Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE: Dr. Dre and Nicole Threatt

Last November all us celebrity property gossips busted a gut when rapper, record producer and high-end headphone mogul Dr. Dre and his long-time lady-wife Nicole Threatt dropped $15.4 million on a nearly 10,000 square foot contemporary residence prominently sited on a gated promontory near the tippy-top of the so-called Bird Street's nabe high above L.A.'s perennially chic Sunset Strip.*

As Your Mama told the children last November, Dr. Dre and Miz Threat are budding, L.A.-oriented real estate mini-ballers who, in addition to their high octane Sunset Strip digs, also own a nearly 14,000 square foot spread with eight bedrooms and half a dozen bathrooms in Woodland Hills as well as an 8,800+ square foot beach front mansion on Carbon Beach,** arguably Malibu's most coveted stretch of sand.

What neither Your Mama nor any of the other property gossips knew—or revealed—is that in October, 2012, almost a year after they acquired their sexy Sunset Strip residence, Dr. and Missus Dre shelled out $10,500,000 for a pair of vacant residential lots in the guard-gated, equestrian-oriented, and celebrity-filled Hidden Hills community in the far western suburbs of Los Angeles.

Property records are a wee bit wacky due to their recent unification but, as far as Your Mama can tell, the two undeveloped parcels encompass more than five acres with a prairie-sized flat building pad easily large enough to accommodate two substantial mansions. Presumably Dr. and Missus Dre plan to custom build one super-sized mansion that caters to their every lifestyle whim and desire.

Some of the high-flying couple's nearby neighbors include a couple of homes owned by John and Gloria Gebbia, the very the same people who sold Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert an opulent Hidden Hills mansion in September 2011 that, somewhat perplexedly, they bought back in April 2013. (The Braxton-Herberts moved to Calabasas where they bought a 15,000 square foot spec-built house from...wait for it...John and Gloria Gebbia. Anyways...)

When completed, the Dre's new mansion will be close enough for their minimum wage scullery maid borrow a cup of sugar or a bottle of champagne from rapidly procreating former pop/reality star turned mid-priced apparel tycooness Jessica Simpson who, all the celebrity real estate obsessed children already know, just this last March (2013) paid Showbiz veterans Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne $11,500,000 for her multi-acre Hidden Hills mini-compound.

Also hiding out in Hidden Hills are 44-year old cougar entertainer Jennifer Lopez and her sexy, 25-year old rebound lover, Casper Smart. (Your Mama would not be the least bit surprised if he became her fourth husband since she seems, like Elizabeth Taylor, to the marrying type.) Other high profile home owners inside the guarded gates of Hidden Hills include Lee Ann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Nicolette Sheridan, former teen heart throb Shaun Cassidy, David Boreanz and his former Playmate wife Jaime Bergman, and germophobe comedian Howie Mande. And, of course, we can't forget that Hidden Hills has long been the family seat of the publicity-mad Kardashian-Jenner clan.

*The glassy house has five bedroom, eight bathrooms, generous outdoor living spaces, a T-shaped negative edge swimming pool, and unobstructed views so genuinely panoramic that they make it seem like all of Tinseltown is bowing and the bejeweled feet of the supremely positioned property.

**Dr. and Missus Dre's beach house in Malibu was listed on the open market in 2011 and 2012, first at $11 million and later for 12.5 million.


Anonymous said...

woah, didn't realize he was so wealthy, he contain some valueable real estate assets, smart man. Hidden Hills is truly a beautiful neighborhood, maybe even the best in Los Angeles, definitely the most exclusive. The rap superstar Drake also lives there.

Peter said...

He made a killing with "beats" by dre headphones.. $100-300 headphones sold at most cell/electronic stores.. He has bank.

Sandpiper said...

I'd have (eww!) Rupert Murdoch's love child if this place could be mine.


Anonymous said...

Massive money from his own music, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eminem, 50 Cent and others for decades, plus the Beats headphones, you better believe he has mega bank.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For historical purposes...

20181 Northridge Rd. Chatsworth
sold on March 6, 2000 for $2,775,000;
6 bed, 7 bath, 11,235 sq ft

Anonymous said...

Suge Knight took all of his early earnings. Made a mint on Eminem but his money, big money came from his partnership with Iovine selling headphones. Hidden Hills is a horse community and the homes are ranch style overall. It is not the most exclusive and actually kinda simple and plain.