Tuesday, April 16, 2013

40 Million Clams for 48 Acres in Mandeville Canyon

SELLER: Glorya Kaufman
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $40,000,000
SIZE: 12,000 square feet, 13 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Last night, whilst we perused some of the newest listings in and around Los Angeles we stumbled across a 48-acre compound tucked up in the L.A.'s Mandeville Canyon that's just popped up on the open market with an asking price of $40,000,000. That's right, puppies, that's 48 contiguous residential acres in the middle of goddamn Los Angeles.

Although ownership of the compound is through a trust, no fewer than three of Your Mama's beloved coterie of canaries previously told us the unusually expansive property in urban-rustic Upper Mandeville Canyon is owned by wealthy widow and philanthropist Glorya Kaufman.* The bulk of Miz Kaufman's vast fortune comes from her late husband Donald Kaufman who, with business partner cum art world super-patron Eli Broad, founded the home building behemoth Kaufman & Broad, now known as KB Home, and went to meet The Great Contractor in the Sky in 1983.

We're not actually sure when Missus Kaufman acquired her Mandeville Canyon mega-estate but it was not after 1992 and all of y'all can all be assured she paid only a fraction of its current forty million dollar asking price.

Custom electronic gates swing open to a quarter mile long tree-lined driveway that swoops up, around and over a short bridge that spans a narrow finger of a multi-acre private lake to a parking lot-sized circular motor court at the front of the main mansion, an approximately 12,000 square foot two-story ranch residence originally built in 1964.

Listing details show there are 13 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms but, to be honest, chickens, Your Mama isn't sure if those figures reflect the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the main house only or if they also encompass any bedrooms and bathrooms located in the other half dozen structures on the property that include a separate guest house, a caretaker's apartment, a pavilion that overlooks the lighted tennis court and a substantial maintenance building.

The acreage immediately around Miz Kaufman's house and its satellite structures is landscaped with such meticulous abandon that Miz Kaufman surely employ at least one full-time groundskeeper to keep all those shrubs, flower and trees looking 5-star resort worthy.

Miz Kaufman has decided to downsize and two of Your Mama's better informed sources whispered that last May (2012) the elderly but still vivacious and socially engaged philanthropist shelled out $18.2 million for a very private single-story villa in Beverly Hills that she purchased from Las Vegas-based media mogul Carl Parmer, owner of the Robb Report, a glossy publication dedicated to the luxury lifestyles of the rich and super rich.

*Uh oh. At least one former employees is mad as a hornet and has lots of less than flattering things to say about Miz Kaufman and the authenticity and motivations of of her numerous philanthropic endeavors, specifically as they relate to her eponymous Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation. that recently endowed an new school of dance at the University of Southern California.

listing photos: Mark Singer Photography for Keller Williams Beverly Hills


MrPurdue said...

Building Description(s)
Improvement 1

Square Footage 1,188

Year Built / Effective Year Built 1964 / 1964
Bedrooms / Bathrooms 0 / 1
Units 1
Improvement 2

Square Footage 1,238
Year Built / Effective Year Built 1961 / 1961
Bedrooms / Bathrooms 3 / 2
Units 1
Improvement 3

Square Footage 1,516
Year Built / Effective Year Built 1941 / 1949
Bedrooms / Bathrooms 3 / 2
Units 1
Improvement 4

Square Footage 8,618
Year Built / Effective Year Built 1941 / 1949
Bedrooms / Bathrooms 7 / 9
Units 1
Improvement 5

Square Footage 2,160
Year Built / Effective Year Built 2009 / 2009
Bedrooms / Bathrooms 0 / 1
Units 1

WrteStufLA said...

Hmmmm ... Conveniently (and prophetically?) located right across the road from the Robert Taylor ranch, another sprawling (112 acre) upper Mandeville spread (with a Robert Byrd designed compound) that started off being listed at $65-mill, but ultimately sold at auction for $12-mill.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the place she purchased! This property may as well be photos of dirt, it would be just as interesting.

bentley said...

Isn't this the house used in Hart to Hart? Looks very familiar as the HQ for the antics of the millionaire-cum-detectives.

Anonymous said...

yes, the hart to hart house. lovely. would like to see the interiors

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the Hart to Hart house.

I also found this....

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful property, but, when I see something that secluded in the hills of SoCal, all I can think is "that's a wildfire waiting to happen..."

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I reversed the purchase order of Parmer - Goresl should be Parmer then Gores, not Gores then Parmer.

Wallace Ridge

Petra's said...

The house and grounds, to me, seem far more notable than the Robert Taylor ranch. I'll bet she gets more for this place, despite the smaller acreage.

Sean Valjean said...

Where is the best place for buying commercial real estate now?

Doug-G said...

I was also comparing this estate with the Robert Taylor ranch and it's sale (at auction) price. The Kaufman place does seem to be in better shape with nicer landscaping. (I believe Carla Ridge compared the interior of the Taylor main house with a Nebraska country club clubhouse from the 70's.) With the Taylor place you get more land (hillside) which the listings claimed could be subdivided into four estate size properties. That would be fun to try if you had a great sense of humor, loved legal fees and enjoyed meeting every environmentalist and preservationist in LA County and the state of California.

betch said...

listen up hos,, i dunno if these accusations against Miz Kaufman are true or not,, but judging by this listing i'm guessing she is one stingy old broad. not one interior shot to be found..

sylvie said...

It's simply beautiful and relaxing place. Hope to see interiors soon .

ponte vedra homes said...
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Sandpiper said...

3101 Mandeville Canyon listing 200 yards away, with interior photog, is far more interesting. Think it's part of a divorce situation. Ferrari Guy in town. Can't everybody just get along?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't have 40mm lying around, or 500K to pay for annual real estate taxes, but I can't imagine buying Casey Kasem's place for 2mm more than this wonderful piece of land! Or at least it seems in the photos.

Jason Knight said...
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Anonymous said...

The property was originally constructed in 1941, not 1964. It was designed by Paul R. Williams for opera singer John Charles Thomas. Here are some original photos of the house:


Anonymous said...

Interesting note from the Paul R. Williams website about the house

"Williams' design for this retreat says much about the client's involvement and demands and the architect's ability to meet them. In spite of a war-time materials shortage, Thomas insisted that the raised foundation use wood and steel I-beam construction as well as a liberal use of scarce concrete in the rest of the house. (This was a home meant to last.) A generous 3-foot plenum, space between floors, provided an impressive acoustic barrier for quiet. Though over 8000-square feet the home still had a cozy, warm and livable feel. The extensive use of wood paneling on the walls and ceilings along with large beams and double hung windows created an organic, treehouse effect. Rotunda seating in the living room encouraged conversation. Taking advantage of the landscape, Williams sited the home to maximize the natural views of mountains, Pacific Ocean, as well as the man-made fountains, pool and gardens. (Later residents noted the abundance of visiting wildlife who also felt at-home on the property.)Thomas also insisted on an underground bomb shelter with four-foot thick concrete walls, refrigators and a secret exit. This was a feature not typically found in a Williams' design."

Muhammad Khalid said...
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Rose Forrester said...
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Sandpiper said...

Nice catch on the home's archival records, 7:04!

I need that living room fireplace (big enough to cook in) and the trestle table in the kitchen (would make a great barstool height desk).

Anonymous said...

Very pretty home and gorgeously private and yet simultaneously open grounds. Love it all.

pavan said...
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turesta, said...
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Anonymous said...

I was told many years ago (I visited property over 20 years ago) that this property was also owned by actor Dick Powell prior to the Kaufman's purchasing it.

J. Ronald Reed said...
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