Friday, May 10, 2013

End of Week Celebrity Real Estate This and Thats

The celebrity real estate gods were smiling on sitcom star Kevin James who sold his sprawling mansion in Encino, CA for $55,000 more than asking in just 38 days. (Trulia Luxe Living)

listing photo: The Partners Trust

Ben Stiller wasn't so lucky as he just sold his New York City duplex digs for a $8,995,000. That's $605,000 less than his original asking price, $405,000 less than its last asking price of $9.3 million, and a smidgen more than a million clams less than the $10,000,000 he and his missus paid for the 4,000 square foot Hudson River view spread in August 2008. (Coop Sales via Curbed)

floor plan: Prudential Douglas Elliman
In other New York City celebrity real estate news, Charlotte (NC)-based NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has pushed his very contemporary three bedroom spread at 15 Central Park West on the market with a $30,000,000 checkered flag. Mister Gorden picked up the 3,454 square foot park view apartment for $9,670,000 back in 2007 and even though he clearly spent a sizable wad doing the place up he's still looking at a very good return on his money. (New York Times)

floor plan: Halstead

Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund—he's the smarmy, lantern-jawed Swedish broker who has a gay porn past that's he's refreshingly unashamed of—has put is own sun-flooded 2,400 square foot loft-style condo in New York City's Chelsea 'hood on the market for $3.25 million.

Your Mama hears from a tattle tale we'll call Jimmy Crackcorn that Mister Eklund and his husband—and their fiercely cute little dogs—have already decamped for "a better part of Chelsea," specifically a rental apartment in a fairly new, full service luxury building where studio apartments cost upwards of $3,600 a month and a 1,200 and some square foot two bedroom and two bathroom apartment on a high floor runs $10,000 per month. (Curbed)

floor plan: Prudential Douglas Elliman

And, finally, back on the west coast, those crazy kids at Curbed produced a fascinating map of 15 of gazillionaire—and hardcore real estate baller—Larry Ellison's various property holdings in Malibu that all together cost him well over $200,000,000.

And let's not forget he also owns—for all intents and purposes—the entire Hawaiian island of Lanai, an historic mansion in Newport, RI, once owned by the Astor family, several multi-residence water front compounds on Lake Tahoe, a massive modern mansion in San Francisco's posh Pacific Heights 'hood, a vast compound in Woodside, CA, based on an Imperial Japanese royal palace or feudal village (or some such thing), and a 249-acre resort-style estate in Rancho Mirage, CA, with handfuls of guest houses and a private 18 hole golf course with clubhouse. And that's not even the entirety of his personal property holdings. (Curbed)

photo: Curbed


Shopgirl said...

How did Ben Stiller manage to lose a million clams on an apartment bought near the bottom of the market. What a loser! Is he getting divorced?

Anonymous said...

Kevin James should have kept that home, it's a beautiful estate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the high-end luxury market was still doing well in August 08. It wasn't till October or so when sales really started to nosedive.

Sandpiper said...

Where will Kevin go next? More importantly, will it too provide a cloisteral walkway for Gregorian chanting and quiet reflect?

Ben’s real estate hit, ouch. Hope what "some" predict isn’t true … an eventual economic course correction that downwardly re-clocks the baseline on investment profitability. One of those point of no return scenarios. Say it isn't so.

Mr. E applies a great application of negative space against very nice decor, including best of all, (Awww) those little puppies. I see my dream fridge, too, my heart be still. Fun to look around. P.S. Nice bright floor plan.

Malibu. What happened? Go back to being the sleepy little beach town that few even know about. Thank you.

Desert Donna said...

Happy Mama's Day Momma!!!!

jelly andrews said...
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Frank said...
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Unknown said...

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