Monday, September 23, 2013

Your Mama Hears...

...from a well-placed source, let's call her Tina Tattletale, that 16-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter David Foster his fourth wife, Dutch-born former model Yolanda Foster of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills notoriety are very quietly showing their bluff-top spread in Malibu, CA to a select group of people with an astronomical asking price of $27 million.*

Property records indicate Miz Foster, the ex-wife of Beverly Hills mega-mansion developer Mohamed Hadid, paid $4.5 million the 3.25 acre ocean-view property in June 2007, shortly after she and Mister Foster hooked up but long before they officially (and legally) hitched their wagons in a lavish wedding attended by a busload of high profile music industry bigwigs.

The couple custom built the 11,600+ square foot mansion that property records show was completed in 2009 and has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Committed reality t.v. watchers may have seen Miz Foster on RHOBH picking lemons, arranging flowers, throwing ladies luncheons for the other "housewives," and otherwise pitter-pattering around as the pampered but unexpectedly sensible stay-at-home mother/housewife that she is.

Tina Tattletale went on to snitch to Your Mama that the Mediterranean-style mansion is "pretty amazing" with a "super crazy long [gated] driveway" and plaza-sized motor court and back in January Miz Foster toured the Bravo cameras through the sun-splashed and salt air-licked residence that includes formal entertaining spaces—with a grand piano, natch, a paneled study, and a super-sized center-island kitchen with marble slab counter tops and a somewhat famous glass-doored and marble-lined walk-in chiller (see picture 23). An adjoining family room has a full-wall of built-in bookshelves and another wall of wood-framed glass doors that fold open and connect to exterior living areas that include deep loggias for outdoor living, a broad, amorphous lawn, a rectangular negative edge swimming pool, two fire pits, and terraced citrus and avocado orchards, all with panoramic views of the Pacific.

Mister and Mister Foster luxuriate in a massive master suite that includes a boutique-style closet and dressing room (seen here) with floor-to-ceiling shoe racks; stacks of t-shirts and sweaters; drawers full of belts, sunglasses and lingerie; bunches of cubbies filled with dozens of designer handbags; and a long wall of meticulously organized glass-fronted wardrobes including one that's just for Miz Foster's collection of leather coats.

Other noteworthy features according to our tattletale include a home theater, a recording studio, and an extensive fitness complex with gym, spa, massage room, sauna, and hot and cold plunge pools.

Some of the children may recall that just a coupe months ago Mister and fourth-Missus Foster put their 4,200 square foot penthouse in downtown Victoria, B.C. on the market with a $5,250,000 price tag.

*Full disclosure: Your Mama first heard the ask was $18 million, then we heard it was $29 million, and then we finally heard $27 million.

aerial photo: Bing


Anonymous said...

I suppose we do not need Tina to describe this property, as it has been well documented on the program. I smell the D I V O R C E word since they put the B.C property on the market. I hope not, as I really liked Yolanda on Housewives.

Anonymous said...

I love Yolanda! Beeyotch is almost as fabulous as Queen Lisa! Yep I said it!

Anonymous said...

$27 mill for Calabasas house across the street from billionaires row. Where you still have to barter for beach access & have death wish to walk to the beach. More proof that celebrity deludes the mind.

3464 Sweetwater can be had for a 2/3 the price. And that house is not fetching the asking the price as it has been floated for years & still listed for $19 mill.

Lemon tree's as a selling point in California. Lemon tree;s grow anywhere here except the high Sierra's. Thats not a selling point.

Constant PCH traffic 24 hrs a day & how you suppress that sound when you open the windows is a selling point.

Nobdy wants to go out like Ben Vereen with a boogie board in hand just trying to enjoy a day at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver and Victoria are different cities, just so you know!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Your Mama didn't also hear the sounds of the fire trucks right across the street.
Unless there's a wildfire every damn day, there is no way this is getting close to $30mil.

Anonymous said...

No beach, you say?
I think there's a little sandy area in the lower right corner of that aerial.
All the comforts of the beach without any of that pesky water stuff.

Anonymous said...

If lemon and cayenne cleanses don't do it for you, just think an above-the-highway house in Malibu with a front facing 3 car garage that's asking 27 million dollars.
If that doesn't give you diarrhea I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

I swear to you I read online once that when mz foster divorced mr hadid she got a buncha cars and stuff, a house in Santa babs, and a house/land in Malibu, plus like 3mil in cash and some sort of monthly payment plan on top of it.
What if she got her hands on this place in the divorce and just subsequently took out a mortgage to build it out/re-work the land/tear down what may have been there before?
And what if she then met mr foster, who surely would have invested some cash of his own into the place?
Or maybe the mortgage is for financial benefits?
Or maybe I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you cross the street in front of the house you still have to go about 40 houses down to the public beach access, that kind of sucks the fun out of it, nice beach view too bad you can't use it..

KimL said...

I am obsessed with this house. Going so far as to look for it on google maps.