Sunday, May 12, 2013

UPDATE: Ben Stiller an Christine Taylor

Last week it was revealed here, there, and everywhere that New York-based Tinseltown scion Ben Stiller—his parents are the incomparable comedic legends Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller—sold his Upper West Side Hudson River view duplex for more than a million bucks less then he paid for the place in August 2008.

Of course Your Mama don't know an agave from a honey bee so we really can't say if Mister Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor plan to purchase a new home base in Manhattan but we do know, thanks to an assist by the ever-busy Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial, that the Stillers and their coupla kids very likely decamped to their sprawling 30-plus acre country spread in serene and bucolically scenic Chappaqua, NY, that they very quietly purchased in September 2010 for exactly $10,000,000.

As best as Your Mama can tell, the ten million dollar deal appears to have gone down off market and a careful read of the somewhat convoluted property records suggests Mister and Missus Stiller purchased the gated estate about 40 miles from Midtown Manhattan from a non-famous fellow who acquired it just two years earlier from a somewhat infamous couple named Theodore and Ilona Muldoon. Presumably Mister and Missus Muldoon sold the well outfitted estate after she—a bookkeeper—was convicted in 2007 for embezzling more than fifteen million bucks from her employer. Missus Muldoon, in case you might be curious, was sent to the white collar pokey for half a dozen years and ordered by the judge to pay $15.5 million in restitution for her fraudulent financial activities. Anyways...

Listing information that Your Mama managed to dig up from the depths of the interweb from the time the Muldoon's sold the landed gentry-style estate to the non-famous fella in late 2008 shows a long, tree-lined driveway sweeps across vast, rolling lawns to a sizable circular drive set into the inside corner of a grand, L-shaped Colonial-style mansion originally built in 1913 and extensively updated in the early Aughts. Listing details shows the main house has—or had at the time of the Stiller's acquisition—9 bedrooms and 9 full and 2 half bathrooms in about 10,500 square feet of living space on three floors.

Listing information goes on to reveal that both the formal living and dining rooms and the library all have fireplaces and French doors for easy access to the outdoors. There's a fourth fireplace in the family room that adjoins the butler's pantried kitchen and a fifth fireplace in the extensive master suite that also offers dual dressing room and bathrooms.

At the time of the 2008 sale the estate included two two-bedroom guest/staff cottages, a separate carriage house and a barn. Recreational amenities included a fenced-in in-ground swimming pool and pool house, a children's playground with a public park worthy jungle gym, a tennis court set well away from the house, and a two hole golf course complete with sand traps.

Avid celebrity real estate watchers will recall that after trying to sell it as a compound with a $12.5 million asking price Mister and Missus Stiller (fairly) recently sold their two residence compound in the celeb-friendly Outpost Estates neighborhood in Los Angeles (CA) in two separate transactions. The rather fetching Spanish style main house was purchased in August 2011 for $7,325,000 by well-built British action-flick actor Jason Statham and the secondary residence sold the following April (2012) to a not-famous guy for $2,600,000.

As far as we know, besides their landed gentry-style spread in Chappaqua, Mister and Missus Stillers property portfolio includes a small, nondescript house in Studio City bought back in 2006 for $1.1 million and an extensive ocean front estate on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai they picked up for $8.5 million in October 2002.

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He can makeup the loss on Meet the Parents #9. Hes not funny and has one character role. I smell divorce too.

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I was wonderinh what their next move was going to be after offloadinh both their Outpost & Riverside abodes...good find, Mama!

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That’s one crazed geoglyph for 10-mil plus.

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