Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peri Gilpin Says Bye-Bye to the Bu

SELLERS: Peri Gilpin and Christian Vincent
PRICE: $4,700,000
SIZE: 1,783 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Not quite three years ago television actress Peri Gilpin and her fine art painter husband Christian Vincent paid $3,550,000 for Shabby Chic queen Rachel Ashwell's single-story cottage inside the guarded gates of the illustrious Colony enclave in Malibu. Yesterday the Gilpin-Vincents hoisted the still Shabby Chic Colony crib back on the market for $4.7 million.

Current listing details show the low-slung 1,783 square foot main house—it isn't on the ocean but rather backs up to billionaire Jerry Perenchio's private golf course—has three bedrooms and three bathrooms plus a separate guest house with another (narrow) bedroom and puny private bathroom that looks to Your Mama to be a little long in the tooth, if you know what we mean.

A turquoise entry gate just to the side of the detached two car garage opens into a verdant courtyard where a red brick path cuts a graphic line up the middle to the chandelier lit front porch. There are two main living areas that both join through to the backyard. The front door all but opens directly into a white-tiled "formal" living/dining room where a fireplace is surmounted by a large, inset flat screen television and surrounded by book filled built-in bookcases.

A panel hung on a barn door track in the dining area slides open to the second main living space, a combination kitchen and family room. A quick comparison of current listing photos and those from the time Miz Gilpin acquired the property indicate very few if any alterations were made in the kitchen that has ever so humble white raised panel cabinets, winter white counter tops, a white porcelain apron front sink, open upper shelving for the daily dishes, and high-quality commercial style stainless steel appliances.

The back of the house opens through wide banks of wood-framed and striped awning shaded sliding glass doors to a reasonably roomy back yard all decked out with an above-ground spa, bulky river rock fireplace and a built-in barbecue station. There are numerous areas for dining and lounging and, should one like, room for a pool. Deeded beach access, according to listing details, is just across the lane.

Your Mama knows that Miz Gilpin and Mister Vincent previously owned at least two other homes in Los Angeles. The more substantial of their previous properties is a mini-estate with a nearly five thousand square foot Spanish style estate perched high on a promontory above Beverly Hills that they sold back in 2007 for $5.6 million.

When Miz Ashwell owned the Colony micro-compound she repeated rented it to high profile people including Law & Order superstar and Tinseltown royal Mariska Hargitay, blond bomber Pam Anderson—while she was renovating her own house in the Colony, and Britney Spears—right after she left ex-husband Kevin Whatshisface and was palling around with Paris Hilton.

Since Miz Gilpin's to date seminal professional gig on the long ago cancelled sitcom series Frasier she's popped up in a slew of television programs including the police procedural CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the teen drama Make It or Break It. For six years in the mid-Aughts she did a variety of voices for the erstwhile Emmy-winning animated sitcom King of the Hill.

listing photos: Pritchitt-Rapf & Associates


Sandpiper said...

At first I thought this was a money shot for one of the lessor trailers up above Paradise Cove. When I’m house shopping, if exteriors don’t do it for me, I won’t step in. Couldn’t get past the first pic, let alone the peruse the write up. I’m sure she’s nice and all, but …

Sorry Mama, I know you’ve been holed up in your chenille chartreuse bathrobe all week tickling the Mac Ivories fast and furious. This is a first, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Promise you confession on Sunday to repent. Least I can do.

Jumpin' Jehosephat said...

I know, to each their own and all that happy horse crap.... but I still can't fathom why someone would drop 4.7 on a home that is so close to the next one that they couldn't fart without rattling the neighbors windows 2 doors down. They're stretching the definition of 'guest house' beyond recognition. It would be more accurate to call it a guest closet. Regardless, it still makes for an interesting read.

Sandpiper said...

Dear Little Buddy, et al., I owe an apology. Mistook raging homophobic Rupert Murdock with my beloved Warren Buffett on the vineyard piece down below. So sorry.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I always thought it was cool that her and Jane Leeves were such good friends outside of Frasier that they moved in next door to each other.