Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Few Tidbits for Tuesday

Your Mama is all set to stuff Chow Lee, The Laundress, and our boozy b.f.f. Fiona Trambeau (plus her extensive spandex trousseau) into our big BMW for a few days by the pool in Palm Springs so we're gonna give y'all some link overs to a few of our fellow property flibbertigibbets to occupy your time while we streak across the desert with the air conditioning on full blast.

The name of the new owner and the purchase priced has yet to be revealed (or leaked) but the garish and gargantuan 48,000 square foot Hickory Creek, TX mega-mansion known as Champ d'Or with it's Chanel boo-teek-style dressing room, two-lane bowling alley, indoor pool, and hair salon facility has finally, at long last been sold at auction. (via Candy's Dirt)

44-year old action film star Vin Diesel of the Fast and Furious franchise has enough clout and success in Hollywood to have an 1,100 square foot, two-story pop-up trailer that features a separate eat-in kitchen granite counter tops and Sub-Zero fridge, a media lounge with $70,000 worth of hi-tech equipment such as a 3-D flat screen tee-vee, a private office space, and a play area for his children. (via Daily Mail)

Bespectacled and model thin J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons—some of the the children may recall she recently left her husband to get with a lady—has sold her stylish Brooklyn (NY) townhouse for $4,000,000 to Vince Clarke, one of the founding members of Depeche Mode. The sale price for the 7 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom Park Slope property is higher than the $3,750,000 asking price. (via The New York Post)

Hollywood hottie Josh Lucas has put his eco-minded residence in Los Angeles (CA) up for lease at $10,000 per month. The Laurel Canyon crib stands three stories above the street, contains 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms as well as a home theater space, expensively equipped galley-style kitchen, an expansive master suite with steam shower and walk-in closet and out back a saltwater swimming pool and resort-like backyard. (via Trulia Luxe Living)


DC Guy said...

Dear Mama,

Enjoy your trip to PS with the booze hounds ... I mean, your friends.

P.S. Did you see this? One of the Clark properties (biggest and nicest) found a buyer.


Petra's Lipstick Applier said...

Mama, you need to just bite the bullet and cough up some clams for a place of your own (if you haven't already) out in grey and gay Palm Springs, with the amount of times you go! Don't let Dr. Cooter be stingy now!!

Thanks for the tidbits and have a fabulous time. Make sure Fiona behaves, although she'll probably find the pickin's slim for her out there.

Desert Donna said...

Mama I want your life (Sans Fiona, Laundress, Chow Lee)

Anonymous said...

Mamma you enjoy the desert rays and drink plenty enough for us Children!

The Dallas mansion is in the middle of BFE no? I looked up on bing.com and wow desolate area with probably 100K houses around the immediate area.. interesting indeed!

LOVE LOVE Josh Lucas abode! Modern, Chic, Simple... oh lala

Anonymous said...

Don't let the stars get in your eyes don't let the moooooon break your heart...have fun, darlings.