Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UPDATE: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

listing photo: Ewing Sotheby's International Realty

Last week, the children may recall, the long-legged gal at Trulia Luxe Living spilled the celebrity real estate beans about Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne hoisting their 2.25 acre estate (above) in the guard-gated equestrian enclave of Hidden Hills (CA) up for lease with a big-bellied asking price of $50,000 per month.

(The Osbournes, dontcha know, have also had their Hidden Hills suburban-country compound— bought in August 2007 for $12,388,500 and tucked into a quiet, almost-rural corner of the hot as Hades far western suburbs of Los Angeles—on the open market since last June at $12,999,000.)

listing photos: Hilton & Hyland

For the last year or so, in addition to their huge house in distant Hidden Hills the couple also maintained a rented two bedroom and three bathroom in-town pied-a-terre at the celeb-stocked Sierra Towers building on the high-priced border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, CA. They had the 18th floor aerie did up with a heavily carbonated, high-glitz sheen by Million Dollar Decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the same (decoratively) flamboyant fella responsible for the day-core of their nearly 11,000 square foot compound-mansion in Hidden Hills, CA, which they had photographed for and featured in the glossy pages of Architectural Digest last year (June, 2011).

It wasn't long after word spread 'round the celebrity real estate globe about their Hidden Hills house going up for lease that Your Mama heard from a well-placed informant—let's call her Gabby Givesdish—who whispered conspiratorially that Mister and Missus Osbourne had done decamped Sierra Towers and, indeed, the Osbourne's 2,117 square foot rented residence at Sierra Towers is up for sale on the open market with an asking price of $2,595,000. Interestingly—but of zero import to today's discussion topic—the unidentifiable seller, shrouded behind a mysterious corporate entity, paid $3,500,000 for the place in April 2008. Oh dear. Ouch.

Anyhoo, Miss Givesdish said she was quite certain the Osbournes had vacated Sierra Towers because they've already leased a completely renovated hacienda style mini-mansion in Beverly Hills owned, according to Miss Givesdish (and property records), by one of the Platinum Triangle's most prominent Real Estates. The posh spread, undeniably luxurious but understated by Bev Hills standards, is conveniently situated in the "flats" just a few blocks from Rodeo Drive and The Beverly Hilton where glammed-up Showbiz types go to get down after after any number of self-congratulatory awards extravaganzas and where Whitney Houston met her untimely end in the partially-filled bathtub of her fourth floor suite in February (2012) on the afternoon of the day before the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. But we digress.

listing photo: Westside Estate Agency

We can't confirm (or deny) the exact amount Mister and Missus Osbourne (allegedly) turn over every month to their new landlord but listing information we teased out of the internets shows the residence in question was listed for lease in late May (2012) with an asking price of $19,500 per month. It was also listed for sale with an asking price of $5,495,000 but no longer appears on the (open) market. No doubt the current tenants don't want potential buyers traipsing around and doing their pesky but necessary due diligence.

Listing information states—and we paraphrase—the 5,586 square foot residence, originally built in 1928, has been remodeled with all the upper class bells and whistles but retains much of it's original architectural detailing. Listing information also shows there are a total of four bedrooms and six bathrooms divided up between the main house and the detached guest house that also includes a sky-lit and mirror-walled fitness room.

listing photos: Westside Estate Agency

Back in the main house, the main living spaces pinwheel off a Spanish tile-floored foyer and include a formal living room with fireplace and double-height, wood-beamed ceiling; a simple but elegant formal dining room with partially paneled walls and a high-gloss, wood-paneled coffered ceiling; a den/study with crimson-colored walls and a kiva-style corner fireplace; and a family-sized family room with wood beams across the ceiling and a bank of French doors the connect to a lushly planted, brick-floored courtyard between the residence and the long driveway that runs up alongside of the house and under a porte cochere.

The spacious, sky-lit kitchen has a king-sized center island with snack counter, marble counter tops, glass-fronted upper cabinets for displaying dishware, a porcelain farmhouse sink and the customary complement of high-grade appliances found in multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mini-mansions that lease for nearly twenty-k per month. An adjoining, wood-paneled breakfast nook has a built-in banquette dinette set surrounded by over-sized, garden-view windows and built-in bookcases.

listing photos: Westside Estate Agency

The second floor master suite includes a fitted closet/dressing room and a bathroom bathed in shimmery baby blue glass tiles and Carrara marble counter tops and equipped with a Old-Timey free-standing soaking tub and a glass-enclosed steam shower.

listing photos: Westside Estate Agency

In addition to the aforementioned courtyard, exteriors living and entertaining spaces include (but may not be limited to) a quintessentially romantic vine-laden pergola-shaded dining terrace that overlooks the petite, sort-of-kidney-shaped swimming pool set into a brick terrace sprinkled liberally with potted plants.

listing photos: Hilton & Hyland

Mister and Missus Osbourne recently and at long last unloaded three-story ocean front residence on Malibu's La Costa Beach for $7,9250,000 after five or six long years on (and off) the sales and rental market(s) with a variety of asking prices as optimistically high as $14,000,000.

In other semi-related Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne real estate news, the Beverly Hills mansion they sold in 2007 to X-Tina Aguilera—the button-pushing pop star turned busty mentor/judge on The Voice—is still up for sale. Miz Aguilera paid $11,500,000 for the place in summer 2007, had it festooned in a quixotic, exotic and visually chaotic fun house-style by the folks at Woodson & Rummerfields' House of Design, got married, had a baby, and got divorced. Last year Miz Aguilera heaved the 10,000-ish square foot pile back on the market with a $13,500,000 price tag. Unfortunately for Miz A., as of today the homestead remains unsold and still on the open market at thirteen-five.


Anonymous said...

Good thing X-Tina has bank because she is a real estate loser. She sold her house on Devlin for a loss ( the ugliest Steve Hermann house I've ever seen... normally I like his work ) and now this thing on Doheny is gonna be another loser if she really wants to sell it. She could probably get something beginning with a 9 for it.

Is she still living in it? Or has she moved? I heard she moved out upon the divorce back to Devlin... but since that has sold so where is she now??? Bueller Bueller?

Anonymous said...

If they are living in the flats of BH,they will save money on security. BHPD can respond in 2 minutes to most calls in the flats.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Xtina is still living at the house on Doheny, but I could be wrong. And she'll never get more than what she paid in 07 for it.

Good thing the owner of the Sierra Tower pad is hiding behind a corporate front. Must be embarrassing o lose a million clams on one damn apartment!

Viva! said...

Whoever owns the former Osbourne unit in Sierra Towers got hosed on the place in 2008. Joan Collins bought her unit, same floorplan, on a much higher floor, fully renovated, for $2.7.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone with money ever want to live in sweaty, brown, far Hidden Hills? Or anywhere in the Valley for that matter? Yucky.

Anonymous said...

1. I don't think Xtina wants to sell her house that's why she doesn't reduce the price. Selling this house is propobly some part of divorce settlement.

2. I didn't know that the Osbournes are so wealthy... or so stupid. There were a lot of rumors that they have some unpaid taxes.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't know that the Osbournes are so wealthy... or so stupid. There were a lot of rumors that they have some unpaid taxes."

They're worth an estimated £120M or $190M US ...

Apparently she didn't know they owed taxes until TMZ called to say there was a lien on one of their houses. As well as the properties above they own a huge country estate in Buckinghamshire outside of London ... which will definitely be worth minimum $6M upwards ... depending in acreage.

Anonymous said...

When you are in the realm of the Osbournes, it is hard to imagine that you have to wait for TMZ to alert you of unpaid taxes of any sort. If you do, then you had better fire your money people pronto. I can not imagine that they will be impoverished any time soon, but they have a very expensive lifestye that requires constant cash inflow. Seems like Hidden Hills was a big mistake on someones part now.

Anonymous said...

Uh, no. Sounds like they wanted to avoid paying taxes. If they have incompetent money managers, then they'll be poor in later years. Those two kids of theirs can't help help 'em. They're too busy living off mum and pop.

Anonymous said...

Why they bought that Hidden Hills property is beyond me, Should have stayed in the housse they sold Christina ,guess after the reality show thought they had to head for the hills, people got over them real quick so joke was on them, don't think the Mrs's is that good of a mangaer houses all over the place no one wants..