Friday, September 20, 2013

End of Week Pick Up Sticks: Judge Judy

Famously forceful, cantankerous, and occasionally hostile television judge Judy Sheindlin continues to shake up her impressive residential real estate portfolio. In May (2013) she and her husband, Jerry—a former television judge himsef, sold their five-room pied-a-terre at the super-snooty Sherry Netherland on New York City's Fifth Avenue for $8.5 million to a high-cultured Philadelphia-based couple, dollar store pioneer Bernard Spain and his sophisticated, social, and always meticulously maquillaged wife, Joan.

At almost the exact same time in May (2013) that the Judges Sheindlin dumped their digs at the Sherry in New York City, the $45 million dollar a year earner laid out $10.7 million for a five bedroom condo-crib the size of suburban macmansion in the heart of Beverly Hills at the swish Montage Beverly Hills, the same luxury hotel and condo complex where Oprah Winfrey (allegedly) owns a $14 million part-time residence.

Now comes word via the property obsessed peeps at The Real Deal that the 14-time Daytime Emmy nominee—always a Showbiz bridesmaid never a bride—and her hubby shelled out $8,500,000 for a spacious duplex penthouse atop a full-service co-operative building designed by the inestimable architect Rosario Candela and built in 1929 in Midtown Manhattan's sleepy and still pretty damn swanky if not terribly fashionable Sutton Place nabe.

Digital listing details, which include a delectable floor plan, show the two-floor aerie has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, two wood-burning fireplaces, a roomy living room with three exposures, a wood-paneled library, a formal dining room, and a colossal center island kitchen with a temperature controlled walk-in wine cellar that can accommodate 900 bottles of booze. A private terrace wraps entirely around the upper level living spaces. Monthly maintenance charges ring up to $7,363 but the proudly churlish yet wildly popular lady judge (reportedly) earns $123,000 per day so, you know, she could probably dig up seven grand every month in the seats of her private jet.

This is not, as it turns out, the first time Judge Judy and Mister Judge Judy have owned an apartment in the Sutton Place area. Three years ago, according to property records we peeped, they quietly sold a three bedroom and 4.5 bathroom duplex penthouse with two terraces in a luxury post-war tower on Sutton Place South. Miz Sheindlin and her husband, Jerry, also own a swanky condo in Naples, FL, and a baronial estate they had custom built in high-nosed Greenwich, CT. We've read they keep a place in Wyoming but, honestly butter beans, we don't know a thing about that.

listing photos and floor plan: Stribling


lil' gay boy said...

The current "decor" is E X T R E M E L Y dated, fusty & overwrought, but the bones are impeccable, the floorplan is killer (love the two-bedroom master you can close off), and it looks like most of the Candela touches are still in situ. And the views are exceptional, even for Sutton Place.

Was just watching her give one of her famous tongue-lashings to yet another group of idiots last night -- no wonder she makes a fortune.

She makes me smile -- and reminds me of Nana.

Anonymous said...

She makes $45 million a year????
No wonder we have problems in this country.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of afraid to incur the wrath of lil', so I'll tread lightly.
I don't think the floor plan is all that great. It's serviceable, at best. The only place to take a leak on the upper level, is hidden away in the library. The food from the kitchen, must travel through the public hallway to be served. Where invariably the servers will crash into guests, running to the library to take a pee. The 2 bed, 1.5 bath, master room is awkward at best and wasted space at it's worst. The wrap around terrace is wonderful. The peekaboo view is ok.

I much prefer the décor to the floor plan. The interior is old lady done right. I can actually picture J.J. in there, even though those are most likely the previous owners things.
J.J. lives large, not sure why she chooses to lay her head in a place like this. Seems like for $8.5 million she could find a place of greater pedigree.

Anonymous said...

What problems in this country are related to JJ's income 12:42??? She is a judge and entrepreneur, not the President or a Senator. As LGB more or less said, I love that she lets the morons have it! "Take your hands out of your pockets", "Look at me", "I dont believe you" ....All the things that the idiots should have been taught growing up, hence they would not be meeting Judge Judy.

lil' gay boy said...

Fear not, my anonymous friend; I agree with your assessment of the current layout. Your word "serviceable" hits the nail on the head -- but the proportions and manner in which the rooms relate to one another make the plan easy to do anything from "gussy up" to gut renovate.

Sadly, I'd lean toward the latter (without touching the Candela features, of course). This little queen is not quite yet ready for old lady decor, no matter how well done.


Anonymous said...

Why do the interiors make me think of a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

Anonymous said...

or 1985

Anonymous said...

Shavua tov Mama and Kinderlach:

The Rabbi is 85% in love with JJ's 14 Sutton Plce South penthouse. The library, living, and dining rooms are relationally proportionate, bright, and breezy, due to three-way cross ventilation in the latter rooms. The terrace is heavenly, although direct East River views are eclipsed by 1 Sutton Place South across the street.

The Rabbi is untroubled with the library-adjacent powder room, as her childhood hone contained an identical arrangement, ideal for snatching the latest Stephanie Plum novel on her way to the loo. For inclined Kinderlach, the powder room is easily reconfigured, sealing current library ingress, repositioning the sink to the former doorway, and creating egress to the gallery. Nevertheless, this proposal is Not Rabbinically Recommended (NRR), as a site-line from the elevator vestibule to the powder room would be created, and an alcove ideal for bureau or commode placement would be eliminated. Far more challenging is the conveyance of kosher victuals, as described by Anonymous 1:52 p.m., a conundrum for which the Rabbi lacks a Talmudic responsa. Far less problematic, the Rabbi charitably perceives the bedroom level to actually contain four full baths, as the hall facility appears to include a shower.

Number 14 Sutton Place South contains multiple apartments modest in size and price, with listings frequently marketed at far under one million dollars. For the KInderlach who enjoy fabulous Candela details, a rich grandma vibe, a quiet and residential Manhattan neighborhood, and a tongue-lashing elevator encounter with JJ, "Stand up straight! And you're going out with your hair lookIng like that?", 14 Sutton Place South might just be your cup of Manischewitz.

Rabbi Hedda LaCasa
Sent via her (Jewish American) Princess Phone

Sandpiper said...

Hi 1:52. Took the words right out of my mouth about the biffy, even used the word awkward, but I’ll say it anyway. (Thing is, I always write a comment before reading others, so this is eerie.) Here we go.

Another staggering Rosario Candela. Only wish the dining room could’ve had a direct sightline from dining room to living room. That always makes such a big splash. As always, my big concern: I don’t see a guest sandbox, unless it’s in the library. What if cigars and side business is going on in there. Awkward. Run the faucet I suppose. Meow.

Rabbi, I'll give you a hand with the half-bath reconfigure. You'll need a old-word cabinet maker to seamlessly revert the library's soon-to-be "un-ingressed" wall to contiguous, or you know who will throw a bloody fit. LGB, you'll need a wallpaper steamer. I'll bring the G&Ts.

Sandpiper said...

P.S. It's times like this when I really need Aunt Mary for her Sherry and chocolates and always sparkling conversation. Miss her here.