Friday, May 30, 2014

Jakob Dylan Quietly Sells Malibu Mini-Compound

SELLER: Jakob and Paige Dylan
PRICE: $7,375,000
SIZE: 7,752 square foot, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It took a bit of a group effort between Your Mama and The Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial to figure out that singer/songwriter Jakob Dylan quietly unloaded a freshly rehabbed compound-like mini-estate in the Point Dume area of Malibu for $7,375,000.

Mister Dylan, besides being honest to goodness rock 'n' roll royalty—his daddy is Bob Dylan, in case you didn't know, fronts the band The Wallflowers and, along with Dave Matthews, co-founded the fairly newly formed supergroup The Nauts.

As best as this property gossip can tell, Mister Dylan and his former actress/budding screenwriter wife, Paige Dylan, purchased the hair-more-than-an-acre spread in February 2011 for $3,980,000. They hired accomplished Malibu architect Doug Burdge to give the 1950s-era semi-Spanish style residence a cosmetic overhaul that included the removal of a swimming pool and the installation of downright drool-worthy, wide plank white oak wood floors throughout.

Listing details show the main house plus the two guest houses have a combined square footage of 7,752. One of the guest houses, as per the listing, has 650 square feet and the other 722. If Your Mama uses our ever-reliable bejeweled abacus to add up those latter two figures and then subtract the sum from the total square footage we come up with a main house that measures in at 6,380 square feet. Listing details we perused explicitly suggest the buyer verify the abode's square footage by their own means as the L.A. County Tax Man shows the house has just 5,303 square feet. (Curiously, a digital listing we dug up from the time the Dylan's acquired the property peg the place at 5,611 square feet with six bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.) Whatever the size, online marketing materials show the property has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms but, honestly children, where not sure if that includes any bedrooms and/or bathrooms in the guest cottages.

A high wall and an even higher thicket of shrubbery obscure the peering eyes of passers by and a gated driveway pushes deep into long and narrow property where it circles up to pass under a humbly scaled porte-cochere and pools up in a motor court with front-facing attached garage.

Wrought iron and glass doors open into a ridiculously but pleasantly over-sized reception gallery with pitched beam ceiling, huge windows and what Your Mama imagines (and hopes) is an authentic Beni Ourain rug. The luscious wood floors and vaulted ceilings continue into the living room where a chunky, minimalist fireplace with over-sized firebox anchors one end of the room and a wall of built-in bookshelves the other. Four sets of single-pane French doors that open to a terraces hemmed in on three sides by the back of the house and a baby grand piano and an acoustic guitar or two easily converts this the sitting room in to an extremely intimate music venue.

It's possible and maybe even likely, much of the Dylan's personal day-core and artworks were stripped down for the marketing process but, even if not, we're in an honest swoon for the all but unadorned formal dining room that stops short of cold austerity with a glimmering crystal chandelier (that could probably be hung a mite lower), a rustic and beat up, 10- or 12-seat farmhouse table and eight elegant and refined button tufted chairs that evoke a soupçon of 1940s glamour. But anyways...

We don't care what any of the children say about the uninspired, plain-Jane exterior of this house—because it's pretty ho-hum—but we think the kitchen is kinda fantastic. Two boxcar-sized center islands have slab marble counter tops on walnut cabinetry. Each has a two-stool snack bar and neither, it should be noted, are located underneath a dreaded and—Yes!—occasionally malevolent pot rack, thank you very much. The appliances are top-quality stainless steel and include double wall ovens and full-height side-by-side refrigerator and freezer. One end of the room has a built-in breakfast banquette next to French doors that open to motor court at the front of the house and, at the opposite end of the long, sky-lit space, more French doors open to a roof-shaded dining terrace that overlooks the backyard.

The kitchen flows directly into a step down family room with corner fireplace and a sculptural staircase that ascends to a large loft space with kiva-style corner fireplace and glass doors that open to a wrought-iron railed balcony and staircase that leads down to the backyard recreation and entertainment areas.

The privately situated, second floor master suite has a high, vaulted ceiling and plenty of room for a sitting area. A quartet of single-pane French doors open to a slender, wrought iron railed balcony that affords an long and wide, over-the tree tops view of the ocean. There are two roomy closets, as per listing details, plus a big and glitzy bathroom with two marble-topped vanities surmounted by florid, Rococo-esque mirrors, a jetted garden tub, a glass-fronted shower stall, and—Praise be!—a separate, privacy promoting cubicle for the crapper.

The back of the house wraps around three sides of a spacious, plaza-like central courtyard terrace where previous to its most recent renovation there was a small swimming pool and spa surrounded by a whole lot of red brick terracing. (The Dylans apparently installed a spa somewhere—it's noted in listing details—but they did not put in another pool. No offence, but for nearly eight million clams we want a pool but, then again, if you have eight million for the house you probably can scrape up another quarter million for a badass swimming pool complex.)

The terrace steps down to a thin strip of lawn that, in turn, steps down to a lighted tennis court. The paltry bit of grass between the tennis court and the terrace might seem stingy except that there's a vast stretch of lawn between the street and the front of the house where there's a children's playground tucked up into the shade of a small stand of mature trees.

Your Mama's research on the internets suggest Mister and Missus Dylan have lived or at least maintained a residence in Malibu since 2008 when they paid $3.35 million for a 1.3 acre property (with 2,365 square foot house) that they sold in the last days of 2011 for $3,575,000. Our research also suggests but does not entirely prove the couple still own yet another house in Malibu, this one an almost 6,000 square foot, decidedly contemporary dwelling on a gated, ocean view plateau in the foothills above Point Dume that last traded hands in the early days of 2011 for $4,250,000.

listing photos: Coldwell Banker


Anonymous said...

Bob's place on Point Dume is one of the largest estates in Malibu.

lil' gay boy said...

Not feeling this one at all -- it comes across as rather soulless, like the clubhouse for an abandoned development -- and makes little sense to this East Coaster. And before the wailing & gnashing of teeth begins, yes, I "get" Malibu (although I'm not particularly fond of this area --the house sits next to Howie Mandel's former home).

If, as Mama suggests, "It's possible and maybe even likely, much of the Dylan's personal day-core and artworks were stripped down for the marketing process...", I'd put out a APB for Staging Lady in a Pink Toyota; she's obviously run off the road somewhere east of here as there isn't even a cashmere throw in sight...


The deal breaker for me is the lighting system for the tennis court, which spoils what little ocean vista the property offers (it makes me feel like I'm looking across the parking lot at Garden World in Flushing).

With the almost unrelieved white interiors, a senseless site plan with the house crowded to the back of the lot, the ambiguous architecture and the spoiled view, I'd call this a possible teardown.

Anonymous said...

Lil gay boy !
missed you!

Anonymous said...

The lights on the tennis court are truly horrifying!

Rosco Mare said...

I like the casual elegance of this estate...wish I could own a place like this in glorious Malibu. However, the tennis court lights should be removed. I would keep most of the day-core and install wall art in the dining room. Unless it's heated to 80 degrees and in Palm Springs, I usually don't care for swimming pools; though, I appreciate the dramatic beauty of some of them.

The Melburnian. said...

Add a 25 meter dark blue pool and Aston on the drive and this is my version of heaven. I will sort out the tennis court lights in my spare time.

Mica Daza said...

The property looks like a good investment already. There are some areas that aren't up to my taste but I guess they can be fixed/changed/re-arranged.

Don Juan's Wreckless Daughter said...

@lil gay boy - truly exquisite observations/opinions - glad you're back! Xx

Taking Control of Money said...

I like the place and I think if there ares till minor things that I don't like in particular they can still fixed.

Anonymous said...

They dug up the pool, but they left the tennis courts!

bentley said...

No shit, Mama, that kitchen is tight. Give me a bottle of Cloudy Bay and I'd while away the hours making killer cold soups!

Other than that LGB nailed it with the abandoned clubhouse vibe.

Unknown said...

Wow, compound is the right word! I envy the realtor that got to be involved in that sale. What a beautiful property. Here's hoping the new owners take as much care of it. Thiago |

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, that man is far from gay he is still hot and straight.
As for the house she must have help to clean it. I don't see how anyone needs that big of a place, but rich people alwaysdo that.

Unknown said...

That looks like a great setup. The lawn is a beautiful green. I bet that takes a lot of work.
Bill |

floating stairs said...

Very nice house! It is very big! I already see myself living in this house! Nice post!