Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday A.M. Odds and Ends (04.23.13)

Freshly engaged nice-gay decorator/television host/author/budding home goods mogul Nate Berkus listed his itty bitty New York City one bedroom starter apartment for $699,000. (Curbed)

Daisy Fuentes has a lot more money than you might think. To wit, the Cuban bombshell just shelled out $5,750,000 for an ocean front house in Malibu, CA, with hand-carved limestone fireplaces, coral stone terraces and French oak floors. (Trulia Luxe Living)

Über artist Marina Abramovic paid fifty grand over the asking price for glassy and very contemporary new digs in downtown Manhattan. (New York Observer)

Jessica Simpson's semi-celebrity parents Joe and Tina Simpson split up last year because, turns out, he's gay. Or, at least that's the lurid scuttlebutt in all the celebrity tabs and gossip glossies. Anyhoo, the Simpsons, bless their hearts, recently sold their formerly shared mansion in Encino for $3.5 million. We really don't know what either of their future real estates plans may be but we did hear recently that ex-Missus Simpson is shacked up in a rented house in Toluca Lake. (L.A. Times)

It's no surprise that Bravo's resident reality t.v. guru Andy Cohen's pre-war two bedroom apartment in New York City's West Village is filled to the gills with name brand furniture, vintage gew-gaws, quirky personal bits and pieces and lots of pop cultural artifacts. (New York Times)


Anonymous said...

Mama, "no surprise"??? Doesnt he mint money off the Real Housewives? What a let down if thats his home. I would not even expect this to be his Pied a T if he lived full time in LA.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anon, Andy really isn't rich. It's a common assumption, but he really isn't making that much money from the franchise. In that sense he has a lot in common with many of the women and their finances on the shows.

Sandpiper said...

Nate, Have enjoyed your talent,even before Mama's snoop on you. Remarkable imagination with your space. Love to know how LR window treatments look when lowered. Could you pop up a pic on your blog?
Andy, Cool study. Nice everything!

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