Monday, February 3, 2014

Twilight Star Ashley Greene Buys in Bev Hills

BUYER: Ashley Greene
LOCATION: Beverly Hills (Post Office), CA
PRICE: $2,435,000
SIZE: 2,713 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A morning spent at the dentist has left Your Mama feeling loopy and emotionally exhausted—we are petrified of the dentist—so forgive us if we're more loopy, long-winded and digressive than usual...

A late late digital dispatch from real estate yenta dropped a handful of celebrity real estate morsel in Your Mama's nosy lap including details about the understated (if hardly cheap) Beverly Hills (Post Office) residence that Twilight franchise star Ashley Greene quietly acquired a couple weeks ago for $2,435,000.

Miss Greene, a self-described tomboy and a scene stealer with three Scene Stealer Female Teen Choice Awards to prove it, poked around as a teenager in Tinseltown before she landed her plum role in the stratospherically successful Twilight series. Along with the never-ending Twilight movies Miss Greene has also popped up in a whole lotta box office bombs that Your Mama ain't never heard of—i.e. LOL, Butter, and The Apparition—and in 2011 landed a recurring role on the (thankfully) concrete-shoed tee-vee series Pan Am. Not that it matters a lick in regards to our real estate matter at hand but Miss Greene is currently romantically linked with Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth's b.f.f. Paul Khoury, a bearded and bulging biceped—and also Australian—t.v. presenter and game show host who was once named Cleo magazine's Bachelor of the Year.

Avid readers of celebrity blogs and gossip glossies may recall that last spring 20-something year old Miss Greene's rental apartment at the historic and celebrity favored French Normandy-style Granville Towers building in West Hollywood (CA)* was torched after an unattended candle tipped over and lit her couch on fire. Miss Greene lost one of her dogs in the third floor conflagration—which much have been a goddamn nightmare to grapple with—and she was subsequently sued by a several of her neighbors who we're nine kinds of p.o.'ed with the resulting soot and water damage to their apartments. We're not sure of the status of those lawsuits—Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?—but reports from late 2013 indicate Miss Greene's insurance company agreed to pony up more than three hundred thousand dollars for repairs to her rental apartment.

Anyways, property records are a big vague on this one but good ol' Yolanda and our inestimable informant Lucy Spillerguts both swear the new owner of the privately situated single story residence in question is indeed the accidental fire starter who—we have it on good authority—leased the property before she bought it.

Listing details show the house, a modestly sized red tile roofed mock-Med ranch set up a long, gated drive on a largely flat .36-acre property near the tip of a barely-there cul-de-sac in the upper Coldwater Canyon area, was originally built in the early 1950 and currently measures 2,713 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

A secured gate set into a tall and foliage enshrouded wall opens from the motor court to a tree-shaded yard where a stone walkway leads to the front door and, beyond that, the swimming pool. A small but proper entrance hall gives way to an L-shaped living and dining room area, the former with wood floors and a cast concrete fireplace the latter with flagstone flooring, a slightly vaulted ceiling, and French doors on two opposing walls that, when open, turn the room into an outdoor dining porch.

The floors switch back to wood the renovated kitchen that's outfitted with upper-grade stainless steel appliances, bead board accented Shaker-style cabinetry, gray stone counter tops, and a sky light or two. A quite compact adjoining breakfast room has French door access to a hallway slender concrete terrace that runs along the long back side of the residence.

Two guest/family bedrooms share two hall bathrooms, one with a pretty nifty six-paned circular window that could only be better if it tilted open for ventilation and both with dark wood cabinetry and loads of tan and beige tile. The master bedroom has beamed and vaulted ceilings, a built in entertainment unit and and an adjoining space—to call it a room would be far to generous—with flagstone tile floor and French doors. Listing photos show a treadmill tucked into the slim space which is about all it's really good for even though there's little Your Mama loathes more than exercise contraptions in the master bedroom. Seriously, children, who wants to wake up every morning staring at a damn treadmill? Not Your Mama, that's who. Anyhoo, the master also includes a large fitted walk-in closet, a separate boudoir/dressing room, and a medium-sized bathroom with brown and beige checkerboard tile floor, a glassed-in steam shower, and a free-standing soaking tub. The children will note the tiny television mounted over the tub for optimal viewing angle from both the bath tub and the terlit. Really? We can't even take a bath or move our bowels without our eyes being glued to the boob-toob anymore? Does this depress anyone besides Your Mama?

The free-form swimming pool is tucked up into the way back of the property where it wraps snugly around the living room and extends back towards the dining room. The flagstone flooring in the dining room continues out and surrounds the swimming pool before it gathers itself in to a terrace for lounging, dining, and sun bathing.

*Granville Towers has been home to a slew of stars including Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, Brendan Fraser, Joe Jonas, Mickey Roarke, Nicole Scherzinger, and, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Portia di Rossi DeGeneres.

listing photos: The Agency


Anonymous said...

BORING!!! Who is she and who cares about this RV?

Anonymous said...

Mama, can you please stop taking the lord's name in vain. I have been reading your blog since you first started but that kinda language is enough to drive people away. And I am a huge fan of your site but that's offensive to some people.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? about 40 million Twilight fans, that's who.

Taking the Lord's name in vain? Are you being serious? Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

P.S. It's pretty well known God hates gossip but that doesn't stop you from coming to a snarky gossip blog does it? The hypocrisy is golden. hahahaha

Sandpiper said...

Yay! Finally a real life Med with interesting exteriors. Love the generous eaves. That, plus the lawns and gently contoured pool make for an attractive outdoor environment. I'm sure the interiors shored up nicely post staging.

Monster microwave silliness aside, that TV / tub business is disconcerting. Isn't there a building code about large electrical devises dangling over a mass of inhabited water? No thank you.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful property thanks for sharing such mind blowing property.

Anonymous said...

Best. Staging. Ever! I want that dining set but at $79 at Wal Mart I think Im gonna have to wait till clearance

Petra's said...

I have a feeling our beloved LGB will give this one a "Meh", but I'm kinda feeling it like Sandpiper.

The seclusion is very nice - although one has to wonder how quiet it actually is, with the Coldwater "highway" being so close and all.

lil' gay boy said...

Not to disappoint, but -- meh.

It's awfully pale...but overall, the house is well-sited for such a constricted lot.

Anonymous said...

It's cute but for 2.5 mil, I expect a lot more. 3 bathrooms? I'd want 4 - one for each bedroom and 1 for guests. And I'm not sure of the pool. I guess people no longer swim in pools but only use them to splash around. But I would still like a pool I could do laps in.