Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sly Stallone Flipping Out In...La Quinta?

SELLER: Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin
PRICE: $4,500,000
SIZE: 5,173 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We probably wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't come from our freakishly well-informed friend and informant Lucy Spillerguts who gave Your Mama a ringy-dingy the other day to dish about eccentric action flick star Sylvester Stallone and his third wife Jennifer Flavin who flipped a mansion-sized vacation villa in the upscale California desert community of La Quinta on the market with an asking price of $4,500,000.

For those not familiar with the southern California's hot as Hades Coachella Valley: La Quinta spreads across a flat few square miles of generously watered and hence unnaturally green desert lands a few miles down the highway from Palm Springs. In the 1920s and 30s it was a remote hideaway for xenophobes and intrepid famous folks. Today it's a highly manicured resort city comprised almost exclusively of top-flight golf courses surrounded by gated golf-oriented developments with curving streets lined with eerily similar mock-Meds and faux-Tuscans owned by well-to-do snowbirds, (reasonably) wealthy retirees and etc. who—no shocker here—like to golf.

Property records show a Woodland Hills-based trust, which Miss Spillerguts swears on baby bunny rabbits is connected to Mister and Third Missus Stallone, acquired the two-story, Addison Mizner-inspired Mediterranean-style villa in January 2010 for $4,500,000.

The single-family residence in question, one of four that surrounds a shared motor court, is one of 19 similarly sized and styled luxury villas set amid the dozens of high-cost custom home sites behind the guarded gates of the hoity-toity The Madison Club where it's not uncommon for vacant lots well under an acre to list for more than two million bucks but rarely sell for anything close to that amount.

A fairly swift change of mind, or something—possibly (but not necessarily) a classic case of The Celebrity Real Estate Fickle—prompted Mister (and Third Misssus) Stallone to flip the desert abode back on the market in November 2011 with and asking price of $4,300,000. Within 10 days the price tag quickly (and inexplicably) jumped to its current $4,500,000.

Current listing information, public property records and floor plans included on The Madison Club's online portal (above) shows the 5,173 square foot villa was built in 2008, sits on a .45 acre parcel, has a total of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, and includes a 2-car attached garage for regular automobiles plus a golf cart garage.

We're not sure what services (and etc.) the home owner's association dues cover or don't cover but listing information shows they run a hardly insubstantial $1,600 per month for the villa in question, high enough they make Your Mama's mouth run dry with—as our old pal Falsetta Knockers calls it—financial hypochondria.

A private, gated courtyard entry leads to the front door that opens in to the T-shaped main living/dining/entertaining space that includes a capacious 32-foot long "great" room with double-height wood ceiling, wood floors, colossal carved stone fireplace, multiple seating areas and multi-mullioned windows that slide open to disappear into the extra-thick walls and connect to a narrow loggia that overlooks the backyard and swimming pool.

Varied-width wood floors extend into the formal dining room through a pair of archways that flank the fireplace. A wider archway leads into the triple-wide galley-style kitchen with large center island, granite counter tops, top-grade appliances, wood-beamed ceiling, wine storage room and walk-in pantry. An adjoining space perfect for informal dining opens to both the front courtyard and a deep dining loggia equipped with a outdoor kitchen and barbecue station.

An L-shaped corridor off the kitchen/lounge eventually connects to the garage but not before passing an interior laundry room and a secluded guest or staff suite with nursery-sized walk-in closet and private bathroom. French doors that open to the front courtyard make it easy for a live-in domestic (or brazen hussy like our boozy b.f.f. Fiona Trambeau) to squirrel a beau (or no-name conquest) in and out without the homeowner being unnecessarily interrupted (or the wiser).

The main floor master suite, situated nicely for privacy off the front entrance hall behind the "great' room, has a modestly-sized bedroom with fireplace and more mullioned windows that disappear into the walls, one medium-sized walk-in closet, slender dressing hall, and  over-sized bathroom with two sinks, separate cubicle for the crapper, spa tub, and separate shower with glass door to a walled courtyard and outdoor shower.

Second floor bedrooms (and an adjoining loft sitting room) are conveniently accessed by the interior stairway in the entrance hall or via an exterior staircase in the front courtyard. One of the upstairs bedroom suites has a fireplace and both offer entry vestibules, walk-in closets, deluxe bathrooms and private terraces with views through the swaying palms and over the hyper-manicured golf course to the rugged and dramatic mountains that rise steeply and form the western border of the valley.

The kitchen/lounge and formal dining room both open to a somewhat secluded covered dining terrace outfitted with a high-grade outdoor kitchen. The wrap-around backyard has broad terraces for dining and sunbathing, a heated swimming pool lorded over by a pair of palm trees, a nearby spa and a built-in fire pit just outside the lower-level master suite.

We don't know a hammer from a sickle so really can't say if the existing day-core is the handiwork of Staging Lady in a Pink Toyota, if it reflects Mister (and Third Missus) Stallone's combined decorative tastes, or this is simply a nice-gay or lady decorator's notion of a casual but quite pricey multi-million dollar desert getaway. Whatever the case, listing information indicates—but doesn't make entirely clear—that the posh villa is offered furnished. Your Mama does not know if the more vibrantly colored contemporary art is negotiable or not nor to we know if they are works produced by Mister Stallone who—in case y'all didn't know—paints.

The Madison Club was designed, according to its own website, "In the tradition of California's classic old-line country clubs" and its many luxury amentieis include 24-7 private security, concierge services, a 56,000 square foot clubhouse with several dining options (one with a sushi bar), movie theater, billiard room, fitness center with men's and women's locker room, full-service spa facility and outdoor swimming pool complex. A croquet lawn and numerous terraces with fire pits and quiet seating areas surround the sprawling clubhouse that overlooks a meandering pond and immaculate Tom Fazio-deisgned course.

Back in Los Angeles, Mister Stallone's primary residence is a 15,121 square foot mansion the guard-gated, high-profile, whisper quiet and Beverly Park community where even the smallest of the mega mansions are positively steroidal and his nearest neighbor is octogenarian media and Showbiz tycoon Sumner Redstone.

From July 2008 until September 2011 Mister Stallone owned a waterfront compound on Lake Sherwood, near Thousand Oaks, CA. Online documentation shows the still-buff senior citizen paid $4,850,000 for the property and sold it for $4,200,000, a serious-by-any-standard $650,000 loss not counting carrying costs, improvements and real estate fees that combined easily ran into the hundreds of thousands.

For a few years in the 1990s Mister Stallone owned a 11.8 acre waterfront estate with a titanic 18,000-plus square foot mansion in the supah-swank Cliff Hammocks 'hood in Miami, FL he sold in December 1999 for $16,200,000 to local banker Leonard Abess and his wife Jane

listing photos: Hideaway Properties Corporation via Trulia
floor plan: The Madison Club


Anonymous said...

The 1600$ maintenance fee doesnt cover golf fees. I believe its like a 250,000 one time fee and 4000 a month for dues. My parents have a place at the hideaway right next to the madison and the fees only cover security and landscaping to your front gate. Its insane really.

Anonymous said...

Madison Club is also where Angelo Mozilo, founder and former CEO of Countrywide Home Loans just dropped $1.3M for a vacant lot

Edward P. said...

No wonder that Stallone and his thrice are moving! Who would want Angelo Mozillo as a potential neighbor???

Anonymous said...

I love the charm of La Quinta..but for 4.5M I am NOT sharing a motor court, and there is nothing charming about this pile. Get out your abacus Mamma to calculate the loss on this one.

Anonymous said...

This place looks totally uninspired, and it's basically identical to the three other residences that it shares the motorcourt with... aka TRACT HOME vibes. $4.5 million and having to squeeze by your neighbors' cars just to get out your damn driveway? No thank you.

I think he'll get closer to $3.5M for this.

Anonymous said...

Along with Angelo Mozilo, perhaps that nice hardworking Vikram Pandit of Citigroup, thoroughly reviewed by Mama on Monday, might join in the golfing fun? Or perhaps not. Today's Times reported "Citigroup shareholders rebuffed Mr. Pandit's $15 million pay package, the first time that stock owners have united in opposition to outsized compensation." And it was front page, above the fold New York Times news.
Rabbi LaTess

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously puzzled that a recent-vintage house of this type in this price-range does not include a dedicated "media room" of some kind; I suppose that back bedroom could be pressed into service. It of course has an unfortunate "eau de Home Depot" about it, and I'll bet that the beams are fake.

Anonymous said...

ew the valley.

Anonymous said...

Jealous foamers, I say.

Carla Ridge said...

anon 11:32 -- you know this is out past Palm Springs, right? or are you 'ew-ing' the Coachella Valley, now? Either way, that snobbery about the San Fernando Valley is so tired. There are nicer houses and neighborhoods there than many parts beloved by the hipsteratti, like Silverlake (my own personal 'ew').

Anyway, does anybody remember Sly's Miami mansion? it was fanTABulous. What a come-down this must feel like, after that. I'd feel suffocated.

Don Juan's Wreckless Daughter said...

I'm in complete agreement with anon 7:14pm and MarkyMark:

Totally uninspired.

Very home depot.

... not to mention transparent.

Discovery Land Company and their partners are essentially a tract home developers with deep pockets.

Yes, the maintenance fees are silly but the real kicker is the 250k & 4k/month club fees Anon 5pm spoke of.

Old money wouldn't be caught dead here. Neither would anyone with taste.

Anonymous said...

check it out!

Anonymous said...

Carla Ridge, can you not afford to live closer to the coast? Wouldn't be caught dead in the valley, ew.

midTN said...


Boooooooooooooring......and so is La Quinta.


Carla Ridge said...

Anon 8:01 -- I grew up in Brentwood and Malibu, dear (on the sand, is that 'close enough to the coast' for you?). Fled the far Westside's shallow materialism after college and have been keeping it at bay ever since.

You still seem to have missed the main point: that this house is not in 'The Valley'. You know what's really "ew"? Willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

is there an information embargo on this listing :)
dana wilkeys house from TRHOBH is for sale several weeks already and noone reported about it here :)

Anonymous said...

Jealousy sucks. I got a place right next to Mozilo. He couldnt be a nicer guy. Best golf experience ever.