reporter (Carolyn Hughes).

Subtlety=Class said...


I've NEVER been into organized/industrialized/commercialized sports exactly for all the reasons you've mentioned. The older I get (I'm gonna' be 49 next month) the MORE (and I dont' know how, 'cause I'm totally revolted now) disgusted I get with waaaaay too many facets of life in this country. Sports stars/bankers/REALITY TV "STARS" (PUKE BARF CHOKE WRETCH!!!), movie & tv "stars", "singers" & "rappers" (MORE PUKING & WRETCHING)worth TENS and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, etc., ad nauseam. I'm honestly have been thinking more & more lately about what life would be like in another country....FAR AWAY from ANYthing related to American pop culture (BARF). Anyone agree?

Anonymous said...


Trust me, I have been looking at moving from this country for a little while now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.17 pm. Do you understand that when you say you "could care less" you are actually saying that you care a lot?
If you couldn't care less then you don't give a damn.
Americans are weird!!
And Subtelety and Anon 11.14 AM - currently there aren't too many countries that are not in pretty big trouble.
I am leaving Australia because it has become a little America and getting worse every day.
I'm going to Bali ... find your own little paradise.