Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Midweek Mash Up: Vince Vaughn (and Kayne West)

Last April (2013) actor Vince Vaughn and his Canadian real estate agent wife, Kyla Weber, dropped $3.925 on a white, clapboard-sided Beaver Cleaver-style center hall Colonial on a purdy tree-lined street in the affluent, suburban Los Angeles community of La Cañada-Flintridge, about 15 miles due north of downtown Los Angeles and not quite 20 miles north and east from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

We don't know if the rapidly procreating couple have come down with a hardcore care of The Celebrity Real Estate Fickle or if they've simply decided to add to their property portfolio with a large house nearer to the beach because the latest real estate reports out of casually swanky beach side community of Manhattan Beach (via the property gossip gal at the L.A. Times) reveal the couple shelled out $6.447 million for a 7,308 square foot quasi-Craftsman mini-mansion about 1.5 miles from the Manhattan Beach Pier

The six bedroom and seven bathroom residence, located behind gates on a .44 acre plot at the tail end of a quiet cul-de-sac east of Pacific Coast Highway, was sold as per reports and property records by former USC football coach Lane Kiffin. Mister Kiffin, college sports enthusiasts probably already know, was fired from his coveted coaching gig USC last year now and now does what he does—whatever that is—for the Crimson Tide people at the University of Alabama.

Mister Vaughn still owns a 12,000 square foot triplex penthouse atop the so-called Palmolive Building in Chicago that he first tried to sell off-market for $24.7 million and then listed in 2012 for $18.4 million. The price fell to $16.8 million before he took it off the (open) market in early 2013.

In other, as yet unreported celebrity real estate scuttlebutt out of Manhattan Beach...

Has anyone besides Your Mama heard that Kanye West—the increasingly entrepreneurial (and on probation) music industry super nova who will probably go down in Showbiz history as reality television klieg light Kim Kardashian's baby daddy—quietly shelled out $4.5 million for an ocean-view fixer-upper duplex just a short block from the beach? Well, he did.*

Not for lack of looking but Your Mama has yet to turn up a digital listing for the property but as best as we can tell the 1940s era structure has two two bedroom and one bathroom units atop a three car garage. We can't fathom why, besides as an investment, Mister West would buy a dumpy if egregiously expensive duplex in Manhattan Beach but, no T no shade, children, Your Mama don't understand much of what Kanye does so, you know,whatever.

*For the records, property records are somewhat circumstantial on this one but the digital documentation Your Mama peeped and perused clearly point back to the same Denver (CO) wealth management office as Mister West's other homes in Los Angeles and New York City. And, besides, butter beans, we heard about this from wildly well-connected real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak and we all know that beotch hardly ever gets her celebrity real estate wires crossed.

listing photos: Stroyke Properties


Anonymous said...

Looks tacky and not even an ocean view for almost $6.5?! C'mon could do much better

Unknown said...

It seems like celebs who buy in La Canada-Flintridge almost always get a quick case of the ol' real estate fickle; my theory is that, on paper, it doesn't seem that far away, but after living there for a little bit they find themselves taking the hike over to the westside so often that it quickly becomes tiresome...

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Been inside that development E of Sepulveda (where the locals say there is no life) and the homes are lovely.
As far as KW and the duplex, maybe he bought the one that was featured in 2012 on or around 40th St.

I much prefer Hermosa Beach, not so snotty.

Tyler said...

"Your Mama don't understand much of what Kanye does so, you know,whatever."

lmao, perfect. He and Kim both. In an effort to get herself excluded from a lawsuit involving her makeup line, Kim admitted in court she doesn't have a clue what goes into it and just slaps her name on the stuff. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Kanye West in Orange County? LOL - I can not even imagine. Kanye West is (or thinks he is) too grandiose for such a place. If it's not Paris or NYC or Beverly Hills or somewhere fashionable" then forget it.

Sandpiper said...

Vaughn: Couldn't they -- or why wouldn't they -- go for something on the beach? Confounding. It looks rather masculine but that's just me. On the other side of PCH? Why bother.

The tub's plumbing access is ridiculous. Then again, he has propensity for ending up with weird bathrooms. The traditional has a crazy one too. Why I single out johns, I don't know.

The other one: I love this funky beach side neighborhood. Mama-kins, as you're well aware, this area is a jammed up grid of duplexes, triplexes and larger. Lots of rentals.

Tons of older units over garages with roof deck "ocean views". Might be challenging to pinpoint unless Yolanda's connected down there. Don't bother finding it for me, sweet girl, cause I could give a damn.

lil' gay boy said...

So close to the ocean, and yet so far...*sigh*

My fine feathered friend, I see from the few photos Mama posted (who would have thought they were the best the listing had to offer?) where the "masculine" vibe comes from -- but the rest of the photos reveal a shocking variety of peach, pink, and lavender bedrooms (apart from a baby poo-shaded master) -- oy vey.

I'll grant a little latitude in characterizing this as "Craftsman" due to the exposed rafter tails & shingled siding -- but not the rest; there's an alarming stone star-burst on a two story chimney breast that completely gives the lie to any "craft" whatsoever. Yikes!

The listing photos are indeed an education; who would believe a 12 year old house could look so dated -- and not in the "vintage" or "good bones" kinda way...and that range hood looks like something out of Baron Harkonnen's playroom in Dune.

Anonymous said...

Kanye bought the property so Bruce can hole up in private after his sex change operation to Brandy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vince Vaughn is a total creep. Someone close to me worked on a project with him and he was a horrific jerk- beyond even the worse show business stories out there. Arrogant, condescending, lecturing, and stupid to top it off. Disrespectful, insulting. I can't wait for this guy to fall out of fashion and disappear. His entire acting "style" is say something that isn't really funny, then say it again because if you say it twice it makes it funnier!