Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mid-Week Pick Up Sticks: Shirley MacLaine

Hollywood's favorite Oscar-winning New Ager Shirley MacLaine listed her 7,450 acre Plaza Blanca Ranch property outside of Santa Fe NM because, she told the property gossips at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), she wants to spend more tim in Santa Fe where she bought a house six years ago.*

So the scuttlebutt goes her psychics advised the wonderfully whackadoodle 79-year Tinseltown veteran to list the high desert spread for $30,000,000 but after some numerology hocus-pocus she opted for $18 million because 1+8=9 and nine is some sort of magic number. Anyways...

Miz MacLaine purchased the property, about an hour's drive north of Santa Fe, 20-ish years ago and made many improvements. The approximately 9,000 square foot main house has separate guest quarters and a 4 bedroom underground apartment. There's also a caretaker's cottage, a yurt, a swimming pool, two ponds, a horse barn and various other ranch-related buildings, and a hill top stone spiral that she told the WSJ helps to '"listening to your inner guidance."' (Nutty as that may sound to some, Your Mama could use a good listen to our own internal compass about now but, anyways...)

*Your Mama's research shows the crystal caressing Miz MacLaine's spacious, multi-winged Santa Fe residence sits on nearly five gated acres about 3.5 miles north and east of the Palace of the Governors in downtown Santa Fe and was purchased in mid-2005 for an unknown amount.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty (via Daniel Nadelbach for the The Wall Street Journal)


Anonymous said...

She is really 79?? I would have added at least 10 to that. Are you sure Mama?

Anonymous said...

7,450 acres and she couldn't find space for a four bedroom apartment ABOVE ground?

Anonymous said...

The stones along the driveway looks tacky , this place sounds strange, LOL hocus pocus