Monday, July 29, 2013

UPDATE: Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman

If the children will put on their thinking caps they might recall that early this year Your Mama passed along some Platinum Triangle real estate scuttlebutt about pioneer celebrity journalist Mary Hart and television and movie producer Burt Sugarman floating their Trousdale Estates mansion as an off-market pocket listing with an asking price in the $37-39 million dollar range.

Two weeks ago, we heard from a couple of well-connected tattletales– Charlie Chitchatter and Our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air—who both snitched that the unconfirmed word around town was that the Sugarman-Hart home went for a bit more than $30 million to an sick-rich Saudi.

Well, puppies, property records now show the property actually traded for $27,000,000 and a hardcore real estate yenta we know—that would be Yolanda Yakketyyak—swears on her teased and lacquered helmet hair that the buyer is indeed a wealthy and well-connected Saudi sheikh. According to Yolanda, the buyer is a former Special Secretary to the late Crown Price Sultan of Saudi Arabia whose $50,000 per month rental residence above L.A.'s Sunset Strip was burglarized last April and who recently shelled out $28 million dollars for the long-delayed James Hotel site at the western tail the Sunset Strip.

Your Mama has not idea what the new owner's plans for the 11,000+ square foot mansion that property records show has six bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, three fireplaces and a gated motor court with covered parking for five cars but we'd bet both our long-bodied bitches, Linda and Beverly, that a very expensive and comprehensive security system will be installed toot de suite.

*As it turns out, the Luca Colombo-designed residence that was leased by the sheikh in question and burglarized last year has just popped back up on the open market with an asking price of $10,900,000.

aerial photo: Bing


Anonymous said...

27 Million???
can someone explain why a 10,000sqft house in trousdale with no yard and neighbors cheek to jowl is worth that??

Anonymous said...

Wow... $27 mill for what looks like a 60s track house with a pool and little or no yard. Incredible.

Anonymous said...


Barry said...

Wow! Only in America. That is just plain silly. 27 Million, wow. I am just speechless.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the location is great, but for that much money I would expect the house to have at least some style, and this house has none.

Anonymous said...

Only in America? Have you looked at RE prices in London? Hong Kong? These transactions are NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

This will be torn down or extensively renovated beyond belief.