Friday, March 21, 2014

Robbie Williams Sells Vacant Lot

SELLER: Robbie Williams
BUYER: Eddie Aslanian
LOCATION: Beverly Hills (Post Office)
SIZE: 3.12 acres

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It's no secret amongst property gossips and those that follow such trivialities that British pop star Robbie Williams owns an almost 11,000 square foot house in the guard-gated—and bizarrely crime-riddled—Mulholland Estates community in the Beverly Hills Post Office area* that he picked up in July 2002 for $5.4 million from veteran country music superstar Clint Black and flaxen-maned actress Lisa Hartmann Black.

Last May, it was widely nattered and chattered about in property gossip column in Los Angeles and London (and beyond) that Mister Williams sold a two-parcel compound with multiple residences and a private soccer pitch on Mulholland Drive—less than a mile from his Mulholland Estates manse—for $3.7 million to a non-celebrity couple.**

What is less known is that back in early 2008 Mister Williams quietly acquired a vacant, 3.12 acre residential parcel tucked down a long private driveway at the northern tail of the Mulholland Estates development. We're not sure how much Mister Williams paid for the private promontory with unobstructed 180-degree views over the San Fernando Valley but we do know that he unsuccessfully attempted to sell the property several times including in April 2012 when it was listed for $8.5 million. Your Mama's internet research shows the property was last officially listed on the open market in September 2012 with an asking price of $7.9 million and property records reveal the buyer paid exactly $7 million for the property in January 2014.

The buyer, as per property records, is a Las Vegas corporate entity that not only does good ol' Yolanda Yakketyyak swear is controlled by venture capitalist Eddy Aslanian but is tied to a Las Vegas address easily linked to Mister Aslanian. Whether Mister Aslanian is (or is not) acting on behalf of a consortium of investors and what he plans to do (or not do) with the property is a mystery, at least to this property gossip.

Mister Aslanian's name probably rings a bell with some of the children because he's the same fella who last December (2013) managed to get software heiress and accomplished film producer Megan Ellison to cough up an $20 million for a crazy-ass and very visible house in the Hollywood Hills where Mister Aslanian was well known by Angelenos of a certain ilk for throwing raucous—and, some have snitched to Your Mama, sometimes raunchy—parties.

Mulholland Estates has long attracted celebs and other high profile people. Immediately next door to Mister Aslanian's newly purchased bare patch of dirt is the 16,000 square foot mansion that recently divorced former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member—and carefree cougar—Adrienne Maloof picked up last year for $13.4 million. Whackadoodle sitcom star Charlie Sheen owns a couple of mansions in the 'hood, Paris Hilton still owns the one that was repeatedly burgled by the notorious Bling Ring and, last year, (2013) X-Tina (Aguilera) shelled out $10 million for an 11,000+ square foot residence. The world's most famous letter turner, Vanna White, has lived in her nearly 9,000 square foot mock-Med macmansion since she bought it in the fall of 2001 for $3.4 million from singer/songwriter and apparently retired actress Crystal Bernard.

*Before any of y'all area and zip code fanatics take Your Mama to task for our L.A.-specific  real estate ignorance, know that we know that, technically, the Mulholland Estates development is not in Beverly Hills or even the Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO). It's actually in Sherman Oaks, a perfectly lovely and partly upscale semi-suburban community in the San Fernando Valley that, like it or not, has long been popular with Tinseltown types. However Sherman Oaks's 91423 zip code nor its 818 area code carry the same international renown or, generally speaking, pull down the same sort of residential real estate sale prices as the 213 area coded Bev Hills and/or the also 213 area coded BHPO. So, somehow, no doubt much to the chagrin of many but to the multi million dollar delight of residents, the developers of Mulholland Estates managed, somehow—in a most honorable fashion we have to believe—to secure a Beverly Hills zip code, if not a 213 area code, for the enclave. 

**Mister Williams is a semi-permanent fixture in property gossip columns in both the United States and the U.K. In 2008 Your Mama revealed the former boy bander's intention to buy a big mock-Med mansion in Beverly Park. (He did not follow through with the purchase.) He bought a 70-plus acre country estate in Compton Bassett (Wiltshire) in 2009 and has been trying to sell it for years with ever lower asking prices. As far as we know it remains unsold but that didn't stop he and wife Ayda from splashing out about £17.5 million last December (2013) for a somewhat legendary, 46-room mansion in London's Holland Park.

listing photos: The Agency


Anonymous said...

The residents in Mulholland Estates have 818 numbers, back then it was more prestige to be in Beverly Hills but it's 2014 and like it or not The Valley is what's hot these days. Everyone is moving to the Valley, Also 818 is like so much better than 213, do people even still have 213 area codes? Like ew.

Anonymous said...

Partly upscale? Gosh why do you guys have to be haters all the time, Sherman Oaks is an upscale neighborhood especially if you think Hollywood Hills is upscale.

Anonymous said...

What are the HOA fees for the purported great security?

Anonymous said...

None of these gated communities are completely gated.... there are multiple areas you can and I have snuck right into Beverly Park.

Anonymous said...

You may have snucked into Beverly Park but all the homes are gated so big deal. You can't get past those gates.

lil' gay boy said...

$7M for a patch of dirt next to Adrienne Maloof?


Sandpiper said...

LGB, ditto.

Anonymous said...

Gazing out over steamy valley? How depressing is that? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Valley is hot. Hot as hell in the summer.