Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rumor Has It...

...that international music industry superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped $41 million (or maybe $45 million) to buy the palatial Malibu (CA) mansion of another music industry icon: Cher.

Everybody knows Cher has had her walled, gated and heavily fortified ocean view estate on the bluffs near Pepperdine University on an off the market since at least mid-2008 when it popped up for sale with a $45,000,000 price tag. The price was later dropped to $41 million.

Listing information from a few years ago—and other online resources—shows the 13,126 square foot Gothic-inspired Italian Renaissance extravaganza sits on 1.72 fully landscaped and heavily fortified acres and includes six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a stone-walled entrance hall, elaborately dressed living and dining rooms, a den, an office, a home theater and a fitness facility. Your Mama imagines there's a secret, temperature controlled room for Cher's many wigs somewhere up in there, don't y'all?

At the front of the house a grid of mature palm trees shades the long driveway and a fully walled tennis court sits on top of an underground parking garage. The back of the house opens up to various terraces, patios, loggias and an infinity edge swimming pool all with panoramic views up and down the Malibu coast line.

Cher had the Ron Wilson-decorated residence photographed for the August 2002 issue of Architectural Digest but we imagine—and hope—that she may have made some alterations to the lavish day-core since then. Then again, maybe she hasn't touched a thing.

For the record, these rumors of Cher selling to Beyoncé have been floating around since at least January (2013) and Your Mama has no inside intel about Cher's alleged sale to Sasha Fierce and Jay-Z. We remain—to say the least—skeptical. Property records do not yet reflect a transfer of ownership and, children, keep in mind that Your Mama has many times been told by various players in the high stakes world of high price L.A. real estate that Cher has at least twice turned down offers in excess of $40 million. It also seems a very costly and unnecessarily high maintenance choice as a West Coast pied a terre for the East Coast-based couple who, in addition to a huge penthouse in New York City's TriBeCa 'hood, own a handful of condos in an ocean front building in Miami Beach (FL) plus a couple of estates in Houston (TX) that—as far as we can tell—are used primarily by her family. The power pair have long been rumored to own a mansion in or around Scarsdale, NY but, honestly children, we don't know anything about that.

Stranger things have happened in the wacky world of celebrity real estate but, at this point, we're not betting either of our long-bodied bitches this wild and wooly rumor of Beyonce and Jay-Z setting down real estate roots in Cher's massive Malibu manse has any veracity. Remember, puppies, back in February there were rumors and reports they wanted to buy Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Remember that bit of celebrity real estate cray-cray?

Stay tuned...

photo: Pacific Coast News


Anonymous said...

A truly hideous house. Garish and bad taste all rolled into one.

18:53 said...

A truly hideous house. Garish and bad taste all rolled into one.

It is.

It looks cheap. It looks cheaply made. The finishes are hideous. Sometimes adjectives really mean what they mean: “mock-Med” really is a mockery of the Mediterranean houses.

Anonymous said...

Mama this story is 100% FALSE. These rumors were made up by some obsessed fan and have been floating around the Internet for YEARS, literally.

Anonymous said...

I'm told by someone who has been inside that there is a wig room and that the interior style is so over the top that it made the materials and execution look like they're not as high end as they really are. However, there is an extraordinary amount of detail work in the house.

The interiors have been redone to some extent from the AD spread. She had a sale on eBay of some of the furnishings a number of years ago.

Anonymous said...

40+ million and not even waterfront.... nuts if its true, but i doubt it is.

Anonymous said...

Last week on Ellen Cher said she hadn't/wasn't selling her Malibu estate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There may have been an Ebay sale(s), but most of the original furnishings along with clothing and other items were sold through Julian's auction house for several million dollars a few years ago.

As for the house, it is truly breathtaking in person and hardly garish or cheap-looking.

This lady knows the best and can afford to buy it. Her many flips and past sales prove that.

BTW, she did NOT sell this house.

Anonymous said...

Completely false rumor!

Gossip mongers jumped on this little ridiculous hearsay a few years ago, based on some internet website (Bornrich) that shows this as Beyonce's main residence.
The website is known to post unsubstantiated Networths and Estates of the rich and famous.

Let's not turn our beloved Real Estalker into a ghetto "they said it, so i'm gonna say it too" kinda thing.


jane said...

Whether or not this is true, I don't know. My comment is regarding this property not being waterfront.
The estate is not waterfront because Cher doesn't want waterfront property. If you were Cher, would you really want to go down to the public beach where tourists and papparazzi have a free-go at you?
Do you really think Cher wears a swimsuit?
Do you not think this mansion has a pool of it's own, with everything one could dream of?
I suggest you take another look at the photograph of her house, high up on the hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Cher has exactly what Cher wants... the best view money can buy. If she wanted something else, she'd have that, too.

Anonymous said...

What an ugly home.

Anonymous said...

Seeing it from the roadway, the house looks like a boil on the landscape of Malibu. A tasteless monument to ego and an affront to the natural beauty of the costal landscape.

I first thought it was a La Quinto Inn motel.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be so bad with a new coat of paint. That brown color is just incontestably horrendous.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 8:51- it's coastal and I dare you to find a La Quinto (sic) that grand.

Not that you'd get past the guard dogs at either.

Anonymous said...

anonymous tip:

i am with beyonce, working w/ her on her tour. we're in europe. google alert it, showed laptop to beyonce and the other dancers and she laughed and said she doesn't even know if she's ever been to malibu. maybe a decade ago.

this is a false story. mama, scrub it off real estalker.

Anonymous said...

The best post so far. Beyonce may have never been to Malibu.

Anonymous said...

Love this house and it's all high end, Cher wouldn't do this cheaply, I love her style..