Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jordana Brewster Sells (and Buys)

SELLER: Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $3,767,625
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Last September (2013) Fast and Furious actress Jordana Brewster and her horror film producer husband Andrew Form (The Purge, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street) made a baby (via surrogate) and, like so many Tinseltowners before them, a new baby meant it was also time for new house.

In early February (2014), the couple listed their contemporary celeb-pedigreed pad* on a pistol-shaped parcel above L.A. perennially chic Sunset Strip with an asking price of $3,795,000. Property records show they purchased the property just three years earlier—in March, 2011—for $3,375,000.

Less than two months after Miz Brewster and Mister Form listed their Sunset Strip residence it was sold, according to property records, for $3,767,625. The buyer, who apparently does not care for simple purchase prices, is an obviously successful but not-famous L.A.-based tech sector venture capitalist.

Listing details show the glassy and gated, single-story residence—the Los Angeles Tax Man clocks it at 2,868 square feet—has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, an open plan main living area with terrazzo floors, a fireplace in the living room, and a small but sleek and expensively outfitted center island kitchen. In addition to the t.v. watching den just off the main living area there's a also a state-of-the-art screening room with tiered seating for at least eight.

Floor to ceiling glass sliders in the living and dining areas (as well as at least two of the bedrooms) make for an easy transition to the backyard recreation and entertainment areas that include a built-in kitchen, dining terrace and a swimming pool and spa set into the hillside above the house.

According to the nearly clairvoyant real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak the Brewster-Forms have already purchased a larger and more family friendly home in which to bring up baby. According to Yolanda the couple spent $4,640,000 for a late 1930s residence in L.A.'s rustic and wealthy Mandeville Canyon. The deal appears to have gone down off market but Your Mama's peek and poke around various property record data bases shows the existing house, all but hidden behind a thick stand of trees of shrubs, sits on almost an acre and has six bedrooms and six bathrooms in 5,285 square feet and was long-owned by the late Oscar-winning screenwriter James Poe (Around the World in 80 Days, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof).

In case anyone might care, previous to owning the house above the Sunset Strip that she just sold Miz Brewster owned a contemporary A-frame just above the Sunset Strip that it appears she bought in May 2002 for $880,000 and sold in May 2011 for $1.75 million to an orthopedic surgeon.

*Chat show queen Ellen DeGeneres purchased the house in June 1999 for $1.7 million and sold it in February 2002 for $1.93 million. The house was later and ever so briefly owned in 2005 by Frankie Muniz who bought it in mid-2005 for an unknown amount and sold it in December for $4.05 million. 

listing photos: Hilton & Hyland


Anonymous said...

I like this house very much.

Rosco Mare said...

I also like this house, especially the beautiful teak (?) panelled bathroom. I would replace some of the cement with landscaping in the backyard.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is as warm and welcoming as a locker room. Ugh.

Sandpiper said...

Great taste. This is exceptional. Plus, it's Ellen-blessed.

I just read that it's also on a cul-de-sac in a gated community. Bonus. Surprised it didn't get asking price. The VC got a deal.

A few more nice pics here.

Anonymous said...

Certainly money was left on the table here.

Anonymous said...

I like this house a lot too. There was a time when I only had eyes for traditional architecture, but modern has managed to solidly win me over and I'm not even quite sure how it happened.

I agree with the criticisms mentioned though. The kitchen is sterile and cold looking, and there's more hard scape than landscape in the back yard - both serious but expensively correctable flaws in my world.

Anonymous said...

3:40 - What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautifully designed home.

Anonymous said...

It means this would have and should have sold for a higher price. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

3:40 + 8:45 ..... I've never heard "leaving money on the table" applied to property negotiations. There is no money left on the table when a sale price is countered by prospective buyer when the counter offer is accepted by the owner.

Who left the money on the table and where did this money come from? I think your intent to use this phrase was well intended. You just didn't know what it meant.

That's ok because half of us are full of BS most of the time and flub up on a regular basis. Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of everything sacred, give it a rest already. Kimmy K's big booty is bouncing around LA again, go do something with your life and chase after her.