Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Actress and Activist Daryl Hannah Lists Malibu Hideaway

SELLER: Daryl Hannah
PRICE: $4,995,000
SIZE: 17.6 acres with a coupla houses

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: For many of the children the seaside California community of Malibu probably conjures up crashing waves streaked with neoprene-sheathed surfers, blue skies hazy with stubborn wisps of fog, stagnant bumper to bumper weekend traffic, and all but butt-nekkid celebrities strolling the wet sands and frolicking in the foamy and—let's get real, people—near freezing surf. Before any of you people start trying to chop our block off for maligning the temperature of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Cali, recognize that Your Mama grew up bobbing around in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Cali and we know of what we speak: No two ways about it, it's cold.

Anyhoo, lesser known about Malibu, maybe, are the topologically evocative and Arcadian canyons that wind and whorl like smoke up into the rugged, fog-damp and oak tree carpeted Santa Monica Mountains that surge dramatically up from the ocean's edge. Tucked and burrowed into Malibu's windswept hillsides and secluded ravines are all manner of luxury mansions, artist retreats, old school hippy havens and low key (if exuberantly expensive) bucolic compounds such as the the 17.6 acre spread actress, board game co-creator, and thrice-arrested environmental activist. Daryl Hannah recently pushed on the (open) market with a $4,995,000 price tag.

Miz Hannah has been catting around Tinseltown since the early 1980s when she appeared in Blade Runner. Her seminal role on the silver screen came early in her career, in 1984, as the sexy mermaid Madison in Splash. Since then she's appeared in scads of films that include Wall Street, Steel Magnolias, Northfork, and Quentin Tarantino's ongoing Kill Bill franchise.

Over the years the striking and statuesque blond, now in her early fifties and who, despite her denials, looks to Your Mama's boozy eyeballs like she's had some sort of filler(s) injected in to her face, has had a long list of high profile romantic conquests with men and gentlemen who include Hollywood über-cocksman Warren Beatty, high endurance illusionist David Blaine, John-John Kennedy Jr. (whose mother Jackie O. was said to have disapproved of her scion son dating the actress), musician fellow environmentalist Jackson Browne, and New York City-based boo-teek hotelier Sean MacPherson.

In more recent years Miz Hannah, a long time vegan and animal rights activist, has arguably become more famous for her vociferous—some say sanctimonious—commitment to various environmental and animal cruelty causes than for her film roles. That said, far more than most—big living celebs in particular—Miz Hannah not only talks the talk of the environmentally concerned, she actually walks the walk with solar-equipped homes, biodiesel powered cars and a rap sheet to prove it. (She's been arrested three times for her involvement in public protests.) Miz Hannah also puts her money where her tree hugging mouth is and signed on as an executive producer of the documentary Greedy Lying Bastards, a small-budget documentary about, as described in the Hollywood Reporter, "the influence the fossil fuel industry has had on the political process and efforts to combat climate change."

Miz Hannah's all but hidden hideaway in the hills above Malibu comprises two separate parcels, the smaller of which measures 7.6 acres and was picked up in June 2001 by a trust our impeccably informed source Lucy Spillerguts pinky swears is linked to Miz Hannah. Blockshopper shows the smaller parcel went for $550,000.

The adjacent, larger parcel, exactly 10 acres briefly owned in the 1990s by musician and music executive Herb Alpert, according to property records we peeped, was sold in the same June 2001 to the same trust our Miss Spillerguts pinky swears is connected to Miz Hannah for $775,000.

A few quick flicks of the well-worn beads on Your Mama's bejeweled abacus calculates the total paid for the one-time nursery above the El Pescador and El Matador beaches was $1,325,000, nearly a quarter of the current close to five million dollar asking price.

Listing information indicates the solar-powered property has two "charming homes" including a recently updated and upgraded "original 1927 river-stone hunting lodge surrounded by an outdoor moss deck," whatever that is. Improvements and customizations to the humbly sized but well-equipped green-minded house include, as per listing information, radiant heated floors, a walk-in closet/dressing room and a bathroom with Japanese soaking tub and an indoor/outdoor shower.

At least one additional structure is wrapped in wonderfully utilitarian rusted corrugated metal panels and draped with (what appear to Your Mama's boozy eyes to be) various bird feeders, wind chimes, dream catchers, potted plants in macramé slings, a dart- and chalkboard and, swagged between thick wood posts that hold up a covered porch, a slinky hammock.

We're not really sure what use the tiny, two-story structure wrapped with rusted corrugated metal panel has, but we love every square inch of what we can see of it and would d.i.e. for a weekend getaway that simple and stylish.

The terrain teems with wildlife and has several seasonal streams as well as a few flat acres, a California live oak grove (where Miz Hannah appears to have a wigwam set up), a gently sloped fenced pasture for ponies (or what have you), irrigated terraced areas prepped for an orchard or small vineyard, a deer-fenced vegetable garden, an ancient palm grove and a some slivery views of the Pacific Ocean.

As it turns out, this is not the first time Miz Hannah has put her Malibu ranch on the real estate merry go-round. It first appeared on the market in mid-April 2011, was quickly de- and then re-listed until mid-December when it was removed from the market until early February of this year when it reemerged with it's current $4,995,000 asking price.

In addition to her rustic but comfortable hideaway in Malibu, Miz Hannah maintains a off-the-grid rural retreat about 45 minutes by car outside of Telluride, CO that she's owned since the mid-1990s and includes an old stagecoach stop converted to a small residence, a reclaimed and restored barn she uses for art making and other creative endeavors, a tepee and an organic garden.

listing photos: Prudential Malibu Realty


Anonymous said...

Ms. Hannah can't live too far from me in Colorado but since she has never once stopped by to borrow a cup of sugar it must mean 1) she doesn't use sugar, 2) she has never seen me or 3) she has seen me and is not interested. My guess would be #3 and that's OK by me as something about her doesn't really get me going and it saves me the cost of sugar.

As a total Malibu whore, I've seen this place listed on and always thought it was rather neat and funky, but over priced and lacking any substantial view of the Pacific. I had no idea that Ms. Hannah was the owner. I wonder who she borrows sugar from in that area?

Dandy said...

wow. that is beyond charming. she has her own waterfall. and it feels like a country cabin. wonderful. that's the great thing about la. you can find these totally bucolic hideaways.

GiltEdgeGirl said...


Don Juan's Wreckless Daughter said...

Me thinks she's spending more time just over the hill at Dave Grohl's Encino compound... who knows.

Anonymous said...

she should have those poor people at south central relocate their farms to malibu, that way she won't have to climb anymore trees

Anonymous said...

That looks like heaven to me. If it were mine I could never, ever sell it. I'd want to die there. That is my idea of a dream house.

Anonymous said...

Mama, only tourists or those not born in CA use the word Cali.

midTN said...




Quaint property

Anonymous said...

My boyhood fort was better constructed. Activist?? She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. A real activist would be generating power from that waterfall.

Anonymous said...

I liked her old place in rustic canyon better.

Rosco Mare said...

For me, there's always a jolt of happiness when I see the (Bam! There it is!) Pacific Ocean upon leaving the dark tunnel that connects the Santa Monica Freeway to Pacific Coast Hwy.

Then, having the means to arive at, then enjoy, a peaceful property like this would melt away the hassles of city life.

Anonymous said...

Way, way, waaaay overpriced.

Anonymous said...

She killed it in Steel Magnolias.

"Well, I'm sorry, Sammy. But I am not about to spend the next fifty years of my life with someone I'm not gonna run into in the hereafter."

I wish she was in more movies.

DBC said...

The layout of this place is amazing. Then Kitchen looks great. I would love to live an a home like this.

Jamey said...

Hey Doug, that was some good entertaining Writing right there.

Anonymous said...

Its not as flat as her place in the valley in Colorado.