Monday, February 10, 2014

Rick and Kathy Hilton Buy Big Apple Pied-a-Terre

BUYERS: Rick and Kathy Hilton
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $2,522,000
SIZE: 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: After a years long stay in a large suite at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Towers, socially connected American royals Rick and Kathy Hilton decamped for sunny southern California in 2004 where they settled into a large house in a plum lower Bel Air location. Ten years later, we learned over the weekend from a well-connected New York-based informant we'll call Kitty Boots, the empty nesting couple—they would be the parents of gossip glossy staples Paris, Nicky, Barron, and the as yet relatively unknown college-aged Conrad III—paid an eye-popping $2.522 million for a one bedroom pied-a-terre at the palatial Pierre Hotel and Residences on Fifth Avenue where it's widely known that buyers must not only pay for their apartments in cash but also have substantial and verifiable additional liquid assets.

Mister Hilton, in case you somehow don't know, is an a scion to the Hilton Hotels fortune as well as the Hilton in the high profile Hilton & Hyland real estate brokerage in Beverly Hills. Missus Hilton, who starred in her own reality show flop a few years ago (I Want to Be a Hilton) and used to hawk high-end skin care products on HSN, currently "designs" a line of evening gowns and party dresses that are sold in pricey boutiques and upper end department stores around the country.

Listing details Your Mama dug up on the internets shows the Hilton's newly acquired high floor corner co-op at The Pierre has one bedroom and two bathrooms, one that opens directly off the living room, which could create some uncomfortable olfactory moments, and another in the bedroom slathered in ultra-feminine blush pink marble.

A small but proper foyer with parquet floors and itty-bitty coat closet opens leads to a living/dining room combination barely larger than one likely found in a modestly sized ranch home but with sweeping northern views that encompass the east side of Central Park. Just off the foyer there's a compact, all-white kitchen equipped with under-counter fridge, built-in microwave, and Euro-style under-counter combo washer/dryer.

A dressing room corridor flanked by a pair of fitted walk-in closets separates the main living spaces from the roomy but hardly huge, double-exposure bedroom that the sellers—a prominent French couple with addresses in Paris, France, and Juno Beach, FL—did up with cinnamon and eggshell colored lattice pattern wall-to-wall carpeting, classic toile curtains, and a tone on tone pink vertical striped wall treatment.

Monthly maintenance charges ring up to $3,510, according to listing details, and residents of the 70 or so cooperative apartments have access to the five-star hotel's white glove services that include valet and 24/7 concierge services, attentive doormen and elevator attendants, twice daily maid service, a fitness center and spa (shared with hotel guests), an around-the-clock on-call physician, and fine dining-style room service.

Back in Los Angeles, Mister and Missus Hilton continue to own the gated and fortified five bedroom and five bathroom residence they picked up in July 2004 for $9,220,000. Property records show they bought the property from the widow of well-connected entertainment attorney Milton Rudin who represented an army of high profile peeps like Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, The Jackson Five, and the Aga Khan.

listing photos and floor plan: Brown Harris Stevens


Anonymous said...

Looks like a hotel room with a kitchen. By "eye popping" you must mean the price. I would think they could do much better for the price. Boring...NEXT

lil' gay boy said...

A Gloom With A View.

Anonymous said...

Not really a statement apartment for a family obsessed with themselves. Seems more like an expensive crash pad for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Richards be like "damnit! That's what my house cost!"

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like someone couldn't get a room during fasion week.

Anonymous said...

their son Barron now lives in NYC -- with a slight re-decoration, this would be a potential place for him.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me mama? I'd expect something much more grand from the Hiltons, not a boring cooperative. This place is horrible, American royals?! Their not even close, just a bunch of cokehead weirdos. They are just as trashy as the Kartrashian family, might even be worse.

Nathan said...

This isn't something they will live in. While I absolutely love that it's not some 10,000 sq ft condo, these two Hiltons don't seem like the kind that can live in something "that small".

Cunt said...

Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care
Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care
Jimmy cracked corn and I don't caaaare
Oh Massa, Massa's gone awaaaaayyyyy

Anonymous said...

Mama Lama say what? $3,510 bucks a month!! For a 1 bedroom??!! Thats over 200 grand in 5 years, just to own that shit. Even if you get to use all the hotel crap, seems like highway robbery for a one bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Everyone realizes that this pied a terre is at The Pierre, correct?! This is not some schlumpy walk up in a bad part of town. I am sure that they will have it re-done. I would LOVE this place. Has everyone lost their collective mind? Since when is a little slice of luxury in a storied building a bad thing? Sometimes I think that the children just like to complain. Maybe you would rather see some Kevin Federline heap?? Thanks mama, hope all is well with you and the Dr.

Anonymous said...

It makes no rational sense to buy this unit rather than booking a suite at normal hotel when they're in town. Could this have been purchased under an LLC as an east coast business expense? I know that businesses do operate out of suites at the Pierre but don't know how the IRS tax stipulations might apply or be bamboozled to his benefit.

Unknown said...

that 3,500 a month is charges. For the month. for teh guy with the mustache to hold open the door. and stuff.
Wow, it seems a lot for monthly "maintenance" charges. That would be a deal breaker for me. hahaahahaha Like I could ever, EVER but anyway.

I liked the apartment. Thanks Mama