Monday, July 13, 2009

Debi Mazar Lists Los Angeles Casa

SELLER: Debi Mazar
LOCATION: N. Vista Street, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,399,000
SIZE: 2,096 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: On a tree0line street, this private gated 2 bedroom, 2 bath Spanish is a rare find. The gated front garden leads to a hacienda-style loggia with terrace & fountain. Classic 1930's formal floor plan has a tall entry vestibule with wood floor inlay, large living room with fireplace, formal dining room, and bright open country-style kitchen, all leading to a central courtyard. The master suite has an outstanding 1930's bath and opens to the grassy rear garden with creative space/studio.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Over the weekend, while broiling and baking in the blazing southern California sunshine, Your Mama received a couple of covert communiques from folks like Aerial Dave and Wanda Wantsyoutoknow informing Your Mama that feline faced foodie actress Debi Mazar (rhymes with bazaar, thank you very much) and her I-talian musician huzband Gabriele Corcos recently listed their hacienda style casa in Los Angeles with an asking price of $1,399,000.

The dee-voon and heavily accented Miz Mazar has spent the last five years working her sexy stuff on the HBOs hit program Entourage but Miss Thing has been around the Tinseltown block a few time and has a very long list television credits that includes (but is far from limited to) stints on Ugly Betty, Living With Fran, All of Us, That's Life, Temporarily Yours, L.A. Law and Civil Wars. Her cinematic spins have been in films like Good Fellas, Malcom X, Bullets Over Broadway, and more recently, The Women. In addition to her recurring role on Entourage Miz Mazar and her huzband host an internet based cooking show called Under the Tuscan Sun. She's may not be a leading lady type but behawtcha has done mighty fine for a gal from Queens who got her start slapping war paint on Madonna back before Madonna was the man eating multi-culti child rearing Kaballah Kween Madonna.

Records for Miz Mazar's N. Vista Street property, which is walking distance to Disneyland-like Grove mall and the famed and faboo Farmer's Market, are rather confusing. One of our lovely informants whispered that Miz Mazar scooped the place up back in 1997 for just $410,000. Another data base we poke around in indicates it was in July of 2003. However, after a consult with Babbling Babette, Your Mama managed to squeeze out what we think is the real story which is that Miz Mazar forked over $750,000 for the property in January of 2002. But honestly chickens, we're not 100% sure on that one.

Listing information shows Miz Mazar's abode measures in at a modest 2,096 square feet and offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Although a house like this would be plenty big for Your Mama, the Dr. Cooter, our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly and our sharp clawed pussy Sugar, we imagine this house might be a bit wee for Miz Mazar, her I-talian man-mate and their two little female 0ff-spring who, when not in the City of Angels, bunk in a 14th-century villa in Tuscany given to the couple by the huzband's family. Sounds like Miz Mazar maybe married up.

Anyhoo, jungle-like landscaping fills the front yard and the wrought iron front gates open to a private, sunny and saltillo tiled courtyard with a gurgling fountain and a large number of plants in terra cotta pots. It's all very lovely, and we're certain Sugar would love nothing more than to sunbathe on the hot tiles.

According to listing information, the house retains its original formal floor plan from the 1930s which includes an entrance vestibule with an extra-tall ceiling, a butter colored and wood floored living room with a few bits of vintage furniture covered, some children's play things, a fireplace and haphazardly hung artwork. The room, sadly, has no rug and nary a coffee table.

The living room leads to the wood floored dining room with a mid-century modern dinette set and a funky 1950s light fixture. Again, the room lacks any kind of rug. An bold orange breakfast room features a pair glass fronted built in buffets that flank French doors that open to the front courtyard. Orange is a tough wall color to live with (we know because we've done it) and we applaud Miz Mazar's courage of stepping off the high dive of paint color choices. The breakfast room gives way to the kitchen. We rather like that his kitchen has more character than many of the new-fangled and newly remodeled numbers we see a lot but in truth the only thing we really like in here is the Thermador stove with those excellent blue knobs.

The very pale blue master bedroom, large enough to host a couple of Art Deco club chairs, opens to the verdant back yard and according to listing information includes a vintage 1930's pooper. Although we're not positive, it appears to Your Mama like one of the two secondary bedrooms has been re-purposed and kitted out as Miz Mazar's dressing room with an entire cabinet devoted to er impressive and wonderfully color-coordinated shoe collection. The children will note than neither the bedroom nor the dressing room have any sort of a rug which begs us to wonder what Miz Mazar has against rugs. A few well placed rugs would go a long way in this house.

Out back, a well tended lawn is surrounded by bamboo and other privacy making shrubbery and what was once a two-car garage has been converted to what listing information calls a creative space/studio which is clearly the domain of Miz Mazar's bongo-beating and flag loving man-mate. The old driveway is now utilized as a dining courtyard with a teak dining set shaded by a masssive market umbrella strung with Christmas lights. This all looks very nice and we're sure having all that noise making equipment away from the house is a blessing, Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter, neither of whom have a musical bone in their bodies, would much prefer a garage in which to park out big BMWs.

It's unclear where Miz Mazar and famiglia will be moving but a few years ago in an interview for Parade Miz Mazar mentioned that she did not desire to raise her children in Los Angeles preferring a "more multicultural place" like her native New York. So perhaps we'll next here that the Mazar/Corcos clan are settling down in the West Village. Wherever they land, Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter both wish them a casa felice.


Anonymous said...

Finally a house with personality that actually looks like someone lives there and loves it.

I could move right in.

Anonymous said...

I have long loved Ms. Mazar. What a low-key (wonderfully so) home for her. Seems at least close to fairly priced.

Lilithcat said...

Nice house. But I need that shoe closet!

Anonymous said...

According to the Google her last name doesn't rhyme with "bazaar", at least ten say it's "may-ZAHR".. but mebbe they're wrong..

Very cute house, I only wish it had a (modest) pool. All the sunshine, tiles and cacti make me feel hot looking at it.

Unknown said...

I'll buy it, But she has to include the little closet for the shoes.

It's nice to see a bit of reality real estate. Seriously folks, who needs a 20 thousand square foot house with a bowling alley. I like this house

Anonymous said...

I like it and the price is not insane.
Not bad.
I might have to go check it out.

Madam Pince said...

Like the house, like her. I don't have many rugs because my short-bodied bitches loooooove to pee on them.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Agreed that a pool would make it worthy of a daydream.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love the house, but not the furnishings. But great house. Salivating over the shoe closet! And yes, just a narrow lap pool tucked in somewhere would make it poifect.

Lipsynka said...

Love her house and it did remember me of Madonna's old Hollywood hills Castillo del Lago !! I guess they shared the same architect/engineer to (re)do the outside design.
Is that correct, Mama ?

Viva! said...

Like the house, Love Debi. She is absolutely badass.

The house is comfortable, but it's in desperate need of a pool.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "casita" Mama?

Anonymous said...

Really nice house.

Price seems low, but I guess people are pricing to sell now, before they go lower.

Maybe they can sell the custom shoe holder to Imelda Marcos and make some big money!

CockSearch2009 said...

Mama, don'cha mean "back before Madonna was MADGE"?

Alessandra said...

Quite lovely. Relatively untouched, yet updated enough to be comfortable.

And the shoe closet really sells it for me.